Installing 3000 Sqft of Plank Pavers from Basalite ($80,000 +)

Installing 3000 Sqft of Plank Pavers from Basalite ($80,000 +)

all right so now the fun part comes laying almost 3000 square feet of pavers we already got all the demo out we got everything gone now it’s time for the base rock man check out how many trucks we got base rock is here when we need it and the pavers are here when we need it great hardscapes start here is that right so these pavers are very modern they’re special they’re long and there’s two colors there’s a black and there’s a white and once you order them you can’t get any more unless you order them two months in advance so if you underestimate you’re screwed if you overestimate ya throw em away which means you lots of money while the boys are hammering down in the front I’ll show you what we did the fence is almost finished another horizontal fence these are big man they look decent I like them pavers favors favors pavers pavers pavers everywhere pavers BAM and that little section is garden all in their garden a little grass patch so you’re probably wondering you’re like hey how did you get those pallets in the back because there ain’t no room on this side for the big boy come in caterpillar right no room I’ll tell you snuck those pallets in in the backyard everything went a lot faster so that was the risk versus reward high-risk high-reward you risk it all man put it on the line and you get rewarded the second truck of pavers man look at this cuz your boy concrete truck is here alright man we’re done really nice we’re almost done with grading the driveway the base rocks in already all you have these compacted the concrete is done it’s finished it’s time the day has come finally going to start the driveway we got 15 more pallets on the way we got three trucks of pavers which is a little crazy so we’re screening the sand right now to make sure these level end of day 10 and we got to drive away it’s pretty much done we got a few more to go so I was wrong not two weeks it took three weeks but don’t be a hater sometimes I’m wrong what’s the big deal look at this man come on you ain’t never gonna see pavers like this before the whole idea of this deal is to match this the bar code right and we tried to get the white in the middle of the car so it wouldn’t get so dirt hanging out by my I’m a porta potti that I paid $200 a month for this is it not a big deal so look at the driveway what an incredible looking driveway these are my favorite pavers that we’ve done so far for sure so you might be wondering man how did you do this how’d you do this in 11 days well I didn’t do it myself man I did it with a team you need a team all of you guys are doing long here all you people are doing long here you always trying to do stuff yourself you’re like hey man solo mowing you know I’m a solopreneur look mediate we gotta get some people man get some people stop trying to do stuff yourself I saw this one video this guy was doing mulch and he was like solo spreading are you complaining or are you bragging which one is it because it sounds good complaining alright alright so look man we’re done this is a model for the shoot click click click click click click click and we’re finished look at how beautiful this looks look how magnificent it looks we’re done driveways done random pattern inspired by a barcode right this is inspired by a barcode it looks pretty nice pretty nice we got a little raised concrete flowerbed little planter area 12 inches and we got some nice plants in there with some gold rock right to throw it off a little bit we got a little get a little lighting there a little lighting over there this is redwood so the staining still has to be done here we got a little cutouts with the door after the staining it’s going to look awesome all these little lines are going to go away and now we’re walking in to the door right we got a little stoop action with another stoop and then a big stoop and the cool thing about these are they got lights inside a man those lights alright we got lights inside the deal looks pretty dope I’m loving it we got a little area we walked down okay beautiful we got a little grass area for the dogs to chill some more plants the fire pit which has propane and it’s wired in there under this thing some lights inside the wall this is a seating wall you have to come here hang out get the sit on down oh and you get the chill while enjoying your fire and sipping on a margarita what’s the big deal right no big deal okay walking up the stairs going into the backyard going into the backyard by the way this tree is perfect for this house all right walk into the backyard and we got the valves for the grass and the plants there walk into the block walk into the back all right and over here we got some planters first and vegetables here we got a little grass area beautiful a horizontal fence unbelievable this is ridiculous how can we do so great I’ll tell you how we just do it we don’t think about it we do it job took a little bit longer than I anticipated but you finished it customers happy I’m happy we all happy man right we all happy I lost one one guy on this job decided to take attitude I had to let him go how’d it go part of bidness a lot of things I did great on a lot of things we did great on but some the one thing I didn’t make a mistake was these pavers are special they’re big pavers there are four inches versus normal pavers are about two inches and I didn’t account for the sand that goes between the pavers originally I had estimated thousand bucks for the sand right we spent two grand on sand because the pavers are twice as thick the sand just goes deep inside and I’m like where’s the sand man but is it is what it is my mistake I learned from it I’m not gonna go tell the customer that you learn man you learn these things so now if you ever do in these pavers in the future and they’re thick charged double on the polymeric sand always charge double this place looks pretty gnarly like come on like a dope this looks looks pretty darling you know and I’d really think this tree makes it and then we also ran into a problem with the stoop my guys he did the stupid correctly so he had to lay this tile all over again I’m going to rip it all out late again that was probably a six thousand dollar mistake where is part of bidness man if you’re too scared of these mistakes then you ain’t got no business being in this business you know

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  1. Great job on the landscape design, and work but I've been watching a couple of your videos little suggestion since you say these are $100,000 jobs,pay closer attention to leaving all those irrigation valves exposed real big eye sore this is just my opinion but great job.

  2. Is that normal that you can see between the boards on the fence. I've seen it in few of your videos and want to do it st my house. Am I supposed to leave the spacing?

  3. Forgive me if you have already touched on this subject but how did you learn how to do this? Did you have guidance from some one? I could not imagine going from cutting grass to doing this type of work with out help.

  4. Very nice work man, to you and your team. The pavers and redwood fence look great. My question for you is how do you sell these big jobs when the job looks like it cost more than the house? Like i don't get it where is the money coming from. Can you make a video on how you sell a big job?

  5. Proof America the gov is lieing about everything.the anceint humans didn't use forums of wood and didn't use concrete there work wasn't about money material and labor slavery government does not want you knowing anything the facts are they're complete real life facts they did not use hand chizzels and hammers to cut rocks size of your house one rock the government is lieing.look at the tombs see when you type they miss spell check it and make us look dumb

  6. They built with no money no killing trees no chemicals no money because money isn't real it's government inslaved destroyed Constitutional rites your paying for it and these rites don't exsist it's bar code money and control over us slaves they will try to kill me so know this whenever you see the media ran by satanic Rockefeller rothchilds buildabergre they run earth they take god out of your family t


  8. Don't know where you learned to lay pavers or install concrete but concrete needs rebar, and pavers use concrete sand instead of stone dust. I recommend going to a techo Bloc seminar or researching ICPI or NMEI specs. While you work looks good, the concrete is going to crack, and the pavers are not going to settle evenly.

  9. You’re the bees knees, and knows what’s up man. Definitely a huge congratulations man. Hard work pays off.

  10. My dad just has my one person on his lawn care company and he’s works probably the same as you’re whole team

  11. Tigran you should be married to a black women because you have to much swag to be with a white women i love you.

  12. Ummm where is the rebar ? Lol can you say Cracks everywhere !! That's pretty unbelievable to me and how do you find these ridiculously expensive jobs ? I don't think I know too many people that are willing to spend $80k dollars on a house that looks like it's worth $200,000 I'm just confused and I wonder what was you gross profit margin

  13. Bro you out here getting payed this year i dont never post comments but your videos be having me rolling he straight up drove the whole Bobcat all the way around like a boss I would have did the same thing dude good work bro you guys do excellent work💯

  14. Tigran, brother, please tell me how you accomplish that finish on the concrete retaining walls and curbs. Please man, like tell me specifically what concrete brand, psi, and finishing method, coloring? Color hardener? Integrated ? I don't know man just please tell me I want to do it to my house

  15. Yeah la knows how to the job but they don't know how to charge they have no huevos to talk to gringos why are they charging so much All they ya que salga pa los billes fuck that shit

  16. Rich people love to spend money the more you charge them the happier they cuz the can go bragg to ther friends about how much money they spend

  17. I dont think those plastic 3/o boxes for the electrical are good for concrete 😳 ive only used metal boxes with tape around and pipe

  18. Hey Tigran in your membership description on your website you might want to check it over there’s a lot of spelling grammars including “comfertable”

  19. All expenses for machinery and paying how many guys atleast 15 to 20 a hour if not more for that work was 80,000 really even profit I mean for 17 days you probably only made 10.000 your self if that

  20. Hi, are you hiring? I have 15 years of experience in the branch Landescap I am a trained technician I can add in the company of you, always ready to learn, work with installation of PAVE, irrigation, operates machine mini loader and excavator, my phone 9548995789, only challenge that I do not speak Engles but I am studying .

  21. If u over estimated u can actually resale them might not sale them how u bought them but they are not getting thrown away

  22. So crazy how unique the Bay Area is. I grew up down there and its neat how I can instantly tell where the video was shot based on the sky, trees and architecture. You grow up thinking that everything must look the same but its not.

  23. I dig those pavers and like how the grain of the redwood looks. But the crooked line of screws on that fancy gate at 8:46 would be a major eyesore for me, especially since it will be used up close and hands on every day. I'd cover them up with some trim.

  24. Liar Liar pants on fire. That's no $80K job. Looks like this guy has never picked up a shovel in his life. He looks like a book worm. In order to be successful in construction you need to be doing in in the ditch for years. .

  25. Fuck you're lucky to have a bunch of hard working mexicans doing all your work. Wish we had those dude's here in Canada. Wish I was in Cali.!

  26. I've always just carried them wherever i needed them because my boss was shit and didn't wanna pay to use easier methods i guess yepp little by little and i think it was a waste of time i could have finished alot faster with better help and faster methods of carrying pavers

  27. You my man are wasting your time on gardens etc, you should run for political office, a can do attitude is essential, you have it in spades, great work.

  28. Some customers want the dumbest shit…this dude is pretty stupid hating on people for doing their own shit worry about you and that's it. At least there working so stop being a bitch

  29. Perfect example of a looser who wants to look like a big shot . I live in one of the richest counties in the states worked for landscaping companies and my family owns landscaping businesses . This looser math doesn’t make sense. So funny , if this looser tried to use hand or power tools , most likely he would hurt himself . Tools are for working man . Clearly he isn’t one .

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