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  1. hey Greg, great shooting. I've been working on my form and had some of the same issues you have with over extending the bow arm. what I did was use a clicker like your wife uses in one video. only used it about a month but is helped me know I was extended enough and sort of removed the psychological impulse to force more extension. another thing I've practices with is locking out my bow arm, once you do that you just have to keep an eye on your shoulder collapsing. just some thoughts. good luck next week!

  2. I was pulling right too yesterday shooting. I go to college, so don't get home enough to shoot. Hadn't shot for 4 or 5 weeks. Realized I wasn't pushing out with my shoulder, only my arm (I shoot left). So oviously my phushing with arm only was causing my shots to go all over, except left and center.

  3. Thank you for sharing these sessions on your range time. Your videos have aided me in finding consistency (through form and routine) in my shot cycle.

    What arrow length are your Gt8oo's? I was guessing 31.5" but was interested in what you preferred to shoot on the +/- BCarson heavier bow.

  4. Greg, When I was on safari in northern Mongolia. We met a traveling taoist archer that taught us to focus our energy into our bows through the Lao Gong point.

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