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  1. 5/24/2019 USA Grandpa Bill" John, while you are one of the mainstays of YouTube woodworkers, I really appreciate your conversational everyday-people tone. You make it easy to listen to you while providing excellent editing. I have several table saws following me after "retirement" and one of my favorites is a little Rigid that one can roll around. You've given me the inspiration to make it better stationery in a smaller area of my shop-in-a-garage. Thank you.

  2. what is the white plastic at the back end of the fence? is this something to make it more rigid or just to fill the hole?

  3. that's one way to look at it. I always do the easy stuff first then the hard stuff last. for me it makes the hard stuff for me seem less of a pain.

  4. PLEASE read this!!!! Never stop making videos. You are very informative and make quality vids. I'm taking woodworking notes and video making notes for my channel and hobby because you have intrigued me. I have a short attention span. Consider yourself awesome
    Why do I like it? (Details)
    1. Your video design is perfect. You never spend too long on a topic and you never shortcut info either. Excellent. Most channels bore me because they take 5min to explain how to put a nail in a block!!! You have AWESOME camera angles and lighting. Your voice is just right. Not too loud. Not too boring. I can follow everything you do. Any questions I have are answered in a follow up video! You also give me a link to the video so I don't have to look for it. Ahhh so good
    2. The build quality. Everything you make looks SO nice. It also looks functional. There are plans I can look at so I don't have to guess what you did. I don't even know what to ask because you answers it all.

    P.S. I am a huge believer of giving credit where it is due. You never know what someone is going through and you never know if someone knows their worth. It's always good to let someone know how you feel. It could make their day and make a difference. Always be mindful of others.

    P.s. 2, I accept critique of my videos. I LOVE learning. Just don't be TOOO harsh. Make me laugh lololol

  5. Well i have watched hundreds of videos on this You tube and you have the coolest looking tablesaw i have seen, the mix between wood and steel is really nice , since the table cuts wood it is real appropriate part of it be made from wood, thanks for the really cool down to earth videos and i wish you much success for just being so real !!! : ) Thanks, you inspired me to do this to my table now … i want to stain mine some fairly dark color for the contrast and wood protection too. very cool !

  6. Bought plan build fence do you have problem with fence comeing up at other end when you lock it down if so how could I fix it

  7. Just bought the rip fence for my B&Q bought table saw (Home Depot to you In Canada) looks like it will make my crappy table saw more useful. Thanks John. I also watched your rant when you were plumbing your water system, I have to agree with you inregards to plumbers, even over here in UK if you use plastic pipe that is taboo copper is king

  8. John, I like your projects. I have an old drill press in good shape, but it does not have a method of raising and lowering the table except by manually lifting. Do you have any ideals? Thanks Fred

  9. Hello, in one of ur videos u mentioned that u use a water based finish on ur tool tables. I like the idea but I can't find the video. Can u tell me what kind of finish u use on our tool tables? Thank you

  10. John, Did you cut out for the tracks running parallel to the sawblade so you can put the cross cut sled in or was the frame for the fence below the edge of where the tracks sit? If you know what I mean… I intend replacing the top of my pathetic Makita Table saw with a one twice the size and making a new fence similar to what you have done …Thanks ..PS I noticed in the video of you taking us around your workshop that you did not mention your Brad/nail gun … I would love one of those but they are really expensive in Australia.

  11. Hey John, you don't specifically say how to adjust the rail to correct for squareness. Would that be by using washers and shims at the bolt locations?

  12. What is the point for the piece of plastic at the back side of the fence system? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just got this glued up…..Waiting impatiently to use it lol.

  13. When you were saying you were checking the screws with the calipers, what were you checking? I didn't catch that part. I'm in the process of making my own, since I bought your plans (which are very easy to follow by the way).

  14. Really cool project!

    This isn't meant to be critical at all – more like a disclaimer. Be very careful if you chuck a tap in your drill. If you put too much muscle behind it and it snaps, you might have a very difficult time removing the broken tool piece. Screw extractors and other such tools are made for removing screws which are significantly softer than a tap.

  15. john what type lumber do you use for the fence ? I want to build one. I have a craftsman newer style 137.218300 removing the original equipment and place your fence  I would like some information  about that build and do have the templets for my saw fence build. I love your work

  16. Bought the plans a few weeks ago and finally got around to building it this week. Great plans. Very detailed and easy to follow. Thanks John!

  17. Any idea when you will be making the homemade table saw? I am getting ready to build one but will wait…..

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