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  1. Nice you manage to patent LARP archery. Been around for years and no one patent it way to go on jumping on it . And saying its "original".

  2. its too bad, if you ever want this to become an actual sport, like your website states, you have to make a way for people to actually practice… ie they have to be able to buy your equipment to practice with.
    Without the ability to practice as a team this can never be a competitive sport, its just a gym game at the moment.

    There are also issues with the way the game is set up at the moment. I played a game last week and my team was losing badly but then one of my team members shot the target, and three of the targets fell out so we won. This would never fly in any kind of competitive competition.
    The targets should be 1 target each and they should be spread out across the field, sitting in one spot really limits the gameplay.

    I would even consider becoming a licensee if this was organized better, but unfortunately Archery Tag is lacking in many areas so far…

    1. The gameplay was poorly designed. It is a fun game but basically copies dodgeball and relies on a faulty target mechanic to provide another way to win. With better gameplay design the game could be not only more fun but also a lot more competitive.
    2. I know safety is a big issue, but the current bow/arrow combination is too weak and too slow. You may as well play dodgeball. Archery practitioners currently have to completely adapt their shooting to Archery Tag because the arrows are so much slower and have so much shorter range than regular archery. There has to be a way to make the arrows travel faster than they currently do. At the moment it is literally impossible to hit someone from 20 feet away if they are looking at you, it is so easy to dodge it just makes it so archery skills are not really important during the game. I think the bows could be raised to 32 pounds at least, and the tips could be smaller. Of course you would have to engineer this and safety test it, but it is not impossible. A lot of people wish we could play this game in a forest shooting from long ranges, and it is impossible with the current equipment.
    3. There is no competitive organization for Archery Tag yet. I feel this should be started soon. Fields are popping up all over the place. Official tournaments however have never been planned. Why not organize a tournament, with a more competitive game type, perhaps 5 on 5 with separated targets, that teams could enter and attempt to win prizes in? I feel like it would be relatively successful, as long as you have licensees advertise them on site.

    Anyways, those are my thoughts on what could make Archery tag better, after 2 trips to the local Archery Tag field (which is unfortunately 2 hours away which is another reason why I wish I could have my own equipment to practice).

  3. First of all I want to tell some people they are holding the bow wrong and doing the motion of shooting it wrong second I would suck at this game I take my time in archery

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