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  1. Don't know what Universe you live in.  BANKS pay Their Savings Customers next to NOTHING for borrowing that money.  0.003% Annually and AT $10,000.00  That is nothing.   Make a video on that won't  you.

  2. Could you explain this to me, if for example an economy has 100 dollars, and 50 dollar is used as a loan for a 10% interest rate. Once the money is back to the owners, you have 105 dollars right? How is this possible, or is there something which I am missing.

  3. Very helpful video! Thanks so much. I now understand interest rates for life, and you helped me with my summer math project!!!

  4. 5 percent interest rates will be a dream in heaven but sadly that is not a thing and I make a couple cents from have 500 dollars in the bank ps I'm not old

  5. Interest is a modern way of slaving other countries into debt it may look harmless to an individual but if you look into big picture you can see the impact it had on other countries this system sucks.

  6. why not helping ben with fixed amount. you pay his tuition say for 60000 dollar. banker profit, ben profit

  7. Fees paid from a money borrower to the lender . Both principles and interests earn interests : compounding .

  8. God forbids taking interest on loans.

    God promised to curse interest taken money by rich greedy people, on the other hand, God promised to bless charity given to the needy.

    God promised eternal hellfire for such greedy people who are used to eat usuary.

  9. But where does the money go after? They flood a market with non existent money that has to be paid back with real money, but they also charge a fee for this so the money paid as interest is taken away from the local economy.
    Where does this money go and if it does not go back in to circulation it is taking away purchasing power from the economy.
    They are not being paid as interest for storing money in the banks. I don't know any banks that offer even 1% rates on accounts other than apartment saving loan accounts which again benefit them with the interest they will get from the loan I will take with them for buying an apartment.

  10. A certain sum of money,invested at compounded interest amounts to rs 27783 in 3 years and rs 26460 in 2 years .what is the rate percent of interest ?plz sir solve this question

  11. There are plenty of banks who will charge you huge interest

    But when it comes to borrowing money to the bank they pay back shit

  12. 4 sins cause greatest corruption to human soul&earth, for such, God promised (in Quran) eternal hellfire in judgement day:

    1-Worshipping another deity with God



    4-Habit of Eating Usuary/Interest

  13. Is it weird that I’m only 12 and already thinking about my future and watching these vids cuz they don’t teach it in school?

  14. 4 sins cause greatest corruption to human soul&earth: uncurable diseases, plagues, disasters, ingnorance, extremism, crimes, etc. For doers of these four sins, God promised (in Quran) eternal hellfire:

    1-Worshipping another deity with God

    2-Killing human without right


    4-Habit of taking Usuary (interest on loans)

    Except who believes, repents, and does righteous.

    O humans, pray for forgiveness, repent to yr only God, and worship him by standing against sins to prosper to knowledge, global peace of mind, and eternal heaven.

  15. Keeping your money in the bank is a terrible idea. Your money basically loses its value through inflation. Go buy a lot.

  16. If you are a private lending institution, and you want to make money, you make loans. But if you cannot make any money from the interest on those loans, then why take the risk of LOSING that money you loaned? The interest rate should be 7 or 8 per-cent, MINIMUM!

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