Intermediate Sabre Fencing : The Waiting Lunge in Sabre Fencing

Intermediate Sabre Fencing : The Waiting Lunge in Sabre Fencing

JASON SHERIDAN: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Jason Sheridan from the Sheridan Fencing Academy here in New York City, and
today, we’re going to demonstrate some intermediate sabre fencing. A third variety of lunge you
may want to use when you’re fencing is called a waiting lunge. A waiting lunge is used for
very long distance, and it’s a lunge when you’re starting to move in first with your
foot. We’ve so far covered acceleration and explosive lunges in which you’re using your
hand first. Here, you’re just turning your foot first, gaining a lot of distance and
at the last moment, moving your arm. The girls will demonstrate a waiting lunge. Notice how
it starts from the foot, the hand comes late, may have to come up a little to do it. Do
a couple of more, girls. Again just like the other two lunges, the final position is the
same. You may use a little feign as Emma did just there. Let’s do one or two more. Still
just like the other lunges, the key here is to be very relaxed. Why don’t we try this
from one more angle? Face forward, waiting lunge, excellent. Very good, in particular,
against an opponent who likes to parry.

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