37 Replies to “Installing a fence and planting trees”

  1. Andrew its your fault i bought an ihi mini excavator, couldnt be happier! ( wallet is not so happy) but you get soo much done without the huge effort that is used to take.

  2. For those that might not know, yes there is a right and wrong way to slide those pto shafts back together. Just make sure the knuckles on the ends match/ yokes should be same.

  3. You need to get a auger for your excavator. It makes life so much easer . Other than that amazing video!

  4. Damn we really do things the hard way where I work. Sometimes have to dig the posts by hand if we're not renting a machine and when we pour the posts we mix it beforehand and wheelbarrow or dump it in the skid

  5. Cheers Andrew!

    Good guy Andrew grabbing stuff from the back of the pallet in the hardware store, first.

    Mate, by the way, never feel under pressure to put out videos on a regular basis. You do you – most of your subscriber base like the content and that's what keeps them coming back – well, its what works for me anyway!

  6. To remove larger stumps with a small machine leave about 6 feet of the stump and cut from the top to the base then pull each half with the excavator , the root ball is easy to seperate then, it can make a hard job easy

  7. I never have to fast forward your videos. I like your technique wetting the concrete after posts are in. Much easier than mixing it in a wheel barrel or in the skid steer bucket.

  8. When Im planting new trees I fill the hole right up with water before planting…. I sometimes put some good black dirt in if the soil is bad.

  9. Your always a pleasure to watch. So good at what you do. And you always give more to your customers and that's why you get repeated calls for more work.. just like myself at my job in England. I'm a tree surgeon and climber. Love my job. I can see you take pride in yours aswell

  10. I'm looking at some of the likes on people's comments. How in the blazes do you get 324 likes. I'm mean I barely have 5 sometimes

  11. Rufus from London England again where is the ex100. I've got an ex200. Great machine. You gotta do a video with her in it. You cant leave your ex100 out anymore. Poor excavator

  12. You need to do more ski-do videos or etc. Love watching you work to get things going instead of just doing something that has been done many times over. Love your work but like to see the before and after stuff better. Still watching all the same!

  13. You did a great job as usual. Nice to see the yellow yanmar out working. And hope your skidsteer is going well. Good to see Levi keeping cool in anyone's pond. Lol. Where is the EX100. DONT SEE IT ANYMORE. HITACHI WOO WOO

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