Infiltrating Shadows | Pathfinder: Knights of Everflame | Season 2, Episode 6

Infiltrating Shadows | Pathfinder: Knights of Everflame | Season 2, Episode 6

(dramatic music) – Welcome to the sixth
episode of the second season of the Knights of Everflame. I’m Jason Bulmahn, your host
and GM for this adventure. Is everybody here ready to play? – Yeah.
– Oh yeah. – Let’s do it. – Great. That didn’t sound very ready. – Yeah. – Yes, all right, all right. Awesome, fantastic. Let’s get rolling. When we last left our
intrepid band of adventurers, the group of you were in Canorate having just seen the end of one lucky Longfinger, a rather gruesome end that he suffered. His torso torn open as some
ball of chain and blood came emerging out of him and
vanished off into the shadows, leaving behind only one mysterious clue. A dagger. The pommel of which ends
in a single link of chain. Moments after the guards
swarmed the warehouse where you found Lucky and his cultists, and arrested the lot of you. They weren’t in the mood to
ask questions right then. Everyone got arrested and
taken in for questioning. You were taken to the central
watch station in Canorate, and there stripped of all of your gear. You were questioned for
hours and hours on end before eventually, the guards, especially Captain Digrell,
came to let you free, thanking you for helping
the city of Canorate to uncovering this nefarious
plot to auction off undead and this mysterious cult that was located in the heart of its warehouse district. Digrell also pointed out that
the dagger that you recovered bore the symbol of Zon-Kuthon, a deity that is outlawed
in the city of Canorate and in fact in all of Molthune. Zon-Kuthon is a vile deity of
darkness and envy and loss. Why this dagger was here, why it was in the hand of Lucky, you know more of that
picture than they did, knowing that Lucky had
been using these daggers to assassinate artists, poets, writers throughout the years, including, apparently, Ikyulys’s father. Digrell let you free, but warned you that this dagger could
not remain in the city, and should you wish, they would take it to find out more about it, but since you were tied so to its history and to its fate, that the watch captain would allow you to take it to Doommark, a city in, rather a large town, in Western Molthune. In Doommark, you are to speak
with the lord of ravens, and she would possibly be able
to tell you more about it. You spent a few days
resting, recuperating. Your patron gave you a princely reward for securing her son’s painting, and you were able, and put you up in the Platinum Whisper, a
fine inn and establishment for almost an entire week so that you might rest and recuperate. The entire group leveled
up, did some shopping, and got themselves ready
for more adventure. From there, you left Canorate behind, traveling west along the Nosam River. You made your way along
the Menador Mountains, heading further and further to the west to the town of Doommark. Arriving there, you found the place, well to be honest, rather
infested with ravens. These birds were literally
everywhere in town, and you didn’t make it very far in before you ran into a beggar. A woman by the name of Queleg who was a bit odd and unusual. You later found out
that she is a fetchling, a person born of both shadow and light. They live between. Queleg offered to take
you to the lord of ravens, so you made your way towards the rookery in the center of town, but not before Linneus
saw this strange noble, this pale nobleman who
has been watching her. She’s not the only one who’s
seen this mysterious figure, but every time you try and find him, get some sense of him, he
seems to be nowhere to be seen. Arriving at the rookery, you promptly made your way inside, and down into the
basement and there you met the general lord, Francyne Magga, the lord of ravens. She welcomed you into her abode, deep beneath the rookery, and seemed to know an awful lot about you. In fact, knew who you
were, why you were there before you even walked in the room. This shouldn’t come as any surprise. The folks in Canorate described her as their eyes and ears out here. She is their spymaster. She immediately wanted to see the dagger that you had brought to her. Fascinated by it, but
also a little afraid. Such daggers were only a myth, a rumor. She had scant knowledge on their purpose, on their existence, and upon looking at it,
confirmed that it was indeed what she believed to be was
known as a soul rend dagger. She honestly wasn’t quite
sure what it was used for. Obviously the name implies
that it steals or rends souls from the body, but beyond that, the cult of Zon-Kuthon,
who treasures these blades, keeps them a very closely guarded secret. Especially about their
history and purpose. The lord of ravens had never actually even seen one in person. But, she had a way that
you might learn more. She said it would be dangerous, but it would give you
the answers you seek. She retrieved from a
safe behind her bookcase, a lantern that she called
the lantern of lost light. And she said that through this lantern, you would be transported
into the plane of shadow, and there you could use the
dagger bathing in that light to travel along its history, and to summon the history of the dagger. You gather around the table as she lit the lantern, and
sent you into the shadows. There, clutching the dagger, you are flung back thousands of years to an event called Earthfall, when the surface world of
Golarion was turned into darkness. When a star fell from the sky, and rained devastation on the world. Empires crumbled in that cataclysm. Some sunk beneath the waves,
some died in the winter that came after, the winter
that would never end. You were in the middle of a plains with a gentle horse loving people. The horse lords there were frightened, terrified of the fire
that fell from the sky, and in that darkness,
they crawled to a rent, a tear in the earth that led
into unfathomable darkness. And there they prayed. They prayed for deliverance from the dark, and chains snaked out of
that void and bound them, one long chain, and a voice
demanded their servitude. They agreed. They accepted eternal damnation just so that they might live, so that their precious
horses might survive. The chain fell from them, and those links were swept away through
the passage of time, only to find their way into
some blasphemous cathedral. There, a smith would reach into the flames of his forge with his bare hands and draw forth daggers, red hot, the metal scorching his flesh and he would take these links
and bind them to the daggers. Each one to a single dagger, and he would take those daggers and lay them on a table. From there, the daggers were delivered to agents such as Lucky. Secreted out of Nidal, they
were used for assassinations. You followed a different dagger. You followed the dagger that
killed Ikyulys’s father. They were all tied together, and you could see their history. Witnessing that grim moment again nearly broke your champion. And in the darkness, the shadows surged forth to destroy you. Fighting them off, was a difficult task,
especially after one of them pulled Omelette’s shadow away and it became a free willed thing. But, you managed to prevail, sending the shadows
back into the darkness. From there, there was one
last scene for you to see. That was the dagger being
returned to this cathedral, this cathedral outside of
that very crack in the earth that leads into darkness. And in that cathedral,
Lucky returned the daggers to the priest, and he took
them back to the forge. Their souls inside them. You had seen the souls
sucked into the blades. Whenever one was used, it was
brought back to the cathedral. The dagger bearing the
soul of Ikyulys’s father was in Lucky’s possession. And he brought it back to that forge, where it was heated, and
forged back into the chain, the ever growing chain of souls. And with each hammer
blow closing the link, you could hear him cry out in agony. His soul locked in that link. Bound in shadow, never to see the light again. That was the prayer. And the chain was taken
up into the museum, along with other sacred
relics of Zon-Kuthon, and there it was placed upon an altar, a place of worship. The lord of ravens spoke to you there. She said, she knows this place. She knows where that chain is. It is in Ridwan, the holy city of Zon-Kuthon, inside Nidal in the land of shadows. And that’s where we ended. With a snap, you are back in the lord of raven’s abode. She looks to all of you. She looks to you. I’m so sorry. – Yes. It was not an easy thing to witness again. – I cannot imagine what that must be like. She stands up and lifts the lantern, its oil now expended, and
returns it to her safe. She comes back to the group
of you sitting at the table, ravens kind of swirling around. Some come in and some leave. She looks at all of you
and says, what will you do? – I cannot allow my father’s soul to rot in some dark hell. – We go to Ridwan. – This is not your responsibility. – Oh but you’re our family. We’re not going to abandon you. – I feel I cannot ask you to
do something so dangerous. – You don’t have to ask. – Yeah. – We’re going to do it anyway. – Yeah. Don’t get rid of us that easily. – Couldn’t stop me if you tried. – Besides–
– You did try. – You definitely will not
survive if you go alone. I mean you are very strong,
but you are stronger if we are all together. – That’s true. – The lord of ravens leans back. You’ve got moxie. Ridwan is a fortress city. It is the holy place of Zon-Kuthon. It is the place where his influence is strongest in this world. Perhaps Pangolais is equally as powerful. It is the capital of Nidal, and most of his worshipers are there, including the Black Triune. – The Black Triune? – What is that? – They are the three horse
lords that accepted the deal. – Oh. – They are still alive? – Yes, it has been
thousands of years, but yes. – Would you call it life? – They are still alive. I read about them as a child. – Black Triune. – That is definitely a dread prospect. We should probably do
all we can to avoid them. – Fortunately, Ridwan is
significantly closer than that. From here, it is only a
few days ride to the west, but the only way there is
through the Umbral Basin. I do not envy you that journey. Only the desperate make
their way between that pass. – I really want to know,
who names these places? – It did not always have that name. – I imagine that it didn’t.
– She looks at you. No, no, no, it earned that name. – Just like Lastwall, which
is now the Gravelands. – And how did that happen? – When the bargain was
struck and the entire nation was covered in a blanket
of darkness and shadow, the sun has not shone on
Nidal in thousands of years. The Umbral Basin is the
edge of that darkness, racked by storms of shadow and darkness. And I do mean storms. It comes upon you, those who
are unlucky are sucked into it, never to be seen from or heard again. Worse still are some of the
things that prowl in that dark that are predators from
the plane of shadow, unleashed on this world. Fortunately, out here in the light, they do not dare tread. – Do you have any suggestions
on what we can do to forge through without any danger? – Traveling through the Umbral Basin, there is no guarantees. The place is unsafe, even for the most
experienced traveler. Merchants will only take that pass if they are truly desperate, or incredibly skilled at navigating it. This late in the year, there will be no
travelers making that way. – Do you have a map? – As best as there can be one, yes. On the other side of the Umbral Basin, you must then pass through
the weeping fields, a plain of jagged rock. The only plants and vegetation, things that have learned to
live in the gloom and dark. That is the broken place
that surrounds Ridwan. Ridwan. Even my best spies must spend
months and perhaps even years before they can penetrate that place. It is a place for the
faithful of Zon-Kuthon. For those who venerate
pain, and envy, and loss. They are not exactly the
most pleasant of company, and there at the center of it is a place only known as the Shadow Flame Cathedral. That is the place you saw, I believe. For it stands directly before
that awful tear in the world. That place that touches
the plain of shadow that goes directly to his domain. – And that’s the place where
all the souls are kept. – Inside the cathedral, yes. If the vision we saw is to be true. – Is there a reason why it wouldn’t be? – She shrugs. The vision that was shown to us was true as it was at that moment. Is the chain still there this day? She shrugs. The lantern does not reveal all. It only reveals those
moments of importance, those moments of power. – Do you have a temple to Sarenrae here? – There’s a shrine. – I think we are going to
need all the light we can get. – Yes. Also some rest I think. – I don’t think we should try to go anywhere today, that is for sure. We definitely need to be smart about this. We have gone off on some very
half-cocked plans in the past and gotten ourselves into a
lot of trouble because of it. That is not something that we can get away with doing this time. The stakes here are very real. – A misstep in Ridwan will
get you killed, or worse. And if there’s any faith that
knows how to inflict worse, it is that of Zon-Kuthon. – We saw some of the handiwork
of Zon-Kuthon only days ago. It was truly horrible. – Lord of the raven, I
have a question for you that I’m hoping that you can help me with. – She leans back in the chair. Perhaps. – Before we go on this journey, I’d ask if there’s any way
you can find me a glaive. The weapon of Shelyn. – You are brave if you wish to bring such a weapon into Nidal. It is not favored, especially not after Shelyn stole the weapon from Zon-Kuthon. – We have ways of hiding it. – I do have ways of hiding it. – And in fact, there’s something else that we are looking for. Pieces of a golden rose. You have many spies,
and they have many eyes. Perhaps one might spot a petal. – I shall send out feelers to my network and see what I can find. As far as the glaive, I can see if one of the smiths has one. Or if perhaps we have one in the armory. – That would be fantastic. – I will see what I can do. – To that end, since we are probably not going anywhere just now,
we will need lodging. Would your recommend
the Black Feather Inn? – She says, she smiles, it is friendly to my lot and
I have a lot of eyes there. – Are there any– – She looks at you with a bit of a smile. – Are there, Lysonn blushes, it’s fine. Do you have any other recommendations? – No, I think that would be fine. I wouldn’t mind keeping
an eye on all of you. – Oh. – Oh. – Oh! Oh I do have one more question. Do you know of a pale flighty
nobleman in your town? I saw him earlier, and I cannot find him. – She looks up to the nearest raven and it just kind of, it tucks
its head under its wing, and she’s like, hm. I will have to investigate further. I don’t believe so. – If even you cannot see him… – My ravens see much, but they are not, they are not everywhere. – Understandable. – Most overlook them though,
and that is their advantage. – If one of them sees
him, will you let me know? – I will do what I can, and she asks for a more complete description because there’s a lot of
pale people in this town. She’s like very well. Well I wish you all the best of luck. I will of course stop by tomorrow before you depart. Are you planning on leaving in the morrow? – I guess so, but I think that
will have everything to do with whether or not we have
come up with a decent plan. – That is what we will do this evening. – She says very well, there is not an awful
lot I can tell you about that town. I do not have agents
that are active in there that would be able to help you, not without exposing themselves in ways that would undoubtedly get them killed. – We certainly do not want that. – That said, I shall pass
along word as best I can, that should there be a
way that they can give you small, small edge, they will do so. But getting into the town is going to be your hardest challenge. Even entering it is no easy task. It is a walled city. – I vaguely remember
reading when I was a child about a group of people
who are in Nidal, but are, hiding themselves from Zon-Kuthon. – Yes, there are of course many folk in the nation who work in secret and refuse to accept Zon-Kuthon as their unquestioned master, but they keep themselves
well hidden for a reason. Any breach, and they all suffer. – Would you–
– There have been, hm? – Would you happen to have
any kind of contact with them? – Or know how we would find or– – There are none in Ridwan. – Identify them. – There are none in Ridwan. That much is certain. There is no room for that in that town. It is too small, too insular. There was rumors, earlier this year that there was a network
operating in the Umbral Basin, hiding from the storms and shadows, but I have not been able
to reach out to them. Getting agents in there is, like I said, incredibly difficult. The last one I sent in there came back bleached white and without his senses. He had seen things that
could not be unseen. – Oh okay. – Well we’ve already done that. – We’ve seen a lot. – Something tells me it
is only the beginning. I hate to say it, but the
path that we have been on has gotten progressively
more and more grotesque, and I fear that it’s not
going to get much better from here on out if we’re headed to Nidal. But that being said, at
least we have each other. And I like looking at your faces. – The lord of raven escorts
you all back upstairs, and bids you all adieu for the night. And as you walk away, she’s just kind of leaning up against the doorpost
watching you all leave, and every once in a while a raven will pop onto the fence post that’s right next to the door, and she’ll reach out and
stroke its feathers gently, and reach into one of her
many, many pouches and pockets on her leathers and pull out a seed or a tiny bit of biscuit or something, and feed it to the bird. You notice that as you are leaving here, the birds, they watch you. And now that you’ve seen
her directly talk to them, and them seem to definitely understand, the ones that are watching you now take on kind of a new gravity because they are her eyes and ears. They do watch, and they do understand. So they watch as you make your way all the way back to the Black Feather Inn. – Looks like this is home
sweet home for the night, no? – I have a thing that I can do, but it might benefit us if
we took a day before leaving. – We are going to spend
the night at least, so. – I mean a whole day,
because it’s one of the more powerful things I know how to do. I just need to be able to
prepare it in the morning, but then I’ll lose one of my more powerful spell
slots for the whole day. – So the lord of ravens
gave you a pretty good idea of the length of the journey
that you needed to make. From here to Ridwan is
probably at least four, maybe five days depending
on how well you navigate and make your way
through the Umbral Basin. But from here to the Umbral Basin, which is kind of the edge
of Molthune is over a day. So, you’ll be spending
over a day in travel still in Molthune. Now you’re in the
western edge of Molthune, which definitely gets a lot more wild. There’s not gonna be patrols out there. It’s kind of wilderness,
but it is still Molthune and not Nidal. You’ll know when you’ve entered, because you will be in perpetual shadow. – I am suddenly very glad
that I purchased these, and Lysonn kind of pulls their
goggles from their face a bit and sticks them back on. – In the morning, I have
a thing that I can do. I would rather do it in front
of this shrine of Sarenrae which I’m gonna go find tonight, but it may give us an advantage and a direction. – Any advantage is– – It would be a big one.
– Helpful. – I’m hoping it would be a big one. – I also have some abilities that might help us out in the wild to make our way a little bit easier, and now I can see it will
also not be as difficult. – Tariel, can you do me a favor? – Of course. – When we get back to the inn, if you could cast some dancing lights and play some lovely music. We could use it. – Of course I will. – Thank you. – So you’re back at the inn. You’ve gotten yourself a room. There are some rooms still available. The woman at the front desk
is happy to see you all again. When you do get back to it, by the way, Queleg is outside, and is like oh. – Hello. – Glad to see you’re back. Can Queleg help? – Oh, yes actually. I am looking for a shrine of Sarenrae. – Oh, oh.
– Very bright. I know, I know, I know. – Queleg does not like
it, it is too bright. – Well, just show me where and I can go and you won’t hurt your eyes. – Mm, mm, mm. All right. – Thank you. – Queleg leads you through the town– – Go get rest, please. I’ll be back. – Be safe. – Of course, there are ravens everywhere. – Queleg leads you through the town to, it is just a small shrine. It’s not a full temple. You’re not even sure if it has a priest. It is just a small, private shrine dedicated to Sarenrae, and it’s kind of off the
edge of a public square. There’s a little bit of a park there. The plants here grow and thrive, but they don’t get a lot of light because far off to the west
it’s just perpetual gloom, so they’re missing part
of the day’s light. But, they do okay. But off the edge of this,
kind of in this public space, there’s just this stone shrine. It’s roofed, but it’s open walled and in the center there is
the holy symbol of Sarenrae. – Oh I love it. Going to run and kneel down and begin to try and commune with my god. Dawn flower, hello. We are about to go into a very, very dark place,
darker than I’ve ever been. If you have any words of advice, anything you can show me or tell me, I will be performing a
ritual in the morning. Anything would help. Anything to help my friends, and keep the darkness at bay. Well, I kiss it. And I put my hand on the shrine and then I go back. – All right. – I cast light on the shrine before I go. That’s a thing. She’s the goddess of light. – All right. Yeah, you cast light on it and the light kind of
cascades down the symbol. You don’t get an answer,
but that’s not unusual. You offer up prayers,
and they are answered in the way that they are answered. Then you make your way back to the inn. There, the rest of you have secured rooms. The inn keep is happy to
see all of you returning. She explains that she has gone
through her logs thoroughly, and there is no one who meets the description you
mentioned staying there. – Dang it. – And she even had one of
the serving boys go upstairs and look through all the
rooms, the unoccupied rooms to make sure that there
was no one hiding out. – Thank you for your
dedication, I appreciate that. – She’s like oh, I couldn’t have anyone staying in a room without paying. – Fair, very fair. – So you’re able to get a good meal. There is surprisingly no
chicken or fowl on the menu, but there is beef. And they have a roasted boar, a boar roast that
they’re doing for dinner. – As long as there’s no fish. – It has been a long time since
we’ve had some boar in us. I remember that being a point of… – That was a great meal! – It was, it was so good. I really miss Acina. – Me too. – I miss everyone. I miss Colven. I hope he’s okay. – I hope so too. When this is all over, if we
have any time for a vacation, we really should go back to Cassinpora. – For a vacation? – Vacation. – As long as there aren’t any
more undead running around. – That’s my fear. – They’re probably handling it. – It’s fine. What’s a few more waves of undead? – What’s a Gravelands, it’s fine. – You can find me at the Platinum Whisper. – I’d like to be in the
lap of luxury for once. It’s nice to sleep on a bed. – Speaking of which though,
you have been very quiet ever since we left Canorate. Are you okay? – Oh, you know I just… I told my father I was leaving again. He asked me if Kasiya was my home now. I told him that I don’t know
if I can call it my home since we have been taken elsewhere and probably I don’t know
when we’ll be able to return. But I told him that I have an allegiance
with you and the knights, and the Everflame, and he told me I’m not
welcome in the home again, so. – We’re your family. We love you. You are always welcome with us and we will always be your home. – Thank you, I greatly appreciate that. I mean if you hadn’t have
sent me out to the Lastwall, I don’t know where I would be now. You know? So I’m thankful to be here, and to be doing this with all of you because I believe that
what we are working for is much nobler than anything
Molthune would send me to. – We are glad that you are here too. Whatever the circumstances
of your original sin, or whatever it was. I’m almost and fairly certain
it had nothing to do with you, and everything to do with
your jerk of a father. – Yeah, that’s about right. I mean, other than me not
being a good daughter, or whatever his perception
of a good daughter is. – His perception is shite. – His perception’s very bad. – Yes. – He needs glasses. – I could loan him mine, but then I wouldn’t be
able to see in the dark. – That’s okay.
– And we need that. – Yeah.
– Yeah, we need you to be able to see at all times. – And we need you for our courage. – Oh yes, you give us courage. – So, you are enjoying a fine meal. Every once in a while,
a raven will hop over to one of the perches nearby the table. The ravens seem very good
about not getting on the tables or the chairs or anything like that, but throughout the bar,
there are wooden rails and those seem to be
exclusively for the ravens to go and hop on, and they come
over and sit near the table, and you can tell when they’re like, you gonna finish that bread? Because–
– Do you want some? – ‘Cause, they give you
that look like uh-huh, yeah. Oh yeah, they’ll take
it right from your hand. – Very very fat ravens. – Oh yeah, they’re a bit chonk. No, they’re a little chonk. – Nice chonky boys. – Hey chonk! – You can try. – Very, while I’m feeding it. Go get some food, it’s okay. – Kinda looks at you funny, and then it takes the bread
and it’s like (chomping). – Okay good. – Can I try something? Can I cast comprehend languages and try to talk to one of the crows? – Well remember, it only lets
you understand a language. – Yeah, but Queleg said
that they understand us. – They do understand you. You know, you cast comprehend language and you try and get crow, but if you’re getting the language right, you’re not sure if the entire room, you’re not sure if the
spell is working right, or just all of the ravens in this room are just saying food, food? – Love it, love it, I love it! – I know where that one’s from. – Did I? No I think I did that right. – You’re honestly not sure. The spell just may not
work very well on ravens. – Guys are thinking only food, food! (all laughing) – All the ravens are saying–
– Food, can’t reach! – Here you go, here you go, there you go. – All right. Well, the rest of the evening
passes pleasantly enough. You’ve spent days on the road, and although you’ve just
spent a good deal of time being pampered in Canorate. The long days in the back of a wagon have not exactly been easy, so spending a night in a bed is a welcome bit of rest. – I think Lys has sort of
been feeling a little bit itchy for a little bit of a simpler life. They really enjoyed
their time on the wagon. They are actually starting to think they are getting too soft
spending time on too many beds. (all laughing) – Yeah, yeah, I mean
that is certainly true and the Platinum Whisper, that place was– – That was a lot. – It was like literally
sleeping on a cloud. Way too soft, yeah. – Feel like I lost a couple of callouses. – So nice. – It is not in my nature to
spend time out of nature. – We can open the window. You can sleep right underneath it. And see the stars. – It is very cold. In fact, here in the foothills
of the Menador Mountains, the chill really creeps into this town and late at night, you even
see frost on the windows. The time of year, it is
approaching the end of the year. You’re not quite there yet, you know. But it’s not far off. And as a result, although you are getting further and further south, it’s still pretty cold. Not quite hit snow yet, but you’re probably maybe you know, a month from now it’ll be
snowing quite regularly. – We may need to buy winter
clothes before we leave. – That is not a bad idea. We do still have some
money in the party fund. We could invest in a couple of coats. – Yes, that’s very smart. – And boots. – Fur lined, and some furs.
– I got new boots. – Ah yes, they match mine. – Are they warm? – They’re quite warm. – Yeah, they are elven make. They are not only the
most fine craftsmanship, but they are basically
suitable for any weather. – Yeah, as a matter of fact you end up going to a shop of imports specifically from Kyonin in Canorate. – Where you probably got an earful from me about how amazing Kyonin is. – So, you’re all able to get some sleep. The ravens are not allowed
up in the rooms, fortunately. Although each room does have flower boxes and one out on the front, where often times ravens
are perched and hanging out, because they’re everywhere in this town. So, the night passes uneventfully. Nothing untoward happens. And you’re able to wake up
the next morning refreshed and ready to face the day. – Okay, okay I’m awake. I’m wide awake. If anyone wants to go with me, I’m going to go to the shrine and I’m gonna do my thing. – I’m interested in seeing what it is that you are going to do. I’m very intrigued.
– Okay. – Is there a shrine of
Shelyn anywhere around? – In this town? – I mean near.
– No. – Okay. – No, there just isn’t. And that doesn’t mean
that there aren’t people who venerate Shelyn in town. There just isn’t a shrine. – Maybe Sarenrae and Shelyn are friends, and Sarenrae will tell
Shelyn that you are there. Maybe. – Kind of like a god network. They’ll share the status
on, you know, Godbook. – They could, you never know. – Yeah sure. – It’s a conference call. – Yes! Bit of Facetime. – You make your way back
to the shrine of Sarenrae. Who’s all going? – I’d like to come.
– Me too. – All of us– – I would like to stop by and
see if I can get that glaive. – Okay, so you wanted to go look for that. – We’ll see you there. – So, that, going to find
the glaive will take a bit. You’re going to miss
out on whatever this is if you go find it. – That’s fine.
– All right. Okay, so the group of you go
to the shrine of Sarenrae. You find it in that same little courtyard. The light that you cast yesterday should be long gone, but it’s not. It’s still glowing. – Oh, that makes me so happy. I did that yesterday,
and it’s still there. Should be gone by now, but it’s not. – I think that just shows that
this place needed the light. – She’ll bring it. Okay, okay. It’s very weird, I
haven’t done this before. I don’t exactly know how. I sit cross-legged in front of the shrine. I sweep up some stones, some pebbles, some pieces of rock and fallen shrine, and I hold them in my hand. I release them, I close my eyes, and for 10 minutes, she sits
there and it’s very quiet. And she starts to kind of look
like she has frost on her. But she is looking at something, and she’s seeing something. She’s reading omens. – Mm. So, the spell read omens
is a difficult spell for clerics to request. It isn’t always granted, and it is only usually
granted in times of need, or when a high priest happens
to be able to teach you the proper way to do it. Asking Sarenrae for the spell last night, you found that when you
prepared this morning, you could prepare the spell. So, you cast read omens and it allows you to ask about one upcoming problem. – Goal, event, or activity? – Yeah.
– Within the next week. – Yep, within the next week. What would you like to ask about? – The safest path from here to the temple in Ridwan. – So you ask Sarenrae to give you guidance on how to reach the
Shadow Flame Cathedral. The message, looking down at the rocks, they suddenly begin to make sense to you as the spell surges. And looking down at them, you get the sense that
you know the answer. And without really
knowing what it even is, you begin to speak the words. And looking at Linneus,
the voice coming out of her is strange, otherworldly. – It’s a dark path. – The answer is, the
words that come out are, a baptism in pain is the only way for you to find sanctuary for the loss. – Is it only the words that I received? – That’s it. – Okay. I shake off some of the frost that formed, and I disperse the pebbles. Well, a baptism in pain. – Is the only way for you to
find sanctuary for your lost. – Sounds appropriate for where
we’re going, unfortunately. – You did not sound like you. – Yes, this is something
I’ve never tried before. I honestly didn’t think it would work. I had to ask Sarenrae for it last night. – Have you seen other people do it before? – No, well, I heard the abbess
Delphine do it a while ago, and I did see her do it once. I don’t remember what she was asking. I was behind a drawn curtain. I was not supposed to watch her when she was in her personal study, but I went in to read books and, well she came in, and I hid. – That’s remarkable. – It was a very, very
interesting thing to watch. Are you okay? – Oh yes, I’m fine. – Are you cold? – A little. – You were covered in frost. Well, at least that’s what it looked like. – She’s warmed. – Yes, okay yes, I would
love that, thank you. – You make your way,
Ikyulys, to the rookery hoping to find the lord of ravens there. There are other functionaries. You’ve seen other guards and stuff. The guards here, surprise, surprise, the emblem of this town is a
raven on their badge, shock. So you see the other
guards and functionaries, but none of them have any news for you or anything like that. None of them even approach you, and so you make your way to the rookery. Upon arriving, you find it’s surrounded by ravens as usual, right? I mean this is where they live,
or at least a lot of them. What do you do? – Well I would like to enter. – You go up and open up the door, and looking inside, you see
there’s the staircase going down and the staircase going up. The lanterns going down
have been extinguished. It’s just dark down there. However, leaning up against the banister going upstairs, there is leaning just right up against it, is a silver glaive. And sitting on the banister
next to it is a raven. Caw, caw! And then it kind of hops off, and flutters and flies
kind of up the stairs. And as it does so, it kind
of knocks at the glaive and it kind of tips and falls over, pointing directly at you. – Mister raven, may I? – The raven took off, he’s a raven. Not interested in you. – Ikyulys bends down, picks up the glaive. Immediately feels a wave of just emotion, and positive energy. A feeling that it was the
same feeling that he felt right before his father died. The feeling that he felt when his father looked
over at him and smiled, just before the assassin killed him. The last feeling of his father. And he looks down at the glaive, and he says, Shelyn you brought me here. I’ve asked you for so many years, why. Why something like this
could happen to my family, and what was it all for? My father was a good man. He was a, he did not
deserve that type of death. But I know that you do not make mistakes. I know that this is not just about him. But you’ve brought me on this
journey for something else, and you’ve connected me
with these wonderful people for something else. And I know it’s to bring
your brother back to you. The way that you remember him. And I promise you, I will do just that. He takes the glaive, places it. Thank you. – All right. Taking the glaive, you bring it with you, and you are all able
to gather back together at the Black Feather Inn. – Got a new sword. – Yes, lovely. – It’s very sharp, very nice. – How do you feel about
the baptism of pain? – Oh that doesn’t sound good. – Oh yeah.
– What is that? – Well, I did a little thing. – This is fine. (all laughing)
– It’s fine. Don’t worry about it, just a little omen. I did a ritual at the shrine of Sarenrae. Well.
– A god spoke through ya. – Was it?
– Maybe. – You didn’t sound like you. – A baptism of pain. – Will bring you to the sanctuary. I have a feeling we’re going
to need to hurt ourselves or something to prove that we can get in. – I’ve been around to a
lot of different cities, just as you have, and so I
have some innate abilities to blend into cultures very well, and I was paying very close
attention during those visions to some of the things
that were being said. I think I picked up a few
catchphrases that we can use that will make us look and appear a bit more like Zon-Kuthon worshipers. And I know that probably repulses you, but we might have to pretend a lot in order to pass safely through the land. – Well if it makes anyone feel better, for an hour I can make
all of us look different. So maybe we could even,
for an hour you could look like Lucky perhaps even. – Ooh. – Oh, well he might already know that. – He might. – All of them might know. – Is there anybody else you
can make them look like? – I don’t particularly
like the idea either, but we did see other
people in those crowds. Maybe if I can rack my
brain and try to remember, we can pose as other people. But in general, one city
is much like the next. – Did it seem like there was a good mix of different types of people there? – It was really hard to tell, primarily just because everything, no one was fully formed. They were just kind of
made of shadow and smoke, so it’s kind of hard to
tell, was that a human, was that a half elf, was that a fetchling? Who knows? The only thing is you could
tell whether or not they were, you know halflings or gnomes or shorter folk than taller
folk, but other than that it’s kind of really hard
to make out details. You got a good sense of some
of the more key figures, but if they weren’t the ones
talking or being talked to, everybody else is really indistinct ’cause it seems like the
lantern only really focuses on the people involved in the scene. – Then that actually
may be to our advantage. Just be indistinct. – I have an idea.
– Yes. – If you can disguise us, give
us all a multitude of scars, I was thinking most of us could
look like the dock workers. – Yes, yes. – They do seem to thrive on pain. – So, I’m assuming you are gathering up your things
and preparing to go. It’s still relatively
early in the morning, and there’s a full day ahead of you. – Buying winter clothes as we go. – Okay. – There is also the Umbral Basin. It is unlikely, but in the event that we might run into one
of this group of people that lord of raven was talking about, they could be helpful in
helping us navigate it. We shouldn’t hold out
hope to run into them, but we should keep that in mind. – You pack up your belongings, and check out of the Black Feather Inn. The inn keep is pleasant and sad to see that
you’re leaving already, but you are able to get
a quick bite of breakfast before you make your way out. And you make your way out into the street to prepare on your journey, and there out in the street
is the lord of ravens, and she is there with a bunch of horses. – Oh, that’s very kind of ya. – She looks to you and says well, don’t think I’m that generous. You’re not taking these into Nidal. – Of course not.
– No, close to the edge. – I am pretty sure that it
would probably not be safe to bring in horses. We’ll manage that on foot. – She says, yes. If you bring them to the border, I shall have some of my
birds help guide them home, in a manner of speaking. Or at least lead us to them. So just let them free, once you are there. They will head back this way. This is a journey they
have done more than once. – Thank you. – Thank you very much. – Please, let me thank you for the glaive. – She looks at you. Think nothing of it. No, I mean that. If you get killed because of
it, please think nothing of it. I don’t want to be to blame. Listen, she looks at all of you kind of with a bit of a grin, I do not envy you the journey
you are about to take. I’ve had many very, very
skilled and capable agents go into Nidal and never come back. It is not an easy place to operate in. Even those who travel there honestly often times run afoul of the laws, or some ritual or something, and end up in trouble that
they cannot escape from. Mistakes in Ridwan mean death. If they catch you, they will flay you. They will display your
bodies for all to see. She says and on that
note, I’ve also included some provisions for your travel. I believe the good mistress
here at the Black Raven provided a number of
muffins and some hard tack, and some dried boar from
last night for your journey. I wish you all the best. There are also some tents in there, and a few warm winter blankets. I wouldn’t want you to
freeze on the way there. – Oh, and biscuits for the horses. – I give my muffin to Ikyulys. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. I know you’re just going to eat yours in two seconds anyway. – It’s already done. (all laughing) – Save that one for later. – Finally, I’m not sure
you’ll really want it, but I’ve provided one anyway. In one of the packs is a
holy book of Zon-Kuthon. – Oh, we should read it. – Careful, I am not joking, it is sharp. The edges are bound in sharp metal. You will cut yourself when you handle it. – Well, that’ll give us some of the scars we were talking about. – Lovely. – But inside is the prayers and rituals of his faith. – I’ll read it. I’ll read it on our journey. – So will I. – It is, she looks at you, very delightful reading.
– I’m sure. – It sucked. – Always fond of a bedtime story. – I’ll read it out loud to you. – Thanks. I can cast a mage hand to grab it out. – Oh, that’s smart. – But then I have to hold it, so it’s probably gonna
get cut anyway, it’s fine. – She looks to all of you and says, I did some research last night. This might help you on your journey. This dagger, and you’ve left it, and she gives it back to you. Does not yet contain a soul. Once it does, it is a very delicate item. Exposing it to the sun will destroy it, exposing it to the light will destroy it. – The dagger or the soul? – The dagger. It will destroy the dagger, and the link. I read up on the phrase that was said. It was bound in shadow never
again to see the light. That phrase is used before, and it is used as a warning for other items that
have been created by them and it is always in reference to things that cannot stand the light. They must live in shadow for eternity. It is not safe for them. I have a sneaking suspicion
that is what this means. – Well then I guess we are lucky that we are going in there
with the sunshine squad. – She looks at you and she says, I hope that is enough, because if it is not, you
will need to get it out if you are to be successful, because the sun does not shine on Nidal. – I bring the sun with me. – She looks at you and
says, I hope it is enough. – So do I. – Perhaps we can break that chain, and free the souls. – Is that how you free the
souls, do you break it? – I guess we’ll find out. – They are bound inside. It would be the only way. – Okay. – But such things cannot just
simply be sundered with steel. Hitting them with a hammer won’t do it. It won’t get the job done. – Okay.
– But sunlight might? – Might. – That’s good to know. – Good luck. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Fast travels. – As fast as I can get them there. – My ravens will watch for you. – Thank you. – Good luck. – You’ve been most helpful. – She looks. Thank me when you come back alive and with all of your flesh. – Oh, we will. – And looking at all of you, she kind of gives a smile. Please come back in one piece. You’re all too adorable. Then she kind of turns and
makes her way down the street. All right, the group of you– – That’s a date! – The group of you– – Are we all going on a date with her? I’m okay with that. – Why not? – I mean, how are you splitting the check? All right, anyway, listen. You ride out from Doommark, and begin making your way west. In facing such doom, such danger, I’m gonna go ahead and give
everybody two hero points– (all groaning) – That’s not scary or bad at all. – ‘Cause once again, I continue to forget to give them out to you at the
very beginning of the session because I’m a bad GM. But you all knew that
already, so that’s fine. – I thought you were benevolent. – Well that’s why I gave you two. I’m a bad GM, but
benevolent, so it’s fine. You ride west for the rest of the day, leaving the more civilized
lands around Doommark behind. The road that you are one
quickly turns into a trail as the roads only go
to the outlying farms. Beyond that, you’re kind of in the terrain that’s more like hunter’s trails and woodman’s trails. But there is one that has wagon ruts in it that seems to head west. So you ride through barren farm fields that have been harvested months ago. Only a few ravens hopping
around in the fields, looking for seed or a
scrap of something to eat, as you ride off into the wilderness. The day goes smoothly. It’s cold. There’s a wind that’s blowing off of the Mindspin Mountains to the north, and it brings with it a deep chill. You can’t quite be sure,
but that chill might be made even worse by your upcoming destination for every mile that you go, that shadow, that line of darkness out at the horizon slowly grows closer. It’s an ominous place, and
it doesn’t seem to move. Weather all around it changes
and shifts throughout the day. Clouds break and move about the sky, but not there. It’s just dark. Sun does not shine on Nidal. At the end of the day, you find yourself significantly closer to the border. You’re not there yet, but
you will probably reach it pretty early in the morning tomorrow, and you find a quiet place to camp off the side of the trail. – Since it is very
possible that we are not going to be able to find
anything fresh to eat for the next few days, I’d like to do a little bit of hunting just to provide us with at least one last decent
meal before we go in the dark. I feel it will hearten all of us. – Mhmm. – That’s a great idea. – I should also note if you want to, if you feel some sort of time pressure you could push forward a
few hours into the night and get right up to the border, or very close to it. – I like the idea of Lys hunting. – Us taking a– – Into the night a little further. – A beat away, yeah. – We don’t want to get ambushed in the middle of the night by anything. I mean we might still– – More shadow creatures?
– No thank you. – All right, so if you’re
going to do some hunting, go ahead and roll me survival
to go out and find some food. – That will be a 30… A 34. – Yeah, you crush it. You go out and are able to bring down like a buck that is roaming
out in the wilderness nearby, and it’s a younger animal, but you’re able to bring it down and bring it back, and it’ll take you a few hours
to get any meat off of it and then throughout most of the night you can bury it up at the coals
to get it to cure up a bit. – I’m gonna treat the
cleaning of this animal a little bit like therapy. It’s almost ritualistic, the
way that they prepare it. – While you’re doing this ritual, I think I’m going to do another. Same thing as this morning. I don’t want to do it too many times. I feel like I’m pushing a limit. – So you prepared it twice? – Yes I did.
– All right. – Now you get to see it.
– Yes. – What should I ask? I was thinking about asking
how I’m imagining we, the course that’s set in my mind is we have to go into this temple and destroy these chains. They are probably still
being worn by the smith. That is a fear. – In the vision, you did
see the smith take them off, and place them on that pedestal
as if it were a display. – Okay. – Maybe if there’s a way to ask if, how to connect with the people who are not part of Zon-Kuthon’s. – Oh the people in the Umbral Basin. – The ones who do not follow his teachings of evil methods. – They probably have valuable information of how to survive in there. – Absolutely. – Okay. That is what I’ll ask. If Sarenrae can reach me here, let’s try. And she does the same things. Sits cross-legged, grabs some stones, sets it out, and for 10 minutes sits there and starts to develop that frost. – You reach out to Sarenrae, beseeching her to tell you how you might find this aid, this help. Takes a moment. So they’re staring. – This is what happened last time? – And when you look up, she opens up her eyes, and they seem almost like
they’re dancing with flame, and the words that come out of her mouth are not her own voice. And it says, three trees upon one stone shall light the way to the veil beneath. And then suddenly you snap out of it, and you didn’t hear it. – I immediately put a blanket
that I’ve been holding sort of around your shoulders. – I felt so warm there
for a minute, but not now. What happened? I didn’t hear anything. Did anything happen? – She spoke through you again. – It’s an awful lot to think that Sarenrae would speak through me. That’s a big ask. – Are there any lesser angels
or something of Sarenrae? – Oh yes, she has many people
that are devoted to her. Many much more powerful than me. – Linneus.
– Yes? – Even if it is a lesser
speaking through ya, someone had to tell them to do so. Your god loves you. – No, no she’s not, no. – I’ve never had a god speak through me. – No, no. – What did I tell you about how you are really bad at accepting compliments? – You are, it’s true. – It’s fine. – Anyway, she said. – Yes. – Three trees upon one stone shall light the way to the veil beneath. – The veil? – Yes, so it seems to me that perhaps it is a symbol for a hidden place. – Seems that way, yes. – But now I know what to look out for. – We should be very careful in case there are, as the
lord of raven suggested, assassins after us if they
know we have this dagger. Don’t want to lead them in here. – Well, they’ll have as
much of a difficult time finding us in here as I
imagine anybody else would. – True. – You’re able to make a camp, enjoy some–
– who’s hungry? – Some venison. – Very much.
– Always. – And you create a bit of a fire, right? To be able to roast up as
much of this meat as possible. That way you don’t
leave too much to waste. – I actually want to make something along the lines of chicken and dumplings with the hard tack, and the venison and make a venison and
dumpling kind of a stew thing. – Yes.
– Okay. – ‘Cause it’s so cold. We need a stew. – Sure. You know, using some of the, you break down the tack into kind of, you grind it back up to its floury bits and use that to make a bit of a base. It’s a kit bash. It’s not exactly perfect, but– – Kit bashing is what I do. – Between that and some
of the fresh vegetables, there’s a little bit in the packs. Some carrots and some potatoes and stuff like that that’ll keep. You do find a bit of food. There’s not a lot in there. It’s not like she, the lord of ravens didn’t provide you with a ton, just because she knows that you have to leave the horses behind tomorrow, so. – Whenever I make a stew out on the road, I always think of Private Garr,
and his really awful stew. – It was really not good. – It was so bad, it was awful. – It was mostly just
vegetables floating in water. – It was the worst, but you know what? It was the first meal
that we ever ate together. – And he worked hard on it. – You spend the rest of the evening reminiscing about old times. It seems like it was
forever ago in another life where five strangers got together and headed north to Castle Everstand. Now you’re heading into darkness. The night passes. The next morning, you get up with the dawn. The sun is rising in the east, as it always does. But you look to the west, where the darkness lives. Where shadows rule. Making your way further and
further toward the border after packing up your camp, you soon find yourself
approaching what must be the end of Molthune, and
the beginning of Nidal. Up ahead, not a mile or two away, the sky above is nothing but
broiling clouds and darkness. The land beneath it seems
untouched by the light, and here on the border,
as you make your way up, you see a crumbling building, a lone structure out
here in the wilderness. Obviously uninhabited, its roof fell in who knows how long ago. There’s an old, ruined stone structure standing alone in front of the gloom. What do you do? – Does there appear to be
anybody inside of the structure? – You don’t see anybody from here, but you’re about half
a mile away right now. – I think that we should
approach very carefully. I actually have an ability that might allow me to get a closer look without putting any of you at risk, but it would require me to go ahead alone. – Oh.
– Alone? – Just up to the building,
not any further than that. – How far away do we need to be? – I mean, I don’t want you to be within, I mean as long as you find
something to duck behind, or stay low, cover yourself
with a blanket, I don’t care, but don’t approach too quickly. At least maybe 30 feet behind me? – That’s not very far at all. – 50, 60? Okay. – I’ll sneak a few, like 30, 40 feet behind you. – So me and then Tariel,
and then the rest of you. – You approach the building, and make your way up to it. I’m assuming you’re– – I’m using my terrain stalker. – Okay, and what’s that gonna do for you? – So basically terrain stalker works, I can select a difficult
terrain from the following list, and I’m guessing that this
would count as underbrush. – Yeah. – And while undetected by
anyone who isn’t my ally in that type of terrain, I can sneak without attempting a stealth check as long as I move no more than five feet, and do not move within
10 feet of the enemy. So I’m gonna stay at least 10
feet away from the building. – So this is something you only really use once you’re right up on it. – Right. – Like when you’re
making your way up to it, you’re not gonna move at five feet per– – No, I’m gonna get pretty close, but once I’m within
that 10, 15 foot range, then I’ll start– – You can certainly slow
down when you’re close. – Right. – So you make your way up
to this ruined building, and it becomes clear when you
draw near that it is a ruin. And it’s not very large either. We’re talking about 40 feet by 20 feet. It’s a tiny little thing. Just a stone structure,
kind of stone and walls. You know, that had an A-frame roof, and the roof has collapsed in, and you can’t really
make out much about it until you circle around to the other side, and you come to realize,
I would ask you to roll, but it’s obvious to you because you know, that on the front of it is an old, old worn symbol of Sarenrae. It looks like it was at one point in time like a chapel. – Do I hear anything coming from inside? – No, no. – Would there be any lights or anything? – No, it’s a ruin. Like you look into the front doors that have rotted off their hinges and fallen to the ground, and the inside is filled
with kind of rotten timbers, and ancient hay that’s molded to filth. The whole thing’s a mess. No one has been in this building– – I only ask because you know,
there could be squatters. – Yeah, and you do sneak up to the door and take a look around to see if there’s anything going on in there, but what pews you can see that haven’t been crushed
by the timbers up above, you know are ancient and
worn away to almost nothing. This building fell into ruin dozens of years ago at least, maybe significantly longer than that. Maybe hundreds of years ago. It’s hard to tell. – I turn around, and I wave
and I get Tariel’s attention and I do a big, big O
with my hands, we’re okay. (all chuckle) – I’m just gonna stand up. – Okay, I stand up too. – All right, you all join and are able to take a
look at the building. – Well, as soon as I see that
it’s a Sarenrae building, I’m going inside. – You almost kind of can’t. – I will find a way. – That’s fair, but understand that this looks like a one room chapel, where the entire roof has fallen in. So there isn’t, it’s just an old ruin. – I’ll stand on top of it if I have to. I’m gonna be in there. – Fair. (all laughing) You try to push your way inside, and kind of climb around in the debris. – Be careful.
– Okay. – The only life, or sign
of life you see here as you kind of crawl up
into the moldering, ancient, filthy, filthy hay that
used to cover this place, ’cause it looks like at one
time it had a thatched roof. You disturb a family of field mice that go scattering off into the rafters. It doesn’t look like you hurt them, they just got scared,
and went running away. – Oh no, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t disturb your home. – But on the far side,
you can see the altar. – Oh I’m there, I’m going there. – It’s tricky to get there. You have to kind of
crawl through the debris. – I would have let you borrow my boots, but you ran in too fast, never mind. – She’s like a spider, just go in. (woman laughs) – You crawl in through the debris and make your way up to the ancient altar. – She’s too dumb to care. – Where the holy symbol
might have one time been, it’s been pried off, it’s gone. There is a wooden icon at
the back wall of Sarenrae, but it looks like someone
slashed at it with a sword. It’s kind of ruined. It looks like this place was
probably looted forever ago, and then just fell into ruin after everyone abandoned it. – Mean! – The only thing you find here after you kind of look around the altar is there is one candlestick that was, looks like the holder,
right the candle holder, was probably some precious
metal, and that’s gone, but knocked down behind it, you find a candle. And I mean, it’s a nub of a candle. It’s like this big. There’s this much candle left. And an old kind of wet, moldy wick. – I’ll take it, and oh it’s precious. – Okay. – I’m going to take one of my
newer candles from my pack. – Okay. – I’m gonna put the old one
away, I want to keep that one. Gonna take a new one,
gonna go to the altar and just sort of smash it down and then do just a
short pbth burning hands to set it on fire. Just a little pbth, and
then I also want to– – What was the noise that made again? – A little pbth.
– All right, got it. – Just a little one.
– I just wanted to check. – A fire, and then as
soon as that’s set ablaze I’m going to go back to that effigy of her that has been slashed, and I
want to cast light on that. I mean as much light without drawing too much of attention
here, where it once was. – You cast light upon it, and even here in the gloom and shadows you can kind of make out the carving it might
have at one time been. It was never the most
glorious shrine to Sarenrae. It looks like a simple place, a place of simple worship for those who had just come out of the darkness, because obviously this building was built way after Nidal became a
place of dark and shadow. As a matter of fact,
building a shrine here is kind of a real affront to the Nidalese. It’s kind of a– – Thumbing your nose at them. – Yeah, you’re kind of
thumbing your nose at Nidal by putting a shrine here, so it’s also no surprise that the place has been sacked. But, you know that’s somehow
how Sarenrae does, right? Boldness is part of her faith. There is no room for being, you know, afraid to face the darkness. – It’s true. – Are you done in there? – Yes, sorry. Yes, sorry, I just had to, yep. It’s fine, yep. Then she crawls right back out. – Help you out.
– Thank you. – And as I’m doing it, I’m
just leaning against the wall being like your god loves you. (all awwing) – I love her. – All right. Lys kind of casts a look
back over their shoulder at the light on the horizon behind them and is like, are we ready? – I kiss the door real
fast, then I go okay! – Let’s go. – So it’s approaching noon. You’re getting close to the border. The sun is just getting up overhead, which means it’s just about
to pass over the clouds that you are about to enter, so you’re kind of at that dividing line where the next steps forward
will be into the shadow, and the sun will not find you again. – Just stop everybody at the border. Look down, no shadows. – Oh, that’s good I guess. – Soak it in while you can. Sometimes they detach. – So, I’m assuming you
are true to your word and let the horses go. – Oh yeah.
– Yes. – Yes!
– They do not deserve to go in there. That is horrible existence for a horse. – As you get to that point and you kind of untether the horses and get off of them, you notice that a trio of ravens have suddenly, I mean appeared is, they flew, they’ve been tracking you. They didn’t just pop into existence. (all cawing) Yeah. (all laughing) Caw.
– Feathers go flying. – No, no, they’ve been tracking you but they’ve been keeping a distance. But now you can see them up
on top of the old shrine, looking down at the horses
as they kind of stomp around and graze for a little bit, and then the first
raven kind of comes down at the horse that’s in the back and kind of caws wildly and
kind of nips at the horse and it starts running. And one by one, the ravens
kind of herd the horses. They’re not doing a great job. It doesn’t look like they’re leading them down an exact path, but they’re certainly getting
them away from the border. – Horses know their way
home, they’ll be fine. – You take–
– Shall we? – One last look back,
before making your way into the Umbral Basin. Looking forward, you see storms. It looks like it’s raining up ahead, but you don’t hear any sound of rain. – Wasn’t it raining ash in the vision? – Yes. – Looking back, back into Molthune, you see the horses riding off. Somewhere far off in the distance, as you all stand there looking, you see a lone rider behind you. – I would do my keen eye,
see I have very keen eyes. – Way too far away. – Damn it. – Riding toward us from the light side? – Yeah, coming from Molthune, yeah. – Could be an assassin. – Let’s go.
– Yeah. – And mind you, must be
10 to 15 miles behind you. This isn’t dense forest land out here. There are trees and stuff, but you can see a good long distance and along the same trail, you see a lone rider, a lone dark shape slowly following up behind you. – Wait, Tariel. – There is only one of them, and they’re not attempting to hide. And if there is only one, then perhaps we should take care of
it here, if it is danger. – It’s going to take a while
to get here from that far away. We should just go ahead and go inside. We’re already losing time. – What if it is important news? – What if it’s the lord of the ravens? – Yes. – Or what if it’s that pale man
that has been following you? – It would take, you would
lose the rest of today if you tried to sit here and wait for this figure to follow up to you. – This isn’t–
– Maybe not. – I think if they’re out to find us, then they will find us. And if they don’t find us, then maybe that is all
the better at this point. We are only leading
them into danger anyway. – Yes. – Okay. – All right. You take your first steps into Nidal. Marching into this land, it’s like kind of entering
a different place. It seems strange that only two days ago you were in Doommark. A few days before that,
you were in Canorate, enjoying your feathered pillows, but here you are stepping
into darkness and shadow, moving into the gloom. It takes a while for
your eyes to fully adjust to this place. At first, everything seems too flat, because there just isn’t bright light. There isn’t darkness. It’s just gloom everywhere, and it makes everything seem kind of flat. Distance is hard to gauge, and it becomes very difficult to navigate. First of all, where is the sun? You have no idea anymore. So if you get turned around in here, you just wander in the wrong direction. There’s no way to identify. There’s no stars to see,
there’s no sun to set your path. There’s no moon, there’s no nothing. It’s just gloom. – Merde, merde. Okay I can do this, I can do this. I can do this. – You can do this. – You remember that
one thing that you used that helped us? – Wanderer’s guide? – You don’t have to worry if you don’t have it
prepared today, it’s fine. – I don’t, I’m sorry. – We might want to think about it for– – Tomorrow?
– Yes. I will do the best that I can today, but I don’t know if I
can get us through this without a little bit of help. – Well let’s try, it’s the best we can do. – You make your way into the
area known as the Umbral Basin. A few hours pass as you kind of draw further and further
away from the border, and after about two hours,
the border’s gone from you. And you should be able to
see it, but no, no it’s gone. It just vanishes. There’s some sort of,
it’s almost like a fog that’s just rolling through this place and thick, dense clouds. At points, it kind of
swirls down upon you, like almost as if it’s moving, being driven at you, and you find yourselves as a group kind of just consumed by this dark fog. And for a moment you kind of can only, despite being only a few
feet away from each other, you can almost not even see each other. You can only call out and see
vague shapes in the darkness. – I stop us the first
time that that happens, and I take out the rope from my pack and I tie it around all of our waists. – Yes.
– Ooh, good idea. – I’m also gonna grab someone’s hand, just because I want to
hold someone’s hand. – That will definitely
keep you all together. However, should you end up in combat that means you are all kind
of grappled and immobilized. You can move a little bit
from your current space, but you won’t be able to go anywhere in a coordinated fashion,
just so you know. I mean, that certainly works. – If it means an extra
action to cut ourselves free, then it means an extra
action to cut ourselves free, but I am not losing you in this storm. – We could just do what
they do with schoolchildren, which is the first person holds the rope. We all just hold it in our hand. – That’s true, we don’t have to tie it. – So that way we can just drop it. – That works too, either way. Everybody hold on, don’t let go. – I like that. – Okay, it’s either that
or the buddy system. – Does the low light vision help? – A little. It lets you see a bit
further in this gloom, but not a lot. Any light sources you have with you also seem very dim. They just don’t seem
to illuminate very far. This whole place really
doesn’t seem to like light. – This is a wretched place. I don’t like it at all. – I’m going to take the other flame out just because I want to have the fire. – You draw it out, and the
flames kick on as they always do, but they seem so pale and thin here. I mean it works, but it doesn’t
really illuminate very much. – That’s okay, I just wanted to see it. – All right.
– Long as it’s there. – So, you journey like this
for the rest of the day, and it’s hard going. It doesn’t feel like you’re
making good progress. Who is leading you? Is that Lys? – For at least an hour, I
was definitely leading us using my goggles of
night to see in the dark. – And I’ll take second watch. Quiet coat of darkness. – I’ve got low light vision, so. – As do three of us, yeah. – Okay. But as you were being navigated through, was it Lys that was guiding the way? – It would have been me, yeah. – So can I get them to roll
a survival check please? – I feel like this is super important. – Who’s nicest today? – I love the dice choice. – I’m gonna try not to
spend too much time on it ’cause I know it eats up a lot. That is going to be a 28. – 28’s pretty good. You’re able to kind of keep
your bearing, you think. I mean, and once again I say you think. So the thought here is you’re in a valley, so if you kind of stay
at the lowest point, at least that goes in the
direction you need it to go. If you start rising up, that means you’re heading
up into a mountain. It’s not an easy thing to do, because the valley floor isn’t
exactly just low and level. But it is at least a guiding path that gets you kind of going in
the direction you need to go. So, with that you travel for a few hours heading in that direction. Eventually it starts to get even darker, like if this place has a day and a night, you may have just found it. But it doesn’t really tell you too much. It’s not that dark, but it is darker. – Like a weird dusk? – Yeah, it’s gotten,
it’s clearly gotten dark and you’re all starting to get tired, and navigating now is almost impossible. Everything is really hard to see, but it’s still not black. It’s still dark shadow. – I’d like to, Ikyulys pulls
out the ever burning torch. – Yeah, that lights up
an area around five feet, 10 feet around it, especially here. And when one of those
clouds moves through, it just, it doesn’t do anything. – I guess if we are feeling tired and it’s so dark that we
can’t really navigate anymore, I don’t know that we have much of a choice but to sit down and take a rest. – Is there a place that we can
sort of position ourselves– – Like any kind of shelter or? – You’re in amongst rocks, really. You’re literally in a mountain valley. There isn’t a lot of
plants and trees here. There isn’t much in the way
of overhangs or shelter, and to top it off, the rocks here all seem sharp and grating. It’s just an unpleasant place, and as you are kind of stopped to look around, you hear some weird howl off in the mountains somewhere. – How far away does it sound? – It’s hard to say. Out here the sound is weird too. Even your voices sound
really flat and kind of tinny when you talk to each other, like this place eats up sound as well. It’s not super close nearby, but it does sound like some sort of yowl. – I want to find an outcropping of rock that we can put at our back. – Okay. – So that if anything does come up on us, it will come up from our front so we’ll be able to see it. – We also need to look for
the three trees that are– – Yes, I don’t think that
we are going to find it in this current situation, but I’ve been keeping my eyes out for it. – Before we take a rest, in front of us I’m going to put an alarm down. – Okay. So you gather yourselves
up against a rock. You spend a little bit
of time finding a boulder that you can at least put your back to. And you all kind of bed down. I’m assuming you didn’t bring heavy tents and stuff like that with you. – Only what was given to us, and we probably would have only taken what we could carry from that. – Yeah, the easiest things to carry would just be like bedrolls and stuff. You could carry the tents, but it will load you down. – What about even in my bag of holding? – You could pack some in there
if you wanna bring tents. – Yeah. – The lord of raven gave us some. – A watch though? – Yeah.
– Oh definitely. – For sure, definitely a watch. – It’s either that or
leave them on the horses, ’cause the horses had saddlebags that I’m assuming you left on the horses. You didn’t bring the saddlebags with you. – Not the saddlebags. – But we do have the bag of holding, so we could have put at least one tent. – Yes, one’s good. – One is fine if we’re going
to be doing a rotating watch. I’m no good at this time of the day, so I think I might have
to take last watch. – I can take first. – I’ll take second watch. – I’ll do third, middle of the night. – I’ll do fourth. – All right. You divide up your time, and break out some hard tack and what not and try and get some rest. This place is unnatural. Every time you kind of doze off, you hear some weird noise somewhere in the canyon, and it seems at first oddly distant but then it sounds like there’s a rock falling down the mountainside, and at first it sounds kind
of thunderous and a boom, and then as it gets
closer it just sounds like something about the size
of a head or something. Something about this big
tumbling down the mountain, and then you just hear it kind of clatter. Probably not very far away, and it’s just, it messes with you. You can’t quite make out where it is, or where it’s coming from. There are these strange calls. They’re like, they sound almost like, the best way to describe
’em is like a yowl. – Does it sound like that is happening in any kind of a pattern? Maybe they are calling to each other? – I mean maybe, but there’s
no rhyme or reason to it. It’s not like you get two and then one, or anything like that. If it’s anything, it’s the
standard calls of creatures calling out to each other, right? – Wanted to check. – Just like kind of how
animal make noises, right? You begin to have watch. Who’s on third watch again? – That would be me. Ax in hand. Cross-legged at the front of the tent with just my head out. – I’m sleeping holding the
Everflame, like always. – You’re at the kind of edge of the tent, kind of just sitting at the edge with the flap open so you can see out. It does limit your view, but you know you have the
rock wall to one side, so at least it’s helping you on that. About 15 minutes ago, you heard
another one of these yowls. – Closer? – Yeah it seemed kind of close, but not right on top of you. It just kind of seemed kind of echoing in the canyon above you. – Above?
– Mhmm. But like I said, you’re in a cavern, or not a cavern, a canyon. – Sure. Okay. Well then when I heard one
that was closer, from above, I’m going to get out of the tent. Not too far, but start sort of
inching my way up the boulder to see if I can see any
movement coming from the rocks that we’re up against. – You inch your way out of the tent, and look up at the boulder. And there, at the top of the boulder, you’re like, was the boulder that shape? And then you’re like, oh
no it’s not that shape. It just moved. There is a dark form
perched atop the boulder, and just as you kind of spot it, it leaps down at you. The thing that emerges out of the shadow looks like a mountain lion,
but it is entirely gray and as it leaps out, you can see streaming out of its mouth this shadow, and its eyes are just black orbs and it snarls and yowls at you as it leaps down to attack. And can I get everyone to roll initiative. – As that’s happening, you’re rolling initiative ’cause I yelled, we’ve got company! Ayalah! – The yowl that close gave
it away entirely, but. Go ahead. – Oh y’all had woken up? – Yeah I just, oh. All right. – Yes, okay, okay. That’s not bad. That’s probably the
best I’ve rolled so far. – Me too. – Really?
– Yeah. – Pathetic, we are. – It’s pretty bad. – All right. Linneus, what have you got? – 25. – 25, very good. Tariel, what have you got? – 23. – Lys? – 20. – Omelette.
– 24. – Ikyulys. – The champion is back, baby. 26! (all cheering) – Wow, we ended up with a 26, a 25, a 24, and a 23, all right. – Awesome. – Well, that makes it simple. Okay. So, Ikyulys. So here’s the thing. Everyone who is asleep, you are woken up by this, but here on this first round, you are going to lose two actions as you kind of one, just to wake up. You just need to be like, what the hell? And gather your senses, and then obviously at that point in time you’re still prone, you’re in a tent. Getting up, and getting out of the tent is gonna be at least one more action. – I figured I wouldn’t have time for a battle cry in this moment. – Yeah. – You wake up screaming.
– Wah! – Yawn in the morning. – Let’s go! – So I’m gonna start with Ikyulys, but yeah you’re down a little bit. – Okay. So I’ve already, there’s
two actions spent out the– – Yeah, and that’s just
to get out of the tent with weapon in hand. You’re not wearing armor, by the way. You wear heavy armor. You can’t sleep in that. – Oh my god. – So your AC is down a bit. (intense music) – Of course. That’s a 19. – Okay. Well, to set the scene, you come out of the tent and there is this shadowy mountain lion right in the middle of the camp. It is right in front of you. You swing once at it. You kind of burst out of your tent and just swing. But that does not manage to hit. Linneus? – Running out. – Okay, so you are now
down to just one action. – How far away am I from
Omelette and the beasty cat? – Outside of your tent, it’s like 10 feet away. – Okay, I’m just going to, oh. I’m going to pull out
my wand, and that’s it. – Okay. – Have to unsheathe it, get it
out of the little wand case. – That would be it. Omelette? You are fully armed and are– – Yeah, ’cause I was–
– ‘Cause you’re on watch. – Well, I’m swinging. – Okay.
– This thing came at me. – It is right on top of you. – Like on top of me, or– – No, no, no, it’s just right next to you. – I didn’t know if it
had literally pounced– – No, it tried but it
landed just short of you. – Ha! (dice rattles) 29. – I, 29! Will hit, yeah, cleanly. – Nice. – Oh, let me see if it’s a hit actually. Yeah, that hits. It’s kind of hard to see. – It’s hard to see? – Yeah, the smoke that pours out of it makes it kind of indistinct and concealed. – And it’s black with black eyes? – Yeah. Well it’s gray. – Dark vision. Dark vision doesn’t help at all. – Nope. – All right. Well, if I can’t see you
very well, maybe they can. Rage. – All right. So you kick in rage. (suspenseful music) And it takes a second. – Check the stone is there. – It’s there, and just as
you are like what’s going on? It envelops you. – Oh, sleepin’ on the job, are we? Guess I was on watch for all of us. (all chuckle) Oh, bleh! – She can sleep from their eyes. – 16, and I’m going to
make this positive damage. I’m setting positive, but it’s evil. – A 16 to hit? – No no. – Oh that’s right yeah, sorry. You had a clean hit, sorry 16 damage. Okay, yeah absolutely. It takes 16 damage.
– Okay. When I hit it, with
the ghostly rune on it, the ghost touch, does it do the same thing that the dreams one did? – No.
– Does it become more solid? – Nope. – Okay. – No when you hit it, it
is a fully solid creature. It’s just surrounded
and cloaked by shadow. – Whoa. – Freaky. – That’s, took the words
right out of my mouth. No, that’ll be, five, 21? – A 21 will hit. Well maybe, let me check. No, you thought you hit it but you just swung through shadow. – Whoa! – That– – This one’s a smoky bitch! – That is the end of
Omelette’s turn, Tariel. Lost one action for sleep. – Yes. I’ll get up, grab my things and go outside. And with my last action, I guess I will cast inspire courage. – Very good. At this point, the shadow lions. – Lions? – Oh no. – There’s two more that
come padding into camp. – Of course.
– Jesus. – Do they set off my alarm? – Yes.
– Okay good! – Matter of fact, the first one did. – Well then I should– – No it did when it landed in the camp, which was the same time
when it yowled anyway, so it was its own alarm. – Me, the lion, and the alarm all made a noise at the exact same time. – Sounds like the beginning of a joke. – It does. – So, the one that’s on Omelette
is going to try and bite, and that is going to be on armor class 24. – Does not hit. – Yeah, you’re in armor. And then it’s going to
swipe at you with a claw. No, that’s not gonna do it either. And its last attack, no,
no, the penalty’s too big. So it does swipe at you a bunch of times, but it can’t seem to connect. – I can smoke too. – Yeah, yeah, just didn’t roll well enough on that first attack. The second one comes flying into the camp, and is going after, let’s see, can’t be Lys because
you’re still in a tent so it’s going to be Linneus. Comes charging up to you, armor class 28. – Oh yes. I suppose. – Ooh, and it gets pack attack. – What? – Yeah, when multiples are near each other they attack with more ferocity. So that’s going to be,
well that’s max damage. 18 points of damage. – Okay, okay, okay. – And then it grabs you. – Super. – So it has you grappled.
– Okay. – In its jaws. – Oh, all right. – And then the third one
is going after Ikyulys. In his non armor, oh boy. Armor class 30? – Hit, no crit. – No crit? Your AC is still above
20, even without armor? – Mhmm.
– Damn you! (all laughing) – He’s a buff boy.
– Strong boy. – Yeah. 17 points of damage, okay. And it is going to grab you as well. So, that is what they do. They all come in snarling and
howling and biting at you. Lys? – Right, so what I want to do is because I’m currently in the tent, I have some range on them, I believe yes? – You do, but you can’t
see any of them though. – That being said, I have hunter’s aim which means their concealed
condition does not affect me. – That is true, but right now you would have to fire
through the tent to hit them. – I don’t want to fire through the tent, I want to come up to the flap– – Oh okay.
– And shoot out from the door. – Yeah sure. – Don’t want to leave the site, the tent. – That’ll still cost you a little bit to kind of get in position, ’cause you were laying there prone. – Right, that’s fine. Get my stuff, go to the lip of the tent. – You have one action after you’re ready. – I’m going set my hunt prey on the one that is currently
attacking Omelette. – Okay, top of the order. You hear a voice call out
from the mountain range above. Yes, yes my preciouses, kill them all! And then you hear words
echoing from above, and the world down around you, there is a blast of kind of gray flame. Can I get everyone to
roll me a reflex save? – Is this magic? – Yes. – If we’re, okay,
grappled, what does that? – That doesn’t change anything. – Okay, thank you! Are you, no take that! – Okay.
– Take it. – All right. – Okay, all right, okay I mean, okay. – You only get to spend one. – I know. – Okay, so I have something
new that I guess now would be a great time to mention because it’s a specific save that I have. I am now a master at reflex saves. – Okay. – So if I roll a success on this, it is a critical success
and I take no damage. – Okay. Yeah that is correct. – How does a natural 18 plus 17 do ya? – 35 means that you are not
taking anything from this. – Great. – Vision is gonna totally save you. What does everybody else have? – 27. – 27 is a success. – 21. – 21 is a failure.
– Okay. – Okay, I haven’t rolled yet. – All right. – I have a reaction to this. – Okay. – So I am surrounded by my ancestors. – Yeah. – And I am ancient bloated. – Oh, all right. – So I’m calling upon their
guidance and protection, and they’re pretty resistant to magic so I gain a plus one bonus to triggering saving
throws if they’re magic. – Okay, yep, great. – Thank goodness, 24. – 24 is a dead on success. Ikyulys? – This isn’t a mental effect. – Nope. – None of that’s gonna work for me. It’s gonna be a 22. – That’s going to fail. Those of you who fail take
23 points of cold damage. – Cold damage?
– Cold damage? – Okay. – If you don’t have anything resistant to cold or
anything, it’s just damage. Take hit point damage. So those of you who failed, take 23. Those who make, take 11, and Lys you take nothing. At the end of the round, a broiling darkness settles in as if it just kind of moved in on you. – The creature or just cold? – No, you don’t know. After that blast clears, darkness just kind of swells into the camp like a wall of shadow. You now are having a real hard time seeing anything around you. Ikyulys? – Okay. I’m going to, let’s see. I’ve still got the things on me. – Yep. – So I’ll smite evil.
– Yep. – I’m just gonna swing the sword. It’s going to be a 25. – A 25? A 25 will hit. – Perfect.
– I think. Let me see. Yes. – What is that roll? – I don’t know.
– Shadow. Not a fun one. – Gonna get the
retribution on top of that? So that’s gonna be a, so that’s gonna be 26. – 26, so that’s the weapon damage, that’s the retribution–
– Smite evil. – Smite.
– Inspire courage. – And inspire courage,
all right 26, all right. – Stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks! – Love it! Cool. – All right.
– Action one. – Yeah, no you had to smite evil. – That’s right. – Your first action, that was your second, you have one more. (dice rattles) – Ooh. That’s gonna be a 31. Is it minus five or 10? – Minus five.
– Five, so 26. – Misses. – Oh come on! Oh my god. – So, we’re still, since
you’re the first person to go after this darkness broiled on you, you can’t see any of your friends anymore. You can see this shadow cat just because it’s right next to you, but everybody else was
not right adjacent to you and you can’t see anything
anymore, except for that thing. Everything else around you is just broiling darkness and shadow. Linneus? – Going to spend all three of my actions. Does my healing font move up
to a four D10, or is it still– – Correct, it is four now because– – I’m going to do that. – You have fourth level spells. – Going to just explode my font. Need to steal this.
– Steal it. – Everything within 30
feet is going to take this, and I think everyone’s
in a 30 feet burst of me? – You think so the last time you saw them. – Okay, well you’ll let me know. Okay, so. 18 points of healing and damage. – 18.
– 18. – Well that would do damage if they were undead, but they’re not. So they heal instead. – Oh wow. – Oh my god.
– Oh wow. – Oh my god! – You gotta be kidding me. – It’s okay, I can fix it! – The darkness here is making it really incredibly disorienting. The rest of you are not even really sure what’s happening now. You can only hear cries in
the shadows and darkness. That was Linneus, Omelette. – That’s me. Okay, well– – And I should also
note, now that that cat is out of the bag, your positive damage isn’t doing anything to these
cats, no I’m afraid not. – Oh, that’s… – At least it’s still damage. Least you’re not healing them. – No, that’s the question though. Is it doing any damage to them? – No, no. Your ax hit still hurts them. It’s just the extra positive
damage isn’t hurting them because they’re living creatures. – Okay, so instead of three
damage it’s just doing the two. – Yeah.
– Okay. That’s okay! That’s not no damage. Okay, how tall, how high up is the gray flamy dude? – You can’t see him. – Oh I can’t see him.
– No. You heard a voice. There was a voice. For a minute there, you think
you might have seen something, but now this darkness
that has enveloped you, you can’t see anything. You’re pretty sure you knew
where he was coming from though. You could just disengage and
run off in that direction. – We have to get rid of the caster. – Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do, ’cause if he’s the one doing this and commanding them, it might make them easier to hit and us easier to see them. So I would like to disengage from the cat. Can I even see the cat still? – You’re right next to it, so you can see it while
you’re right next to it. – I see its wounds close
up, and I’m like nope! And I assume that that thing did it, so I disengage and I go to that, I know where the boulder was. I know where I am, and
where the boulder was so I go to the boulder and attempt to sort of high
jump onto it, or crawl. – Well so you make your way that way, and you spend your first
action moving that way, and you’re moving through darkness, so you’re not moving super fast. Dark vision isn’t
actually helping you here. – No, this is blackness. – Intangible. Yeah, it’s like you’re moving through an area of just
blackness and darkness. And you kind of stumble forward a bit. You get a little turned around, you end up finding a boulder and kind of crawling up around it. Give me a survival skill check. – A survival? – Yeah, I need you to
kind of give me a roll to see how well you
navigate this darkness. – Come on net 20. (dice rattle) – What have you got? – That would be a eight. – God. – I don’t love survival. – I know you don’t. That’s why I always go ahead of you. – You go wandering off into the darkness. At the end of your first action, you have not found anything. Would you like to spend another action? (eerie music) – Yeah. – What do you got? – I do it again. I mean I need to find– – Give me another survival
check as you wander further. – This is going to be terrible. It’s not a one, it looks like a one. – I was gonna say. – That one’s a 10. – Okay. You stumble around for a bit, and at the end of your second action, you still haven’t found anyone, and I do mean anyone. You haven’t found any cats,
you haven’t found any tents, you haven’t found any weird spellcasters. – Well I know I’m not going up. So this is wrong. Do I still hear people? – You can hear the sound of battle, but it sounds indistinct. You’re kind of having a hard time locating where it’s coming from. You’re pretty sure it’s over to your left, but you’re not sure. You’ve kind of been wandering
around the rock now for a bit. You’ve got one more action. – I’m wandering around the rock? – Well you went in that direction and there’s rocks in your way. You’re in a rocky valley, so you got to a rock and you were like, I
think it’s around this way and that didn’t get you to anyone. You can’t see much. – No, but I’m touching rock. – Absolutely. – I want to climb the rocks. – Sure, yeah, and you can
climb up on them too, right? But once again, you’re still not 100% sure where the sounds were coming from and you’re kind of just
trying to feel your way around a darkened area
that’s unfamiliar to you. – Sure, but up is better than around. – Sure, yeah, and that’s fine. You can climb up over the rock, but then you’re on a
different rocky escarpment and you make your way over that way trying to find the source of this caster, and you think you’re heading
in the right direction, but you just haven’t found him yet. – There’s literally
nothing else to be done but do it again. – Right, give me one more
survival check please. – 13. – 13. You begin making your way, and you think you’ve grown
closer back to the camp and the battle, but you don’t think you’re any closer to finding this mysterious figure
out in the darkness. – Better than being lost out
in the middle of nowhere. – Tariel? – Oh gosh, inspire courage. And then, oh. So we can’t see any of
these cats right now. – Unless one of them is attacking you, or you were attacking them, that means you were adjacent to them, otherwise you can’t see them. – I’m gonna try something. Dunno if it’s gonna work. – Okay. – Because of this magical darkness, but I’m gonna cast dancing lights. – So you cast dancing lights, and the globes of light
cut through the darkness. They don’t shine as
bright as you would hope, they feel diminished, but at least in the area right around
you the darkness is abated. This unfortunately isn’t
quite helping Omelette yet because Omelette has wandered
off into the darkness and isn’t in the radius anymore. However, that does do that and that’s two of your actions. – And I did inspire courage. – So, that is the end of Tariel’s turn. Next up are the shadow cats. Now, I had one that is facing
off now against Ikyulys, and it is going to swipe
at you with its jaws. Sorry, did it have you grabbed? – No. – No, that was–
– That’s Linneus. – It grabbed both of us. – No, I think it was just Linneus. – It didn’t grab me. – Well, I’ve gotcha now because that’s a hit. – Ah, what? – Yeah. – That’s a horrible reveal. – But I’ve gotcha now. – How about no? – Take 22 points of damage
as its jaws lock onto you. – There goes that healing you gave me. – And them. – And then it’s going to
rake at you with its claws now that you are flat-footed. Armor class 22. – Since I’m not wearing
armor, then it’s a hit. – Yeah. That’s gonna be a D8. Oh, I still get the pack attack. – Feels bad, man. – Nine, take 15. Oh, and it’s about the second action I should grab you, so that’s all three. The second one is on Linneus, and it already has you grappled so it’s just going to, it’s going to continue to bite at you. That is going to be a, let’s see, that’s a 25?
– Oh that just makes it. – Ikyulys applies liberating step. – Thank you.
– Okay. That will give you a free check
to break out of the grapple. – Ooh! – So, you can attempt an acrobatics check, an athletics check, or
just an unarmed attack. Your unarmed attack is not
gonna be a great option. – We’re gonna do acrobatics. – Acrobatics, right? – ‘Cause I’m surprisingly good at that. – Okay. – Okay, no. I mean, it’s a 16. – Okay, that’s not going to
be enough to break you free. And I’ll reduce the damage by nine so you’re only going to take eight. – Okay. – All right. Continues the grab, and
then is going to attempt to rake you with a claw. That’s going to hit as well, and that is going to be nine,
15 more points of damage as it rips and tears into you. – Super. – Right, so the final shadow cat that was fighting Omelette no longer has an Omelette to take a bite out of. So it’s going to look for a
different delicious snack, and it turns around and is
going to go after Tariel. – Oh no. – It spends an action to move up to you, it attempts to bite you with its jaws but that I think is going to be too low. I’m going to wager than
an 18 is going to miss. – Oh that’s way too low. – All right, so it bites at you but you nimbly dodge out of the way. Frustrated with this, it tries
to take a claw swipe at you but I roll a one. – Hoo-hoo! – All right. Well I guess that’s not gonna work. So the shadow cats have gone. They’re yowling and
pouncing around this place. These things are big, by the way. They’re like eight or nine feet long. These are like the size of
full grown mountain lions, but this gray and mottled color. They have striping on them a little bit, but it’s just patches of gray and they just kind of emit this smoke that makes it really hard to see. Lys, it is your turn. – I have my bow in one hand, so I don’t think I have to drop it. – No. – But it will probably get dropped anyway because I am going to
pull a potion from my pack and I am going to drink it, one two. – Okay. – And then Lyseopard is
going to make a visit. (all gasping) – That will–
– That for a cat? How about that? (all laughing) – Well that rhyme is just the
icing on the cake, all right. So you do probably drop the bow. – Mhmm, ’cause as I
begin to transform, yep. And I am going to attack the
cat that is after Tariel. – Okay, so you’re going
to need to move up to it so next round you’re going to be able to tear into this thing. – Gonna do it. – Dope! Love it. – I have not attacked a single time during this entire combat,
but I’m having a good time. – Top of the order. Omelette. You feel–
– Is it me? – Oh yeah, I know who goes
first as a player character. – He has it written down.
– Okay. – But there is someone
else who gets to go first. – Oh no!
– Oh no. – Oh no, mazel tov. – Oh this isn’t, this is, oh no, oh dear. – You hear a kind of hahaha, yes, yes! Don’t kill them though, I
need their life essence! – Great. – Yes? – You then hear more shouts and calls in a language that’s incomprehensible. Omelette.
– Yes? – You feel a befuddlement
taking over your mind. You are starting to lose your senses. You’re starting to become confused about which direction
to go and what to do. Can you give me a will save? – This is more magic! – It is. – Ancient blood, I don’t feel. I’m befuddled. – Okay.
– Unfuddle me. Plus one to my will. Net 20!
(all shouting) – Haha sir! – Well that’s going to
be a critical success, so I guess I don’t have to
worry about that anymore. – Ha! – Put that away. – Oh wow. – You hear a voice call
up from above, blast! (all laughing) Ikyulys, it is your turn. – Okay. Still got the cat on me. I’m going to smite evil. – Okay. (dramatic music) – Yeah, I’m just gonna swing at him. (dice rattles) That’ll work. That’s gonna be a 33. – A 33 on the cat that has
been battered and healed and battered some more. A 33 is a critical hit.
– Yay! – Yeah!
– Very nice! – Please take it down. – All right. Plus it hit me, so it’s gonna
get the retribution too. – Yep, so add your bonus
of a full total of 10 and then double it. – That’s gonna be 28, so it’s 56. – 56 damage.
(whistles) Your blade–
– That’s nice. – That’s right. – Is about to slice right through it. Let me just check to see
whether or not it hits. Should’ve done this before the roll. I should’ve done this before
you rolled, I’m a monster. I’m a monster, but I need to check and see if you miss. That’s gonna hit, all right. (all shouting) All right.
– I can’t take it. – I’m just an impartial arbiter of rules. It is my job to make sure that they are followed evenly and fairly. – So much benevolence. – So I guess you hit. All right. 16, 17. Your blade, you just slam your blade into the back of this cat, and you hear bone crunch and break. It yowls and falls over dead. – Yes! – That one has perished. The other two, however,
look entirely unhurt. That was your first and
second action, Ikyulys. You only have one remaining. – Okay, and then there’s
the one that’s on Linneus. – Yeah, but you’re gonna have to move to get over to either one of ’em. – Can I flank the cat? – Yeah, you can move
into a flank, yeah sure. They’re pretty tightly
packed in here, yeah. All right, so you move into a flank. Linneus? – Yeah, here’s the thing. I’m terrified right now,
because I am in a lot of pain and I healed them. – They appreciated that, by the way. – I’m sure they did! Well now I’m gonna do a
lot of damage to them, because I’m going to call
down my divine wrath. – All right. – Choosing good to hurt evil. I’m assuming that helps. – You’ll have to make
what is it, a forte break? – Fortitude. I need to steal another. – First one’s going to fail, second one– – Excellent.
– Gonna fail. – Oh also second, is our friend within this 40 foot burst? – No.
– Okay, well that’s fine. So, no that’s just a one. – I got really excited. – I know, so did I! I saw the 10. Eight, nine, 10, 13. – 13?
– Aren’t they also sick? – Yeah, but they’re also sick. – And they’re flanked, right? – They’re sick one.
– Yep. – And then with my last action, I’m just gonna try and
desperately wriggle free. – Okay, gonna try and break the grapple? Go ahead and make me that roll. Need an acrobatics check again. You try and wiggle free, but fail to get out of its strong jaws. Actually, you know what, and once again I have to be on the fair and up and up to cast a spell while grappled I need you to make me a flat check. It is DC5. – Take it, I don’t care! It was a three, that’s a 10! – All right, the spell goes off. Okay, so! – He can’t say I didn’t make the rules, ’cause he did make the rules. (all laughing) – Oh yeah. I’m pretty sure I can blame this one on Mark or Logan back in the office, okay! – Going in the box. Close the box. I’m not using that dice again. – It’s fine. That was Linneus, Omelette. You’re still kind of up in the darkness. – Here’s three survival
dice, rolling all at once! – Do me a favor and
roll them one at a time, just because if you succeed, then you don’t need to
spend the other two to– – Good point. – And we would need them in order. – Okay, rapid fire. No! (all laughing) – Ooh. – No! (all laughing) No! Running around in the dark. – Oh my god.
– Next! – Omelette, you hear
vague cursing in Dwarven from somewhere up in the darkness. You’re not sure where– – It’s not vague, it’s pointed. – I will say this, by your third action you come out of whatever
sphere of darkness you were in. It was very large, and part
of a large cloud of darkness that broiled in on the camp. But you make it out of it, and at the very end of your turn you can kind of scan around. – Where the hell am I? – You can definitely
see the area of darkness where your friends are. Unfortunately, they’re
in a bubble of light inside the larger bubble of darkness, so you can’t see that. But, looking around up the hillside you can spot this kind of
crazed, gaunt, human man perched up on the rocks kind
of down on his haunches. (Jason cackles) Throwing spells. He’s wearing like tattered rags and robes, and he’s got this staff and he’s so gaunt you
can see all of his bones through his body and he’s
cackling and laughing and he’s missing most of his teeth. – Coming for ya. – Probably got pretty bad scurvy. They don’t get much citrus here. All right, so. That was Omelette, Tariel. – So I have a cat on me, yes? – Yes. – Well, inspire courage. I wanna keep that up. I’m going to cast telekinetic projectile, so I’m gonna pick up like a rock. – There’s plenty of them! – And I’m gonna slam it into this cat. – Do it! – Ooh, that’s nice, that’s real nice. That is a 19 plus 15, so that is a 34. – Crit.
– Yay! – Get it, get it! – And so now that I’m fourth level, this is gonna be 46. (dice rattle) – Ooh, that’s bad for me. – That is–
– Poor kitty. – Bad shadow kitty! – Well, 16, 17. – And that will apply,
’cause this is an attack. – Times two, so 34 points of damage to this cat in front of me. – Plus one attack, hold on. Failed it. – Oh man. – Oh yes, shadow consumant. Fun for everyone, okay! So, that was all three
of Tariel’s actions. The cats go. The first one has Linneus grappled. It’s going to attempt to
bite you with its jaws to continue the grapple. Armor class 20. – No! – It’s gonna work. If it doesn’t get you with the second one, it may end up releasing you
at the end of the round. Armor class 23.
– No! – Get wrecked. – Get wrecked kitty cat! – It’s gonna try and
hit you with a claw, 20. – No! – Natural 20. Yeah, this is just a claw though. But it may not even be a, I
don’t think it’s a crit though. – Why? – ‘Cause I think it’s only a 23, which is a miss, but because I rolled a 20
it’ll get bumped up to a hit, so it still hits you,
it just doesn’t crit. – Oh I get it, oh okay. – That’s how that works, okay. So not quite as much damage. – That’s good, oh!
– 10, 16 points of damage. Pretty rare that that
roll comes into play, but that’s how that works, all right. That was the first one. The second one is fighting Tariel. – Yeah. – Although Ikyulys is up there as well. It hasn’t really paid
any attention to you. – Well I’m on the one with Linneus. – Oh you’re on the one with Linneus, yeah. That one hasn’t paid any
attention to you yet. The one on Tariel is going
to attempt to bite you with its jaws, and I
swear this die rolls well until I’m attacking Tariel. And then it’s like, no. – They like me too much. – A two, really? – That’s what you get.
– Really, really? I’m aiming a claw at ya. Okay, forget it. Fine, it’s fine, the cat
looks really frustrated. (Jason mews) And just can’t–
– And just, bad kitty! – Can’t, oh yeah.
– Bad, down! – And out of the sidelines– – Lys. – I move my hunt prey to that cat. – Okay. – And then I bite it.
– Okay. – Yes! – That is going to be 28. – A 28? Will hit. – Will it? – Oh, look at you reminding me in advance so that I don’t spoil the fun later. It does.
– Yay. All right, nope that’s not the right one. – We’ve reached that
point where the players are calling me out on rolls. – It would’ve been 29, I don’t know if that makes a different, but you know. – No, it doesn’t change it. – All right, cool. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11. – 11 points of damage? – Yep.
– All right. – And then I have my claw attack. Which probably won’t hit. That’s only a 16. – No, that will not. – All right.
– All right. You snarl and bite at the beast. It turns its attention to you, but that is the end of your turn. Top of the order. Crazed, crazed wizard up in the mountains sees you emerge from the darkness and is like, ah! And says, ah well, I’ll let
the cats deal with them. You’re mine! And he kind of waves his hands around and unleashes from his fingertips– – Boo. – Nine magic missiles. – Whoa!
– Oh my god! – Omelette has a horrible
flashback of being in a shop and almost buying a shield that protects against this very thing, and thought, what are the odds
that would ever be necessary? – Oh no, oh no! – Sorry, it’s gonna take me a minute to add up all these dice. – Yeah. – You can’t kill Omelette twice. – Watch him! – Don’t give him any ideas. – Yeah. – Oh have you taken damage? – No, you healed. – Take 32 points of
damage as these missiles just hammer home, one after another. – Feel like it could have been worse. – What’s that? – I said it could have been worse, right? – It could’ve been. – To be fair, I’m just back down to the health I got before I leveled up. – Ah, that’s nice. – Well that, he’s like haha! And sees that you aren’t stopped by it, and he’s like oh, well all right. And then he moves his hands, oh actually that was all
three of his actions. He doesn’t move his hands anywhere. Ikyulys, it is your turn. – All right, smite evil against
the cat that’s on Linneus. – Help me.
– Okay. – I should make it known,
she’s looking very bad. – You are. – Yep. – Okay. Lay on hands. – That’s why I thank you! – Lay on hands after the smite, so that’s my last action. – So you smite, attack,
and then lay on hands. – Yeah I guess, or whatever
order that needs to be. Yeah. I got you.
– Thank you. – Okay. 27. – 27 is a hit. – Mm, mm, mm, mm! – No retribution, but– – Do you have to, is
there a check on that? – Oh yeah sorry, thanks everybody. Look at me, I keep forgetting that. Nope. – Perfect. Nope for me? – No attack, missed. – Why did we remind him? – ‘Cause we’re nice heroes. – That deserves hero points. – Listen. – Do you wanna see– – No I’m not doing that again. The last time I did that,
that came back to bite me. – I’m helping you. Do you wanna see how much health I have, and I’m helping you? – I don’t wanna see how
much health you have. – Well now you have 24 extra points. – Thank you! ‘Cause I was at 13. – No I don’t wanna see
how much health you have. That’ll make me feel bad. – You said 24? Feel bad! Do you wanna see it? There’s the number! – No, not looking, I refuse. – Think he has feelings? – No. No, I buried those away long ago as part of the rites of
becoming a game designer. Linneus, it is your turn. – Thank you. Well I just realized that
I have this fun thing called battle medicine which is just a single action, and I also have assurance medicine so I can heal myself in
battle for one action. – You can. – Guess what I’m gonna do, that! Are you kidding me? – That is undoubtedly a manipulate action. Can you go ahead and bounce
me a D20 to see if it, oh wait no I failed my
grapple, never mind. I’m not grappling you anymore. Yep, yep. – No!
– Geez. – Okay so I’ll do that later. Okay, with my last two actions– – Not my day. – Not your day? Listen, buster! (all laughing) Can I see, this is so dumb of me. Can I see the magic user on the boulder? – Nope. – Okay, cool. Then I’m just gonna cast
light on my breastplate. – Okay. That certainly will create a kind of bubble of light around you. It’s not much different
than the bubble of light from the dancing lights above you, but it will allow you to move
independently if you need to. – Do I blind the cat? – Is the cat affected at all by the light? – It’s right in its face. – He doesn’t seem to like that. They kinda (hisses) and both
of them kind of shy away a bit. – Good. – That was Linneus, Omelette. – My turn. – He’s about two moves away
from you across uneven ground. – Two moves? – Yeah, but it’s
difficult terrain up here. – Don’t matter for me. – Elven boots! – Also I’m a rock runner. This is my home. – No no. – He’s like– – Sudden charge that mother. – He’s like tapering around a bit. You’ll never get me, oh ah ah! (all laughing) – Just, boo! (all laughing) – Love it. – He looks rather shocked
at how quickly you made it. He’s like, what the? As you get up to him, he stinks. He smells like he hasn’t bathed in months. – I’ve smelled worse. (dice rattles) – Ooh yeah.
– Ah. (women giggle) – 33. – Yeah, that hits, that’s a crit. (all cheering) – Good specializations! Don’t forget those, don’t forget those! – You hear in the back of your head, finally you return to me. – No no, no no! – What’s her crit?
– What did you just say? – Oh nothing. – The ax whispered to you,
finally you return to me. – No! – Okay but, can I tell you
what this one is called? – But, yeah what is it? – Decapitation. (all shouting) – Yes! – Triple damage. A crit effect. You must make a fortitude
save, or instantly die. – Oh my god! – So this is going to use your class DC, so what’s your barbarian class DC? – For fortitude? – No, what’s your barbarian class DC? It’s beneath your ability scores. You don’t use this for almost anything, but it will be used for this. – My class DC? – Yeah. – 23. – 23, that’s what he has to roll. Can I spend a hero point!
– No! – You’re not a hero! – So basically– – Okay, I have like seven. – They’re not yours! Oh, what a horrifying image, just boo. You’ve returned to me. Shink! – Yeah, you slice his head right off. It goes bouncing down the mountainside. – That’s so hot, ooh! – Oh, but no one got
to see how good I was. – I felt it in my soul. I felt a dark light–
– I did, and so did every member of my family. – You were raging? – I was raging. – Yeah, your rage immediately ends. You are exhausted. Next turn. It is Tariel’s turn. You have no idea why that
happened, your rage just ended. Tariel? – Does the darkness disappear or anything? – No. – Okay. Well I’ll just get back to this cat. Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh. (all laughing) And then I’m gonna telekinetic projectile. – Oh that’s real good. – At this cat again. – Okay. – For a (slurps) 32. – That’s a crit, and it hits. I have to double check. (dice rattles)
(all laughing) – Okay. – We were rolling so poorly before. – 22 doubled, 44 yeah, including it. – 44? – Yes. – Yeah, that’s the end of that guy. The piece of rock slams
right into its head. It yowls, spins away, and
falls into the dust, dead. – Nice. – Oh boy. – Who’s left, just the cat? – Just the one cat that seems focused upon making a meal out of Linneus. – I’ll take care of it, blind
yourself on my breastplate! – It does look like
it’s squinting in that, and as a result, its
first bite attack misses. – Oho! – Tries again. No. – Sarenrae is watching you! Come for me! – And you know what, with its third action it’s gonna bolt. – No.
– It goes running. – How far? Because I have something
that I’m gonna use on it that has quite a bit of
reach, within 120 feet. – Absolutely, so it moves 30 feet which puts it just at the
edge of the area of light that you have here, and then it’s half in,
half out of the light and into the darkness, but
that’s it for its turn. – Well.
– Lys. – Two action moves, fight. – Yep. – I don’t have hunt prey on this one, but I’ll try and take him out. – Sure. – That’s gonna be 26. – Oh that’s a hit. (all laughing) – That look. – I love it, I love it,
I love it, that hits. – Yay.
– Oh wow. – My concealment really
isn’t all that good, but you know it’s worth checking. – Not that good? Are you sure? – It’s paid off a couple times. – Not very high, seven? – Seven? But this one’s been hurt a little bit. All right. – That’s it. – Okay. It is still trying to bolt out of here. Let me take that marker
off, ’cause that guy doesn’t have, he lost his head. Ikyulys. – Now that I’m an expert
in short bow, how far? – So it’s about 40 feet
away from you or so. You could drop your sword, draw your bow. The drop would be free, draw
your bow for one action, and then fire with the other two. – All right, that’s what I’m gonna do. – All right, you drop your sword, draw your bow, and fire twice, go ahead. – Ooh yeah. That’s gonna be a 31. – That is a hit, and a crit. And I just confirmed it. – Weapon specialization and a deadly D10. – Yeah, don’t double the D10. – So that’s gonna be a 10, 12, 15. – 15 damage. All right, your arrow sinks into the cat. It is still up, and still
trying to bolt out of here but it looks very badly hurt. You do still have one
more arrow, go ahead. – And it misses.
– All right. The arrow goes clattering off the stone, bouncing away into the darkness. That was Ikyulys, Linneus. – Okay, provided this hits, do you know what time it is? – Is it searing light time? – Oh yes! Provided it hits, provided it hits. – My favorite time. – My favorite time too. 25.
– Hit. – Okay, all right. – And I already confirmed it, yeah. I rolled the die at the same time. Saving time. – Ah, fire damage! – Yay. – 18 fire damage. – It’s hard to tell what
happens after that moment, but the cat yowls, and
tumbles off into the darkness and you don’t hear anymore. – Okay. – Everything suddenly
grows quiet, Omelette. You’re up on the rock above you. The darkness that is enveloping
them slowly moves away. It looks like a cloud
that was kind of summoned and dropped down in the valley, but slowly it dissipates. It takes a little bit, but
the light sources remain after it slowly fades away. You’re up there on the rock, exhausted. Your rage ended for no reason. – Way too soon. – Omelette? – Where’s Omelette? – On the rock. – I take my stone out, and hold it up. Are they in there? – You look into the stone. – Yeah.
– Looks like a rock. – I’m up here! – Do you need help coming down? – No.
– Oh, of course no you don’t. – Dum dum dum dum, you
just see her boundin’ down, avoiding the blood trail
that the head landed. And she looks fine. – You okay? – Oh yeah, just got lost. The darkness, big. – What happened up there? – The other thing? – Oh, I got him. One swoop. By the way, do you mind doing another alignment
check on this thing? – Yeah of course, we’ll do another one. – Hey Lys is a cat, by the way. – Oh! – You remember, it happened once before. – Great.
– A while ago. – Doing cat things
around the legs kind of. – Oh thanks. That’s nice, that’s warm, sure. This thing is talkin’ to me. – Oh, if I do another detect alignment do you feel anything? – You don’t detect anything. – I don’t like it. – Well, what’s it saying? – Well, remember how I said
it’s got sort of a kink in it? – Yeah. – Well, that teeny kink may be that, well it seems to really like every time that I hit something. You know, it’s like in its blood. And then up there, on the cliff, a lot’s happening, I feel awful. It’s okay, it happens every time just usually not this quick. I have time to prepare
usually for the weight of everyone. But when I was up there, it said something along the lines of it’s coming back, what exactly did it say? – The words are lost to you. – I don’t know, just that it, maybe I’m taking it back
to its master or something. – Ooh. – You may want to, exactly. – You may not want to use that as much. Maybe only when necessary, because it does deal a
great amount of damage, but I have a feeling it comes at a cost. – I don’t know what the cost is. – I know, and that’s scary. Before going to sleep, I would like to spend
some time with that book. – Okay, you can start spending
some time with the book, the holy book of Zon-Kuthon. – Is anything about this mentioned at all? But also just memorizing
prayers and things to make us blend in. – Are there any symbols to identify for maybe helping in the
book of identifying it? – No. – Check if there’s
anything about sky souls. – Oh I’ll look. – Thanks. I sheathe it. – You return back to your
camp, and all try and get some unsteady rest. Linneus in the morning,
after your morning prayers, you do turn to the book because you still need
more sleep this night. – Yes. – And to be honest, this
book is not exactly filled with bedtime stories. You hold off on that, and the next morning as everyone’s preparing you do start looking through the book
and trying to find answers. – Ikyulys puts the armor back on, so I’m not gonna do that again. – You don’t find any
mention of an ax in there. This book is filled with hymns
and litanies and aphorisms about the midnight lord, about Zon-Kuthon. The book itself is bound in a chain, and to open it you have
to unwrap the book, the chain from around the book, and the chain itself is
bound into the spine. So the chains were kind
of wrapped around it. And its like edge of a cover is covered in razor sharp metal. This thing is a dangerous
book to even open and use. Opening it, you ended up with
cuts all over your fingers just getting it open. – Gross, okay. Going to stop memorizing. – All right. You continue the next day traveling through the Umbral Basin. The journey is slow going. You to be honest, don’t
always find the right way. You find, even with expert navigation, even with kind of seeking
out the right direction, you find that you are in
dead ends and blind alleys kind of all the time, and have to double back
and take a different path. The problem is you can’t get
a good distance view in here. There’s too many of these dark storms that are rolling through this basin. It makes it impossible
to navigate with ease. You have to make educated guesses, and hope they turn out for the best. They do with some
frequency, but not always. – I hate this place. I have never had such a difficult
time navigating anywhere. Have I seen anything that looks
like three trees on a rock? – No, no as a matter of fact all the trees you’ve seen here are dead. And you certainly haven’t
seen three of them. – Fully sucks. – What could this vision have been? I don’t understand if we can’t
find these three trees then– – Maybe one path we were on, it would’ve led us that way, but lots has happened. – That’s true. – You continue making your way, and as you’re having this conversation you’re kind of in this
narrow ravine kind of area. It’s like the ground that you’re in is led between these kind
of giant pillars of rock, and you’re kind of threading
your way through them. In some cases, single file. Who would be in the lead, Lys? You’re kind of making your way forward, and the rest of the group behind you, and up ahead, just as you’re
narrowing through this and you just literally
had this discussion. You get through this ravine, and up ahead you see what looks like a rock on the side of the mountain. You usually can never see very far here. At most, 100 feet or 200 feet and then it’s shadow and darkness. And up ahead on kind of the ridge line, you see what you’re seeking. A boulder with what looks like the stunted, dead trunks of three trees that once grew around it. Their root bases kind of
tied and wrapped around it. It looks like the soil eroded away, leaving nothing but these dead
trees anchored to this rock. – Everybody, don’t look now. I think we’ve found our allies. – Oh, forget everything I
just said about an hour ago. – She did not lie. – And as you are standing there, there’s this rumble. Boom. Boom. Boom. – Omelette, was that you? – Boom.
– No, I ate. – And you’re in these
narrow canyons of rock, and they’re about maybe 15, 20 feet tall, and little pebbles fall from above as there’s a vibration and a shake. – Can I see anything? – Up ahead you don’t see anything. – Can I see anything behind us? – You look behind and
you see your companions. – To the sides? – You kind of start looking up. And that’s when you see it. Stepping over this area is a gigantic form. Must be 15, 20 feet tall, walking across the top of these pillars. They are dense and tall,
and if you were up above and were big enough, you could almost just use them as a causeway. But there is some sort of lumbering, dusk-skinned giant. (woman whimpers) His skin looks like the color of old ash, and he walks along, and he has this giant stone club slung over his shoulder, and as he steps by you can see that the end of it is wrapped in chains, and at the end of those chains you see the skulls of like, there’s a skull of a cow, and an elk, and one of them just has a knot of chains filled with human skulls and it’s just like a
giant flail of skulls. And he’s just stomping overhead. And it’s just causing
everything around you to shake. What do you do? – Invisibility sphere. – That’s a good idea. – I mean. – The answer is no. – What? – He does not see you. – Oh okay. – Because Tariel immediately
begins casting a spell, and a moment later you are
all cloaked in invisibility. – Oh wow. – Underneath that boulder with the trees, is there an opening or anything– – Can’t see anything from here. It’s a little ways away. – Let’s go! – Can we move with this?
– Yeah, we can move. – So when you cast the spell, the giant who just kind
of stepped over, stops. (Jason grunts) And just kind of looks around. His face looks kind of
malformed and scarred. Part of his nose is gone, and he just kind of looks around. He doesn’t have much in the way of hair. It’s stringy and greasy, and he just kind of looks about. This guy is gigantic. Just kind of gazes down
in there and kind of, (Jason sniffs, grunts) and just kind of stomps forward, not seeing anything, he moves on. – Okay, we just have
to move really slowly. – Maybe wait until he’s,
well outside of earshot. There’s no reason to move now. We can wait until he’s gone. – Yes.
– Yes. – And then we’ve got to look for– – Then we have to stick
really close together. – That’s fine. – You all wait a few moments, and then cautiously begin to move forward. Where are you going? – The boulder. – Up towards the boulder, but I want to start looking around for any sort of possible entrance. – Okay. You begin climbing up
the side of the valley to make your way up towards
this strange boulder. And as you grow closer and closer to it, you notice that that ridge
line is kind of on the edge of a bit of a drop off, right? So not on the side you’re on, but on the other side there’s a bit of a drop off. It’s not a valley or anything like that. It’s nothing so grandiose. It’s more like just a
crack in the mountain, and it kind of leads down
into a bit of a shadowy cleft. I mean everything around here
is kind of a shadowy cleft, but this is more shadowy and
more clefty than the others. But you don’t really see
anything down that way. It just looks like darkness, but it is the only thing around here that doesn’t just look like rock. – I guess– – It did say to go below, right? – It definitely something underneath, so I guess we should
head in that direction. – Yes. – But keep an eye out, everyone. – You just sort of tap at
your shield on your back and maybe a little light? – Will that affect the invisibility? – Oh, uh. – How long does the invisibility last for? – 10 minutes. – 10 minutes, okay. You’ve burned through almost all of it by the time you get here. It takes you quite a bit to
navigate your way up here. – I think at this point
we’re probably okay. – Depending. – Yeah as long, I mean I can cast it two more times, but then that’s it. – Let me be at the front with you. – Of course. – Just so I can tell them
if these people are scared, then I can at least tell them that Sarenrae brought us to them. – That’s a great idea. – I want them to be calmed. – Right, let us go.
– Hopefully. – As you climb kind of up over the ridge, and down into it, the
invisibility sphere does end. It takes you almost 15 minutes
just to scramble down that, and as you make your way closer to it, you draw to, I don’t know, you’re making your way
back towards that cleft and maybe you’re about 40 feet away when from either side, the rocks suddenly kind of shift. And you hear a voice call out. Who the hell are you? – My name is Linneus, hello. I am here with my friends. We were sent here by Sarenrae. She gave me a prayer, and a vision, and well she rather spoke through me and told me to come here with my friends. – Standing up from the
middle of the rocky basin, you see a small diminutive form. Can you make me a
diplomacy check after that? – Sure. Come on man, okay? (dice rattle) In the box. I don’t have a coin.
– Oh you’re all out. Oh I’m sorry, all right. I thought that’s what
you were going for, nope. – It’s a 16. – A 16? – I’ve also cast light on my shield and I’ve been holding
it up in front of me. – Uh-huh. The form stands up. You see a halfling. – Please, we mean you no harm. – He stands up, and by standing up I mean his back is covered in,
you’re not sure what it is, but it looks like rock. So that when he was hunkered down, he just looked like part of the rock. And he kind of stands up with
this outlandish costume on, and as he’s doing that
there’s two or three others that are standing up, and they all have bows drawn. – We do not mean you any harm. – He’s like, that has to be the most ridiculous cover
story I’ve ever heard. – It is the truth. – What did she say? – She said three trees upon one stone shall light the way to the veil beneath. – He kind of laughs. You know, that’s just ridiculous, which is why I know it
can’t possibly be cultists. Hello, friends! Yeah, the cultists have
better cover stories than that, that was awful. – Sorry, but it’s the truth. I can show you later. I can try and read another omen. I’m not sure if it’s gonna work, but– – We are not as a general
rule very good at lying. Some of us better than others, but for the most part, not really. – I’m not good. – The halfling kind of looks at you, and he’s like, all right come on. Come on, come on, come on. We can’t stay out here. – Okay. – This place is not safe. I don’t know if you know that. Let’s get outta here. – We know, okay. – He takes you inside this cleft, and he goes down kind
of a shadowy corridor which kind of looks
like it just dead ends, and he walks up to the rock face and he kind of messes around
with some of the rocks, and as he does so, this kind
of piece of stone wall moves and he kind of goes up to it
and pushes it out of the way. He goes inside, and he unstraps, uhooks this kind of rock costume from himself and as he does so, it becomes clear it’s made out of papier
mache or something. It’s ridiculous. And he kind of sets it down, and he’s wearing a chain. He just kind of, right
this way to Undervale. – Oh! – And you see a halfling, this is him. This is a halfling, and he’s
like Undervale, right this way. I’m Landry Tethertine. – Landry, very lovely to meet you. As I said– – Do all halflings have
names that start with L? – He looks at you and he’s
like I don’t think so. There’s plenty of us here. Welcome, welcome. What on earth are you
doing in the Umbral Basin? – You are going to want
to sit down for this. – Wandering about here, and
as he’s escorting you down, he’s taking you down
into these warm chambers deep beneath the ground, and you get into this kind of large vault where you can hear people singing down in the depths, and you can see a group of folks dancing around an open fire pit. And there’s some folks off
to one side tapping a keg, and it looks like they’re
preparing some food, and he’s like, I can’t imagine what would draw a traveler to this area. You’re lucky that we were up
there looking for that giant. Making sure he didn’t get too close, otherwise we wouldn’t
have seen you at all. – Oh well, that’s– – Oh yeah, well I mean– – We are actually… – We normally don’t bother with
sentries this time of year. It’s too cold, nobody travels this way. – It’s a very long story. – We’re on a mission, and it will take us in the darkest places. – Really didn’t have much of a choice. – Yeah. – Wow. I can’t wait to hear it. So welcome, welcome. I’d like to welcome you to Undervale. I’m, as I said, I’m Landry Tethertine and I’m the, well I guess I’m the leader here. As much as we have one. To be honest, we tend to work together and we agree on things, and that’s just how it operates. That’s the only way you survive here. It’s not a friendly place. If you haven’t noticed. – Might I ask what you
are doing here, sir? – Well, I don’t know if I
want to give it all away. I mean, we’re here doing
important humanitarian aid. We are helping some folk. – Really? – How, can I help? – Well, I don’t know. You seem to be going
in the wrong direction. We normally help people get out. – Oh no, we’re going in. – Yeah, yeah, and mostly what we do is we’re here to help
people get out of Nidal, and Cheliax as well, those who manage to make it
through the Menador Mountains. We provide safe passage for ’em. We help guide some of ’em up. And as he’s doing this, he’s
walking you up to the tavern and he’s like, I sure
bet you are all thirsty. – Yes.
– Very thirsty. – Very. – I would like alcohol. – He kind of walks up
and he’s like now now, we’ll certainly give you that, but let’s get you something
warm in you first. It’s awfully cold out there, and he goes back to one of the fires and gets off a kettle, and he walks up, sets
it down on the counter. He gets out a skin and adds
to it some cooler milk, and you can tell that it’s full of milk, and then he breaks, gets
from beneath the bar a large kind of block of chocolate and begins shaving it off into it, and he’s like so, I
believe you owe me a story. And I’m interested to hear it. Why, why on Golarion
are you making your way into Nidal? To be honest, dressed like that. And he looks at all of you. You realize that the moment you
get about 10 miles that way, when you get out of this
area, this horrible place, you’re gonna be down in the basin, and the moment the patrols see you, they’re going to arrest
you dressed like that. You realize that, right? – What should we be wearing? – Not that! And he’s pointing at Sarenrae’s
symbol and Shelyn’s symbol. He’s like that will get
you flayed at the least! Boy, you just thought you were
just gonna walk in with that? – No, we weren’t expecting that, but we were headed to Ridwan, looking for the– – His eyes go wide. What? – Like we said, it is a very long story. – It’s a very long story, yes. – Ikyulys, take it away. – Well. – You narrate him the tale. We’re not going to make you
go through the whole thing. It’s a long tale, and I do recaps at the start of every episode. So he can just go back and watch those. So, so. (all chuckling) So he listens to your tale, and he’s like, and as he’s doing this he
puts way too much chocolate in ’cause he’s absent minded. – I want that one!
– There’s a whole thing. – Well he’s putting it into the kettle, so it can be served to all of you. – Oh yes. – And I’m like just. – Oh it’s not bad. It’s not the best
chocolate you’ve ever had, but it’s not bad, it’s not bad. And he finishes kind of doing that and he’s stirring it up, and he breaks out some mugs and he’s like, listen. You seem like great people, and I don’t really know ya. I mean you just go here,
you arrived on my doorstep, and me and my folk here, we’re just trying to eke out a living here and make sure that we can get people out that need to get out, ’cause this place isn’t exactly friendly. – We understand. – You know, we’re part of what’s called the Bellflower Network, and our job is to help those who are lookin’ for liberty and freedom. And you know, that’s
what we’re doing here, and like I said, you seem
like really great folk, but I gotta tell ya, you’re gonna die if you go to Ridwan. They’re gonna skin ya, and then they’re gonna boil ya, and then maybe they’ll let ya die, but maybe not. That’s how these people operate, and that’s a fun evening for them. – We– – At this he’s kind of
pouring out the hot cocoa into mugs, and he kind of
starts passing them around. I don’t wanna be the bearer of bad news, but you’re on a suicide mission. – We’ve been told that. – We are aware, but we
cannot just sit idly by and let this happen. We must do something. – All right. Well yeah, I don’t know what to tell ya. I mean, sneaking into Ridwan? – Is there anything you
can tell us about it might help our journey? – You don’t sneak into Ridwan. – People sneak out. – Almost never. – Almost. – Yeah, almost never. – Who has?
– Like once in the past 10 years? – Are they here? – No, they left. They got out of here as soon as possible. They had half their fingers left, that was a victory for them. – Sarenrae told me when I asked her how to get into Ridwan, she said baptism of pain
will give you sanctuary. Do you have any idea what that means? – Huh. Listen, he kind of says listen, you’re all probably exhausted. It’s been a long day. I think it’s nearly night, and he kind of looks over at
an old time water clock thing that kind of helps measure time, and is like yeah, listen. You should probably get some rest. We’ve got plenty of
places for you to sleep. Then tomorrow listen, I’ll
try and talk you out of this. But why don’t you get some rest? – Can I help at all? Is anyone injured or? – No, no, we’re all good. – Okay. – No no, we’re good here. This place is safe. Down here is safe, the
shadows don’t come down here. I don’t know why, but that’s
why we set up camp here. – Too much joy around here. – It’s nice. – If you feel like
having a song and dance, we’ll be down there for a bit tonight, but it’s getting a little late and people will probably be turning in. – Okay, just one more cup of chocolate. – He’s like, well there’s a bit left. – Little more.
– Fantastic, thank you. – I’ll make sure that you
got a bed to sleep in, and then you know, I mean… He’s just like, you’re gonna die. Then he kind of walks away. – At least we’ll die trying. You know? – If you’ve known what we’ve seen. – Some of the halflings come, and it is almost entirely
halflings down here. There are some travelers and what not, but they’re not all halflings and they’re like– – Strangely enough, Lys
feels slightly uncomfortable. They’ve never been around
this many halflings before. Like, truly never. – And they’re all super pally toward you. They’re all like, hey! Cousin! They are all super friendly, and they’re like hey, you wanna dance? – Sure, yeah of course that sounds great. If Tariel’s playing, I’ll dance. – Which I will. – And I kick off my boots,
and go dance a fine elven jig. – You’re able to kick off your shoes and relax a bit in the evening. You get a bit of food in you, but eventually you’re just exhausted. The day has been long. Long march and trek here, especially after your sleep was so rudely interrupted last night. The entire travel during
the day was a bit of a mess. You eventually are shown to an alcove where there are some
comfortable mats on the floor where you can get some rest, and sleep in relative peace and comfort. You wake up the next morning, and sitting at the edge of your alcove is your good friend, Landry. And he’s sitting there, he’s
got a chair turned around and he’s got his elbows on it, and he looks at all of ya. – Morning.
– Good morning, Landry. – Mornin’, mornin’. How y’all feeling, you sleep well? – Much better, thank you.
– Very well. – Good, good, good, didn’t dance too hard? Didn’t drink too much? – No. – Good, good, good. – How long were you watching us sleep? – I just got here. – Good. – You gonna turn back? – I don’t think we have– – Wasn’t our intention, no. – We cannot. – He’s like, he kind of
with a bit of a wry smile, I didn’t think you would. I tried. – Even if we die, at least we’ll have died fighting for something that mattered. – Well, on the upside, at least you got determination. On the downside, you’re
probably gonna die. – You’ve said that, many times. – I did. But, I’m gonna do what I can to make sure that don’t happen. – Okay.
– Thank you. – You said something last night. – Which part? – The baptism in pain. – Oh, oh yes, Sarenrae. – Sparked my memory, and
I had to go check a book and a calendar, and
figure out what day it is. It’s kind of hard to keep track here. We are six days away from the baptism in midnight. – Oh, what’s that? – It’s a holy day. – Unholy day. – In Ridwan, where followers
from all around Nidal trek there to step
through the gate and visit their god. – Oh oh oh! – Which means, the town is gonna have a whole bunch of travelers
and visitors going there. And you see him kind of wave, and a halfling woman comes over. Slung over her arms are a
bunch of gray and black robes. Throughout her lips are a bunch of pins that she’s got, she’s holding in her lips. She’s got a tape measure,
and he’s like so, let’s get you dressed up as cultists. And that is where I’m ending today’s game. I want to thank you all for watching, and encourage you to tune in next week for another exciting session. If you want to learn more about
this story, the characters, or the Pathfinder game, please visit There, you can find a synopsis
of our previous episodes, stats for all the characters, and some Knights of Everflame
gear to deck you out for your next adventure. Thanks again for watching, everybody, and we will see you next time. Bye-bye.
– Bye! – Coming up on Knights of Everflame. That’s where you’re going, that’s Ridwan. – Looks horrifying. – Yeah, they’ll probably skin ya. – Okay, well not if I skin them first. – This is bad. – Shall we have a sit and have a little prayer for ourselves? – I set an alarm. – I roll two natural ones. – I’m impressed. There are such sights you will see. – I cannot wait. – Can I shoot him? – You just want to pop up and shoot him? – Yep. – You hear the back of your head. (Jason chuckles) – Shut up you! I’m doing it ’cause I want to, not ’cause you’re telling me to! – 26 on the next hit. – Crit.
– Yay. – Omelette in the back of your head, you hear they’re taking them. Those are ours! That was awful. – This is disgusting! I hope they, and I hope, Lys get up before they see. This is very upsetting.
– This is terrible. – Listen, I’m here to give. – In terms of evil
levels, I don’t like this. (dramatic music)

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