Insane Ways People Cross The Mexican-American Border Illegally

Insane Ways People Cross The Mexican-American Border Illegally

Illegal immigration in the United States is
a very hot-button topic, even going so far as to prompt President Trump’s much-delayed
plans to build a wall that separates the United States from Mexico via the Southern border. While the overall effectiveness of a wall
is in question, data shows that illegal immigration has decreased by 1 million over the last twelve
years, though an exact figure of how many people cross the border illegally each year
can be difficult to ascertain- especially with reputable sources. Every year though, one million legal immigrants
enter the United States, and of the 45 million people who have entered the US in the last
decade as temporary visitors, 1.17% of them have overstayed their visas. For people who cross the border illegally
though, just how do they get here, and what are some of the craziest ways people have
attempted to cross the border and start a new life in the US? For any illegal immigrant crossing the border
can be a daunting affair. Typically the only real hope for crossing
the southern American border is to do it through the vast and remote wilderness stretches,
as civilized areas feature strong fences with various anti-climbing features. The presence of law enforcement in the form
of local police and border patrol agents can also make attempting to cross the border illegally
in a city very risky indeed, and typically not worth the effort. This leaves would-be illegal immigrants with
crossing the border being the safest bet, at least safe in terms of not being caught
by law enforcement. Large swathes of terrain exist where on both
the Mexican and American sides there is nothing but wilderness, and little to no fencing to
deter border crossers. Historically, illegal immigration was not
seen as a serious enough issue to warrant policing these remote stretches of desert,
and the inhospitable terrain itself was often a difficult enough challenge to deter an attempt
to cross. Illegal immigrants here face dangerous animals
in the form of snakes, poisonous spiders, and even roving coyotes, as well as blistering
temperatures in the day time, and freezing cold at night. Usually immigrants have no land navigation
training, and only know the general direction of where civilization exists- this means that
many get lost in an attempt to make their way to a town or city, and the US Border Patrol
regularly rescues hundreds of individuals on the brink of death from the wilderness. So what are some ways that people have attempted
to cross the border illegally? Junk in the Trunk In 2015 US border enforcement agents in Arizona
stopped two different cars for inspection. At one checkpoint the agents discovered a
man and a wounded female locked inside the car’s trunk, and given that Arizona was at
the time experiencing a major heat wave, the attempt was almost deadly for the two (use
image from A few miles away, another car was stopped
for inspection, but the driver put the pedal to the metal and ran into a spike strip, which
blew one of the car’s tires. The driver fled into the wilderness, but agents
found two other men locked inside the trunk of this car as well. Hitching a ride in a car trunk may not seem
like a crazy way to try to cross the border, but given the extreme heat in southern desert
states like Arizona- let alone the fact that a heat wave was occurring at the time, it
can be a deadly way to try to cross the border. Shockingly, the attempt was nothing new and
earlier in the year border patrol agents discovered children being smuggled in this same way. Can’t Beat ‘Em? Join ‘Em
In 2015 border patrol agents were on routine patrol in Laredo Texas when they drove past
another border patrol vehicle. At first, neither of the two agents thought
much of it, but given that they knew their patrol area pretty well, the driver later
said that something about the vehicle just didn’t seem quite right to him. Turning around and following the other border
patrol vehicle, the real agents finally pulled over the fake vehicle and discovered it stuffed
to maximum capacity with twelve immigrants. Naturally the driver was arrested and the
immigrants detained, with border patrol investigating where the vehicle came from and how it was
made to look so much like the real thing. (use photo here Getting To America, Evel Knievel Style Jumping a border fence is nothing new, you’ve
probably jumped plenty of fences in your teenage years. But what do you do when you need to transport
hundreds of pounds of drugs over a border fence? Well, you could try and jump the fence one
by one with your best friends, trying to sneak your drugs into the US individually- or you
could say screw it, and take a page out of professional stuntman Evel Knievel’s book
and build a ramp to jump the border fence with your custom made Jeep Cherokee. That’s exactly what eleven individuals attempted
to do earlier this year in February, when border agents discovered vehicle tracks in
a protected wildlife sanctuary along the border. They requested a helicopter to help them search
for the vehicle, and soon enough the chopper found a desert camouflaged jeep cherokee racing
back towards the southern border after being discovered. With the helicopter in hot pursuit, the driver
of the jeep floored it and made straight for a makeshift ramp that had been erected over
the border fence, apparently hoping to jump the fence and likely the same way that he
had gotten over it earlier. This time though the jeep got stuck, and eleven
men were forced to flee into the mexican wilderness on foot as the Mexican Army was called in
to track them down. (use photo from
Interestingly the jeep had been completely modified not just with a desert camo paint
job, but it had had most of its body removed so as to lower its weight, even the windows
had been taken out. Only a plexiglass windscreen protected the
driver, and the occupants were forced to hang on to pipes that had been added to the vehicle
to act as a sort of roll cage after most of the body was removed. This wasn’t even the first time that this
sort of incident happened, and incredibly it seems that smugglers attempting to enter
the US illegally routinely attempt to do so by climbing over the fence with their vehicles. In 2012 another Jeep Cherokee, this time completely
unmodified, was discovered teetering on a fourteen foot tall border fence after the
vehicle had gotten stuck at the top. Apparently the smugglers had used homemade
ramps to get the vehicle to the top, then dropped two ramps for it to make its way down
on the other side. However they hadn’t counted on the fact that
the vehicle didn’t have the break-over angle necessary to clear the fence itself, leaving
the body of the vehicle unable to clear the top. The smugglers left the scene and US law enforcement
got a free vehicle to auction off. (use photo at Why Go Over If You Can Go Under? Understandably most drug smugglers or illegal
immigrants aren’t keen on trying to stunt-jump their way across a fourteen foot tall border
fence like they were the star act at a monster truck show. For those wishing to travel in relative comfort
across the border, the solution is simple: don’t go over, just go under. In 2010 law enforcement discovered a 600 yard
tunnel that ran under the US-Mexico border. The tunnel began in a warehouse in Tijuana
and ended in a warehouse in San Diego, with the entrances cleverly concealed inside a
bathroom sink. Agents investigating the tunnel were amazed
to discover that the tunnel was fitted out with lighting and ventilation systems, as
well as a working rail system to quickly zip along. Quite a hefty investment of both time and
money, but given the whopping thirty tons of marijuana that were discovered inside,
it’s clear that its construction was worth it to whoever built it. Yet 125 tunnels have been discovered since
the 1990s, and law enforcement is confident many more exist but are still undetected. While the border patrol operates a sophisticated
tunnel task force that uses ground-penetrating radar, the border is so vast that it’s all
but impossible to find most of these tunnels. Fly Like An Eagle Drug smugglers have been using aircraft since…
well since aircraft were invented really, but regular airplanes are too easily detected
and are forced to file official flight paths and travel itineraries with the US government. Failure to do so can lead to you getting intercepted
by the US Air Force or simply having law enforcement waiting for you when you land- two things
that drug smugglers are notorious for not wanting to happen. In recent years though smugglers have gotten
around these two little problems by instead flying ultralights- tiny aircraft that aren’t
much more than a small engine, a prop, and glider-like wings. While they can only carry a few hundred pounds
of drugs at a time, they are flown at night with the aid of night vision goggles and have
their wings painted black. Their low altitude makes them all but impossible
to spot on radar, and their quick speed can make them difficult to track and follow with
ground vehicles even if spotted. In just 2011 law enforcement reported 228
incursions by aircraft across the border- and there were just the ones actually detected,
leaving the real number of ultralights being flown into the US in question. Beep-Beep, I’m A Jeep Hiding in the trunk of a car is likely a pretty
obvious- and dangerous- way to get caught, but what if you could become the car? That’s exactly what hundreds of illegal immigrants
try to do every year. Border Patrol agents routinely discover individuals
who have attempted to hide within the actual vehicle itself, as in the bits and pieces
of it. One man attempted to camouflage himself as
a chair, having himself sewn in completely into the frame of the car chair. Despite looking like an obviously lumpy chair
to even the most casual of observers, the man honestly believed the attempt would work. It didn’t. Yet two other immigrants were discovered in
the actual engine compartment of a van- yes, laying right on top of the engine itself. One man lay with his head to the left, facing
up, while the other lay with his head to the right, facing down, both of them neatly fitting
into the engine compartment like a very weird lego puzzle. Another immigrant was discovered sewn into
the backseat of a vehicle, though at least his hiding spot was a lot less obvious than
trying to be made to look like a chair itself. Another stopped vehicle revealed a woman who
had actually been hidden inside the dashboard of the vehicle itself, somehow incredibly
stuffing herself into just a few inches of breathing room. Two men were also discovered stuffed into
the floor of a car, with a carpeted panel sealed above their heads. Being sewn into a car seat or stuffed into
a tiny compartment may sound ridiculous- and admittedly when you see the image of the man
who tried to pass himself off as a seat, it really does look ridiculous- but it’s also
very dangerous. The temperatures at the US/Mexico border are
typically well over one hundred degrees, and being confined in such tight spaces, or being
sewn into non-breathable upholstery can be a death sentence. Indeed every year, tragically the US border
patrol discovers dozens of dead immigrants, both from being stuffed into unsafe compartments
or from attempts to cross the vast southern deserts, and the dangerous Rio Grande, on
foot. If you had to illegally cross the US border,
how would you do it? Would you ever be desperate enough to try? Let us know in the comments! And as always if you enjoyed this video don’t
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