Improve Your Seat (Horseback Riding Perfect Seat) – Dressage Mastery TV Ep2

Improve Your Seat (Horseback Riding Perfect Seat) – Dressage Mastery TV Ep2

45 Replies to “Improve Your Seat (Horseback Riding Perfect Seat) – Dressage Mastery TV Ep2”

  1. this is actually really helpful! ur channel is helping me a lot, ur an amazing rider. i think my seat is great for a beginner and i'm looking for improving more, thank u so much ❤

  2. In trot I have always been taught to bounce up and down lol! But I guess it's different in dressage lol

  3. Im a beginner rider on a pretty big horse when i trot it hurts a bit is there a certain way to sit to not have this happen

  4. hey
    i found out im struggling to keep my legs in the right position and that they always slide forward
    can you make a video about that?

  5. How much pressure, or squeeze, do you have in the knee-roll at trot and canter? Your body looks so effortless and fluid at faster gaits.

  6. Love it! I worked on exactly what you said in this video with the help of a friend. Absolutely insane difference in ride just sitting ever so softly with upper body back. It felt almost foreign to me. My transitions were night and day too. Funny how you slip into bad habits over time. LOL! Time for structured lessons again. Love your videos. Everyone should also video themselves riding it should be mandatory it's a great tool to be used to teach yourself with proper guidance and coaching of course. Last week I got bucked off today I had one of my best rides ever! Funny how that works…..

  7. Thank you so much for this! I have been to 3 different trainers and none of them, although they are brilliant trainers, have really taken the time to really explain this and show me what I should be doing. So when I should be focusing on the stream of instructions on transitions etc. I so often find myself mainly thinking "am I sitting right? Cos it doesn't feel right and my horse is totally ignoring me because he has no idea what I want, poor thing"

  8. thanks for the help! I used to ride western, so when i moved to english i was puzzled! The saddle didn't feel right. Now, I ride awesome in an english saddle! Thanks so much!

  9. This is an odd question but here goes.
    Is there a desired horse for tall people?
    Like a breed of tall, or big horses that make a tall rider look alright?
    I have been around horses for 19 years, meaning my entire life and I am quite a tall lad but my father says it doesn't look well for a rider to be tall. So I wanted to know if there could be a horse for… me.

  10. Any tips for at the rising trot? Coming from hunter land, I tend to find myself tipped on to my pubic bone when posting the trot. Recently the judges have started to comment on it, so I am looking for tips on how to fix not being so forward at the rising trot.

  11. Thanks, though black horse, reins, gloves, legs, boots & saddle make it difficult to see precise position.

  12. i don't have weight in my feet when I'm cantering and i start to raise them up in an effort to tighten the hold i have with my knees so I don't bounce a lot… how do I fix it?

  13. love your videos!!! my daughter and I only go out for an hours hack every week, but since watching your videos we have both improved loads. things are falling into place too.

  14. I am new to riding and have a hard time with the sit trot. Also my horse is very lazy, how to I keep her moving?.

  15. Hi I have a horse and I'm starting dressage x my question is what are the best warm up activities on ur horse to keep them Interested ?xx

  16. I TOTALLY get this! I am just learning the basics of dressage as I am actually a jumper, "IT IS MY PASSION"! I always am known at pony club and that to be good at controlling my horses. But, now I kind of feel like I'm loosing it😓, so I guess maybe it could be because I am starting o get use to my newest lease (horse) that can collect and all that when I am actually use to being on my MANIAC cheeky pony!!!! XD and I'm telling ya, you need to know how to RIDE to even sit on her! LOL, so I think its really because I might be sitting a little too forward XD. But thx 4 putting all the effort into making that video plz make some more! Bye bye

  17. your a star this has helped so much xx I have a ex racer and he's very hard to sit to atm so this has helped a lot thank u so much yh riding is fantastic and I cant take my eyes of yh beautiful horse xx

  18. this has nothing to do with saddle position but my trainer does this thing where she wants me to put my hands way up and far from my body, now at my old barn it was always hands down, I'm confused now and my trainer wont listen to me to explain

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