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  1. waaaahhh!!!!! why won't anyone talk about squirrels?!?! will this stop them from crawling? I have a chicken wire fence and they are in my garden like crazy

  2. Invest in a weedeater lol, that tall grass is holding moisture at the base of your fence and makes it look unkept

  3. I was at a lost of what that fencing was called till i found your video. Thanks for posting this video!

  4. if I'm spending 50.00 a roll I'm using  1/ 2''  galvanized wire fence 3' ht  47.00  at lowes .. I have ground hogs   rabbits  deer any other  varmint  you can think of ..this is the only thing that works in my opinion .. above the fencing I string wires around entire garden about 10'' apart from corner post to post  maybe 3  wires high … my corner posts are about 6'  ht ..

  5. i extended the life of out door wood a lot by spraying with a gloss lacquer, anything that repels water will reduce rot. Could even rub them over with waste vegetable oil!

  6. that's what we use and flip them at the end of the year to preserve it longer, and we've used it on the farm since we were kiddos!

  7. 5 foot tall poultry wire is what I use to keep out deer and more importantly, rabbits. It's about 70 US dollars for 150 ft. It's not as attractive, but it keeps the larger non-flying critters out.

  8. Thanks Luke. Always interested in budget/inexpensive here! Unfortunately Im in Zone 9 & no where near snow :/ Wow, that makes sense about the deer not wanting to jump into an obstacle course!

  9. do you have rabbits? do you think it would help keep them out? it looks like babies could get through, but maybe keep the adults at bay?

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