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  1. The first questions were about his injuries on his knees and how it may or may not affect him during the match or the training. He said that the pain was less noticeable during training or match because he was more focused but was stronger at night when he tried to sleep. He also said he had a 3-to-4 month period where he had no training session, which is his longest since he picked up the paddle when all began. Coach Liu asked him to train a little bit every day in addition to his recovery exercise. Before WTTC he and the coaches talked and think it’s important to lay low a bit and hence he can devote everything to final training before the WTTC. He also talked about in this interview about how the injuries affect his mind and he’s grateful that he came through. The interviewer said that Ma Long recluses during the competition, to which he replied that he needs to focus. He played music in his room with his roommate because he thought it was too quiet.
    As for this year’s WTTC, he thinks it is not as stressful as the last one. There was a lot to think about before the final especially it would be his third in a row. He tried to block everything from the outside and to think as positive as possible. Coach Liu encouraged him with his words, which is Liu’s specialty.
    The interviewer asked Ma Long what he feels like now when his physical strength may not be as strong as before. He said it has affected something but it can be overcome.
    When the score was 2-1 in sets of the final, he felt a bit losing control. At 7-9 in the fourth set, he played, in his mind, like he had already lost that set and eventually with the help from the pause, he won.
    Interviewer brought up 2020. Ma Long says he has to be able to follow the training schedule. Also, the adjustment of mindset is also very important.
    Liu says Ma Long loves the game and devotes himself into the game, which makes him the most suitable successor to Liu himself.
    Ma also adds that he wants to find a new way of training which can potentially keep him in the game as a competent player even when he eventually turns 39 or 40.

  2. Okay guys. Somebody has added some english subs. You can see the subs when you try to edit them! But its only for 3 mins only… 🙁 Can someone add to it! Pls

  3. Guys, I will offer you the most important translation: Liu Baba says that Malong is the most suitable option for the next leading coach.

  4. Hey people are fan of ma long outside of China too, so if you are uploading a video of him upload with english subtitles.

  5. Sorry we can't translate this video, please understand.

    If possible, please contribute the translation right at the comment section.

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