Installing a Chain-Link Fence

Installing a Chain-Link Fence

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  1. Where do you get the "pull-jack"? Looking to install a chain link fence soon and that is way easier than any methods I have seen.

  2. heres a good tip use your pull-jack to pull up your wire to height start at the posts and get your inner ties.

  3. They did a great job on that fence. I have a set of those post hole diggers they used, they are the best type of post hole diggers period. Mine have been used so much the handles now touch.

  4. Amazing as always, and the best part, as always, is that I learned something!

    To A/V: for some reason you guys have the best taste in picking the right music sometimes, and this is no exception. it really changed the tone of the video from where it could have been, at "oh it's just a fence time lapse" into what it is now, which is right about at "HOLY HOTCAKES AND HASH-BROWNS BATMAN, IT'S A FENCE TIME LAPSE, YO!"

    Sadly, I have neither hotcakes nor hash-browns for Batman, I'm sorry.

  5. The entire installation you saw there (including having it done by the awesome guys) was just under $2500.

  6. This is the most epic chain link installation music I've ever heard..
    How much do the supplies for a fence this size cost?

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