INSANE Archery Combat Action!

INSANE Archery Combat Action!

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  1. this is great fun , in real life a bow will kill you , so what good practice to shoot a bow and hit people and not kill them it's great practice for real life shooting a bow. Yes paint ball and airsoft is fun but in real life once you run out of amo that's it but with a bow you can make more arrows or a bow out of a tree. my point is this I can hit a guy with a gun from my bow then I get gun and shoot the rest of his squad. archery been artound for 10.000 years plus , guns only been around couple hundred years. big wars was fought with bows in history , there is no skill to pressing a trigger

  2. This reminds me a lot of where my original archery obsession came from. In a movie I watched as a kid, the main character practiced archery by competitively shooting colored powder arrows at moving targets (the musicians) for points. I have got to try this!

  3. well this looks cool. The video doesn't explain much but it goes make a compelling case for exciting fun times. I'll check the channel for hopefullymore explanatory videos. Cheers.

  4. Is there any way to make the arrows go faster or is it just depend on how strong or how far a person can pull the arrow back because most of the people that I see play can't shoot very far

  5. They should make another version of the arrow with a much smaller and rubber tip instead of the big thick foam one.

  6. My god the amount of bad form in this is horrible. At least teach the kids a little before you let them go.

  7. I dont understand why they dont make this "Archery Tag" into a paintball/woodsball type sport. I think it would be awesome if you went to your average paintball field and used bow's and foam tip arrows. People could have quivers on their backs so it would feel like you're a real archer. Maybe even infuse "Archery Tag" with "LARPING" and it would actually be like you're on a real life mid-evil battlefield. 

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