Intermediate Sabre Fencing : The Explosive Lunge in Sabre Fencing

Intermediate Sabre Fencing : The Explosive Lunge in Sabre Fencing

JASON SHERIDAN: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Jason Sheridan from the Sheridan Fencing Academy here in New York City, and
today, we’re going to demonstrate some intermediate sabre fencing. Another kind of lunge that
you can use in fencing is called explosive lunge. Similar to acceleration lunge in its
final position, what’s different is how it’s executed. An explosive lunge starts rather
than slow to fast, very fast, and it’s fast all the way through. It’s used for slightly
shorter distance in acceleration lunge. Unlike acceleration lunge where you get to about
75% extension before you finish the movement and move the foot, here, you get about 90%
extension before everything else moves. Watch as the girls demonstrate explosive lunge.
Go ahead, girls. Okay, a few more times, very important, it’s very easy to be tense when
you’re doing this. You want to stay very loose. Girls, do it again. There’s movement here,
we’ll start in the tip, whereas an acceleration lunge, it started in the guard. Let’s do it
again, one more time. Go ahead, girls, bravo.

3 Replies to “Intermediate Sabre Fencing : The Explosive Lunge in Sabre Fencing”

  1. you need to teach your students better footwork…and stretch the foot farther out so the knee doesnt pass over it, they could hurt their knee if they keep that up…(personal experience)

  2. Why are the tips of thelade so high when they finish the lunge. I mean it's one thing if you're aiming for the head but the way its being done is just asking for a touch on the arm

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