Installing welded wire fence by yourself

Installing welded wire fence by yourself

hi guys redneck wanna be here I hope all is well with you and your family today so I'm trying to beat a storm where I think a storm so you may hear some some thunder in the background but you know one thing I've never mentioned about my family and I but we homeschool so so my wife and well it's actually my wife I'm the I'm the athletic director and the fun director so but but she does man homeschool mom's here tough they're good so anyway we homeschool so today is co-op day and so my wife and the kids are at co-op so I am all by my lonesome and I am bound and determined that I'm going to get some fence put up today so all by myself so what I'm doing is I'm putting up welded wire fence it's a hundred foot section is five foot by 100 foot and it's heavy and it's it's just cumbersome it's hard to deal with and so I'll show you what what I'm doing and it seems like it's a little bit easier than what I was doing trial try to explain all that to you so here you go so what I did is obviously first I did I put in the t-post now the welded wire it comes in you can see that roll right over there and I would bet it it's at least 100 pounds and so what I would do is I would show you let's just say the end is right here so I would I would attach the end right here to the welded bear to the t-post and then I would basically unravel this all the way down and it just took a long time it was just it was bulky and it was hard to deal with so I thought this time what I'm going to do is way over there by the greenhouse I put the beginning and those two cinder blocks I it on the end and then I laid it down so it's this way and I rolled it out just like that and then what I found was I thought okay well I'll just be able to take the beginning there and I'll be able to put it on the t-post but I only got I was only able to lift maybe to about the second t-post just because believe it or not man it was heavy it's just there was no there was no leverage so then what I tried was I can't I tried to come over and just attach it to this one and then I went back over there tried to attach it still there was there was too much leverage so I just came down about a quarter of away and just wedged it right in there and that gave me enough leverage where I guess I don't know what the word is but it took a lot enough of the stress off the wire that now I can actually attach to the t-post and so I think by doing doing it this way probably half of the time so most of the time when I was just unraveling it you know I don't unravel it over here and then I'd have to drag it to the t-post and I'd unravel it over here and I'd have to drag it to the t-post so as I started to get towards the end of the roll it would obviously be easier because it was lighter but the first probably half was just it was tough but this from unraveling it putting it here to wedging it on this one to attaching the first tee post that probably took me 10 minutes maybe even less so I still have some more fence to build in that garden area back in there so I think that's what I'm going to do is I'm just going to unravel it all and then attach it to maybe 20 quarter of the way down on the tee post and then that way that will give me a whole lot of leverage I don't know what's what's word I'm looking for so anyway I hope that helps and I appreciate y'all y'all take care

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  1. I love the effect that the auto-stabilization has on the video — everything starts to dance like a 1930s cartoon.

  2. Ohmygosh! I had to laugh – " . . . well, actually, it's my wife does that, I'm the athletic director . . ." now I look forward to watching the rest of your video, I have put in so much time trying to find helpful info on an inexpensive fence I could put up by myself. Also, I have a friend who homeschools her children, kudos to you both.

  3. The way I do it is to use the skid steer to move materials and built a roll holder that attaches to the quick attach. You do not even have to lift rolls just slide the rod in the center and tilt up. You can even stretch the fence by attaching the homemade fence comb and go forward. For corner posts I use concrete light poles that FPL gives away. Auger a 5 foot deep hole and drop it in. No bracing necessary.

  4. Your doing it all wrong. Need to place wood corner posts to act as the anchor posts. they costs more than a T post. ….but are the foundation of your fence.

  5. I'm trying to build one to keep the deer out of the garden I'll have this summer.. My question is how do you get into the garden if it's all fenced?

  6. Hello, Can you add a piece of angle iron to you wagon and use that as a plow…for the wood chips?

  7. no wooden corner support posts or cross braces? You must have tougher soil than me, cause t-posts alone won't hold up a fence by themselves. I do like seeing other guys doing this themselves. I always feel weird doing jobs that others normally do in teams. But sometimes it just has to be done that way.

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