50 Replies to “Insane Taekwondo Skills 2017”

  1. Looks more like gymnastics than training to walk away from a violent attack. Any fool can kick and punch the air like a robot.

  2. man ima be joining taekwondo when i get some control over my body cuz i cant just do a backflip in my current state sadly i hate being fat

  3. I made teakwondo and have the blue belt iam 13 when you want to know mire than you come to my instagrame my nickname is marcmuller8842

  4. ahhh this encourages me even more, I'm a white belt and i'm going to test for my yellow belt on Saturday I'M SO NERVOUSSSS

  5. Frist one not that hard in Taekwondo to move up a belt you have to memorize them edit: looks like frist pattern


    Hey guys, here’s an INSANE eBook that will get your Taekwondo skills on another level!

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