Intense Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill and Workout Circuit

Intense Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill and Workout Circuit

41 Replies to “Intense Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill and Workout Circuit”

  1. OUCH, it messes me up just watching, and following with my mind, I can easy imagine, just how hard a drill that is. Killer work out.

  2. Love this training unfortunately I can only train to my minimum power of 50% I'm scared the roof will fall down.

  3. These are tough but build that much needed endurance and stamina to stay in the fight. I’ve had to modify these cause 10 sets of 3 different strikes is still 330 hits. That is a lot of striking in one go.

  4. For someone who is getting back into Muay Thai, would anyone say this is a good standalone conditioning workout?

  5. We do something similar in our gym but work our way up rather than way down so start from 2-20 rather than 20-2

  6. I don't want to do that after a workout….thats a full HIIT session… and Love it Sean!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Just did this. But wow, this is hard. I wouldn’t be able to finish without actually taking some breaks lol

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