Installing A Pool Protection Fence System

Installing A Pool Protection Fence System

hi this is Jared Malik president of Universal roof and contracting and also host of the in the house radio show you know the number one leading cause of deaths of children four years old and younger is not some sort of disease it's it's not SIDS or anything like that it's actually drowning and I have a pool at my house and and I was concerned so I've decided that I'm going to put up a pool safety guard a fence around my pool just to protect from my children from from drowning so I want you to spend a few minutes with us today we're actually gonna go through the process of how to install it you're gonna see that you're also going to see some of the rules and regulations on why it's important that we have it many codes and and laws actually talked about pool safety and that you have to have some sort of protection system at your house to to guard against not only your children but also other people's children from drowning in your pool so we invite you to spend a few minutes with us today and we're going to talk about pool safety so I've seen numerous interviews with parents after the death of their child by drowning and it seems like almost every single one they talk about how fast it happened how they only turned around just for a second and their child was missing and in the pool and and you know so there's all kinds of different mechanisms that you can use to to try to warn or protect the children from drowning one of the things that's that's extremely common is some sort of alarm system on the door where if you open if the door opens while while it's the children are unattended then there's some sort of siren or some sort of alarm system that that goes off so that that way you know that that door has opened so obviously that's some sort of alert system but what if you're on the other side of the house you don't hear oh so we've decided to go with a more permanent solution which is a fence all the way around the pool so that way whether it's our child that they if they get out or if it's a neighbor child that happens to wander in then that pool is protected so the child that physically can't get in the pool without adult supervision so as you can see here we've actually marked with a little blue marker little blue crayon the spots where we're going to be drilling the holes now the location of the hole is really important because what you want to make sure that you do is you put it in the right spot so that that way the tension is correct on the actual fence now here what we're doing is we're drilling the actual opening into the paver now this paver is actually made of concrete they're actually about four inches thick and it's in it it is concrete so it takes a pretty serious drill to get through it now you can see here that the water is actually coming down and it cools the drill the drill bit so that that way the drill bit doesn't break and so that it does not break the paver itself and in this area you can see where the piece of concrete is actually coming out of the out of the bit so as you can see we have our pool safety fence installed here around the entire pool the good thing about this is that it literally goes all the way around so there's no way for a for a child to actually be able to get in they're not going to be small enough to be able to squeeze through through this little section right here and then these are the the connectors right here that connect the different pieces together there's a hole as you can see that's it's drilled right down there at the at the bottom if you want to take any section of it off you just kind of unlatch it right there and then just pull that individual piece out and then you know it's open to be able to use now if you want to take the entire thing off let's say that for whatever you and you're not having children around you you have some sort of event or something like that for whatever reason you want to remove the entire fence you can literally just pull all of these pieces out all the way around and and then it's just completely open the you know it's completely open all the way the way that it was before the before the fence was put in but it's pretty easy pretty easy to get in and out and then you just take this locking mechanism back there and flip it in place one of the things that was really important to us here is you know we wanted the protection make sure that the children didn't get in the pool and we didn't want them to but also we have this this wonderful fire pit here that we wanted to use and we do use on a regular basis so it's very important for us to be able to still access that so what you'll notice with this with this pool protection fence system is that it comes in sections so we're actually able to remove this entire section right here very quickly very easily and still be able to use the fire pit without too much of a problem so just like that it's open now we can enjoy the fire pit now if you are going to remove the safety fence for a while proper storage is really key so rather than just crumple it up like like it is here it's actually a really good idea to to roll it up roll the pieces together like this then you can actually store it in a place where it's safe now when you store it it's also a good idea rather than lay it down like this where critters and things can get on it and and it can mash down or where animals can can actually climb over it or people would set stuff on it it's a good idea to actually set it up and down like this if you're gonna store for long periods of time also you can put it in a bin or something like that to protect it so that way it's not getting damaged the Consumer Product Safety Council has put out a safety barrier guidelines for homes and pools if you want more information on it it really is a great publication you can go to the Consumer Product Safety Council website it's WW CPSC govt against CPSC gov for more information so whatever type of pool safety equipment you decide to use perfectly okay the important thing is that you do something and that you protect your children the last thing that we want to happen to our kids is is for them to for them to drown and so please take every precaution that you think necessary and so that way you can have long happy years of kids enjoying the pool you

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  1. Pool Fence is a great idea. I commend you for installing it but it is not a DYI product. Good layout but not one pole is straight.

  2. movable swimming pool fence China top 5 leading manufacturer and exporter. hope to help your business.

  3. Easy enough to open for an adult…also easy enough to forget to close! This is why folks get a Pool Guard self closing, self latching and key lockable GATE!

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