"In Pai": Prepare your stroke like a professional table tennis player

"In Pai": Prepare your stroke like a professional table tennis player

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  1. Relax, and "Yin Pai" so why Timo Boll does that? This it here: https://pingsunday.com/table-tennis-strokes-yin-pai/

  2. From the left hand corner ( non dominant side for a right handed). Instead of going for a back hand Stoke, why he is using forehand Stoke, leaving big gap on the other side ( right hand corner?. I think one's back hand should be as good as your forehand. Like the way Roger Federer being as good as both forehand & backhand.

  3. hi EmRatThich, i am your biggest fan!!! i am confused whether to drop my bat below the table always when the ball comes outside the table. my coach said hit the ball at its highest point i.e hit flat topspin, don't lower your bat. can you please help me out

  4. Hi, I believe you are a great teacher for the many key point you explain and the way you present your information. I like to ask you how would you identify your style of play and or the way in which you can determine what paddle grip sue you better. I am right handed but tent to use my left hand in many occasions playing sport like ping pong. I at this time I use the handshake grip but until recently after seeing your video I realized I did not the proper finger position on the paddle but I had control. Now I am adjusting the grip but yet haven't get much better but I am sure it is because I do not get to play every day. I am working on playing more often.

  5. Each time I do in pai I hit like a pro. And each time I don't I hit like an Idiot. In Pai is the most useful technique in table tennis and no coach explains it… Except you.

  6. Great concept eg Bruce Lee comparison was great.
    Your example was show mostly by a left hand player though. I want to hit from my backhand corner vs backhand chops

  7. Some days, when I go for practice, my topspin is amazing, it's fast spinny and I hardly miss any of them. Even in games I end up defeating players I usually don't win against because of this topspin. But somehow I come back the next and I can't recreate that technique. Any tips for this?

  8. I love the "invisible cord" theory . My coach always told me to prepare after hit the ball, after im hitting ball my hand isnt ready for another shot. I will try to pull the ball with invisible cord theory . Thanks COACH ERT

  9. Nice chinese couch even his sweatshirt teaches us what U should eat to be the best table tennis player. "Ешь овощи" – Eat vegetables =)

  10. Quick tips for beginners- dont hold back when you hit the ball, loose your grip, swing and follow through. This will enhance your accuracy and shot power

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