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  1. Great video Guy, but why don't you tighten down the black knob on the end of the fence after each adjustment? I thought you always had to do that.

  2. I would only say this about the fence system: If you get the long rails it takes up a LOT of space in your shop. the rails are always hanging out there, no matter where the fence is set. And the beam that the fence rides on can stick out too. It's an amazing fence system and I love it but it's something to keep in mind if you have a small shop.

  3. I just bought the Incra 1000 Ls the adjustment screws for the miter slot are extremely hard to turn is that normal

  4. Hey Guy, (love your podcast btw!) I was just curious. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to this 32" that you have compared to the 52" Incra offers? I'm debating on which one to get for my Delta 36-725 table saw. Thanks for the review of this fine piece of machinery!

  5. A great video. Certainly seems like it would be a great addition to my shop. Now I have to go to Incra.com to check out the price. Looking at that fourth comment down there, I'm guessing its not cheap. By the way, when you reached across that raised spinning saw blade at about the 8:36 mark, it just made me shudder.

  6. really – how are we to take your critique seriously when you're wearing an incra t-shirt? obviously you're being paid by the manufacturer – or profiting from this somehow

  7. I've had this fence system for a number of years and YES it is that accurate and YES it is that good. The ability to repeat cuts to dead-on accuracy amazes me every time. Installation is not quick and needs to be done carefully and not rushed. The installation instructions Incra supplies are top-notch. Very clear, easy to follow, and made for a successful installation with no having to fiddle around later. All of Incra's products, I have found, are this way. It's really a bargain for all that it does and does well.

  8. Nice video !
    Do you know where I could buy the same table saw you use ?
    All seemes to be Incra tools but for a french guy, it is sometimes difficult to understand…

  9. I like this concept but im not going to get it cause i want to put a router table in the extension wing. Looks like thats impossible with this

  10. Do you have any videos on making jigs for this fence? I'm unclear how you can add a saddle style jig, such as for a tenoning jig.

  11. I suspect this might be a paid review.

    Hot tip: if you want to seem unbiased don't wear the company tshirt.

    I also wonder why you didn't just put the calipers on the 3" and 5" pieces.

  12. I have had the TS/LS system for a couple days now and I just noticed in your video, your fence is a lot longer than mine. Is that an add on fence or something?

  13. What’s it like to fit to the table of the table saw? Surely it needs drilling and tapping of the table? Not that that can’t be done, but might be tricky drilling large accurate holes into the side of a cast iron table?

  14. I am a huge Incra fan as a user of the router table system. This table saw fence looks like it is equally wonderful, however, it does not look like it has the ability to work where the fence is to the left of the blade. Is that correct? (like for bevel cuts, its much safer (for right tilting saws) to have the fence on the left so the work is not wedged between the blade and the fence.)

  15. I guess it would depend on how much a person used the system, and was intimately familar with it to be second nature.

    When micro-adjusting, I think I would make a short inch or so with a fine pencil mark on the saw surface (or router table surface) to the front or back of the fence, right against the fence, depending on what direction I am going to go – and remember that one complete rotation of the black indication on the microadjuster is 1/ 32 of an inch.

    That would give a easy visual of how far I actually moved the fence, looking at the gap between the pencil mark on the table saw (or router table) surface, and the edge of the moved fence.

    Thinking in terms of a 1/1000th inch for me is confusing, when it is really moving a 1/32 of 1/32 an inch with each click. I think 1/32 of 1/32 is .0009765625. Which that number rounded off is a thousandth. But it is misleading and confusing by saying each click is 1/1000th, which each click is not.

    Each click is a 1/32 of 1/32 of an inch And the black dial is broken up into 32 marks for a full rotation – or one full rotation is a 1/32 of an inch movement of the fence.

    I gave your video of a thumbs up just the same, because it is very informative, and I appreciate that you made it.

  16. This sounds like the Fence system I need. But I would definitely need to upgrade the Makita Portable Table Saw I inherited from my father to get full use out of this. I noticed that you have NO guards on the saw blade. Is this typical of big time table saws?

  17. Guy, based on your review of this system I took the plunge and made the purchase and love it. I do have a question that maybe you can answer. I also purchased the router wing, incra mastr-lift and jessem on/off/speed control system, and I am finding that the incra wing bows/bends where wing mates with the cast iron table when I use the router. Did you attach your wing to the cast iron table with screws? BTW I have a Sawstop Professional. Thanks

  18. Hey Guy — Really enjoyed your presentation.  I'm considering buying the 32" model.  I own a Saw Stop 36" professional table saw and have installed their sliding cross-cut table to the left side of the saw.  Can I install the rails of this fence flush with the left side of my saw so they don't interrupt the function of the cross-cut table?  Would I have to cut off some of the length of the Incra rails? Or, could I just position them flush with the left side and re-drill the mounting holes? Please help.

  19. Great review. Very thorough and high quality video. Thanks for taking the time and effort to do a nice job. I think you sold me!

  20. Hi Guy! What is the length of your Incra Fence? Is it the XL 46.5" or the Standard 36"? If it's the XL, what is benefit of having a longer fence?

  21. Hello Guy. I am curious to know if that's the 32 or the 52 fence. Thank you 🙂 Awesome channel BTW

  22. If INCRA can also incorporate positive stops for this table saw system like their miter systems, it would be very wonderful.

  23. Awesome. I have always had concerns about accuracy with table saws. I have two questions here. Does this Incra TS-LS come in metric version. And secondly does it fit contractors table saws. I cannot afford a Powermatic.

  24. Hi Guy, do you know if there's a workaround to attach the rails to a Festool MFT3 with the CMS-VL attached? I'd like to use my TS 75 module. There's an old thread from 2010 on the FOG but the pictures have been removed, so it's not much help. Other than that I haven't been able to find anything online. Many thanks, Alan.

  25. Guy, once you have your fence zeroed and then for some reason you have to use the micro adjuster for something, do you need to re-zero the saw fence again? Or you zero out the fence on a routering project, when you go back to the saw do you have to re-zero the fence?  Thanks.

  26. Just coming across this video now ( a few years late ), curious if this is still your setup and opinion that this is the best fence system.

  27. Has anyone found it necessary to follow Incra's masking tape solution to achieve a perfect 90 degree angle between the fence and table surface? Mine is slightly less than 90 degrees, so I will need to do this. For all the wizz-bang micro-adjustability Incra engineered into this tool, it seems a bit ironic that masking tape is their solution for this.

  28. Very informative. Is this a universal fence system? I went to the Incra Website, to see if had condition or restrictions for different types of Table Saws. Do you know if will fit a Sawstop Contractor table saw? Thanks again for the video

  29. Seems like most TS fence jigs out there are designed around Unifence or Beisemeyer clones.  Any chance of a video on jigs you've adapted to the Incra TS-LS fence system?

  30. Hey Guy (or other owners)! How do you store the fence and positioner assembly when you need to remove it from the saw to perform other operations? I'm wondering how well it can be safely hung (without damaging it) on a wall or if it breaks-down easily to store in pieces. I am thinking of those times when I will be using a miter, cross-cut sled, or tenoning jig (each of which I already own) and the protruding positioner arm would get in the way in my small shop.

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