10 Replies to “Installing New Fence in The Orchard”

  1. Great video i always enjoy watching damn deer lol and the orchard awesome wish i had space for one

  2. no need to bury them in concrete, it just makes the rot faster. Its not holding up much weight. The concrete basically traps moisture right next to the wood making a bowl, keeping it constantly wet.

  3. I recall saying to my wife last spring while getting our fencing up," I swear I have done this before, I am just getting old " .

  4. Love your sense of humour. I wish I could have had a deer's view + thoughts of this project. 🦌 at least you didn't fence yourself in! Lol

  5. How they say it? To err is human and believe me I am human πŸ˜€ Fencing turned out great.

  6. If you ever have trouble starting the post hole digger hold down the throttle as you pull to start 😊

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