Introducing Table Tennis X (TTX)

Introducing Table Tennis X (TTX)

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  1. OMG!! Talk about bad commercal! I heard about it and want to get excited! But this video did nothing to make me interested! Just made it sound more boring with big ball and no screw???

  2. Table tennis but not as you know it! because its not table tennis. It's what 90% of the world already calls "ping pong the game :D"

  3. Why not just promote sand paper table tennis. The "sand" in sand paper is already related to the beach.

  4. might be a good way to attract new people to table tennis, but if thats the future, like the ITTF president states, I'll quit this wonderful sport…

  5. This is the most stupid thing I've ever seen. Are you guys serious ITTF? Wasn't wrecking the balls and the point system enough???!! WTF!

  6. professional players should not come, just because ittf president asked them to come to do this. professional players should advise and guide the president; instead of following the wrong ideas of the president

  7. wow, its more of a parlor games, with open and strong wind i can still play this game, maybe even with 6 bottles of beer. 😕

  8. Dear ITTF,

    The problems that I see in the developing and managment of table tennis by ITTF in recent years:
    1. Making the sport slower
    2. Making the sport less spinny
    3. Still no high quality videos of major tournaments

    Here some suggestions that are the wishes of the whole table tennis community (I guess):
    1. Invest in proper camera, they are cheap nowadays (tabletennisdailysdan's videos from WTTC2017 are partly better than yours)
    2. Film in addition or mainly from the side instead from above or behind. That way one can see the curve, the height and the spin of the ball and it is easier to estimate the speed of rallies. Also you can see the technique of the pro players in detail.
    3. Instead of raising new experimental designs and variations of table tennis, invest the money in projects that support local coaches/schools/sportclubs or start campaigns that raise the awareness of the sport, visit schools and help them build hobby table tennis groups and try to connect table tennis clubs with schools…I think it would be far more beneficial.
    4. STOP destroying the beauty of table tennis and ask the people what they want! The fascination of this sport is the speed and spin and changes have been made the last decades. Some were good, some bad. I guess most of us were ok with the ban of fresh glueing the older ones were quite ok with 38mm ball going up to 40mm. But why did you force a new ball upon us, although it is more expensive, fragile, bigger and therefore slower and less spinny? Where is the benefit for us? Why do you kill the fascination?

    You are in no way promoting the sport and TTX is definitely not the future. If people wanted a heavier and bigger ball and being able to play under windy circumstances, they would choose to play tennis instead.
    W know, you want to make table tennis easier to understand, easier to play and easier to broadcast/stream, but you know what, in that way you are destroying our sport and passion. How about you accept that table tennis is a very complicated but therefore also tremendously multifaceted sport and that not every sport is suitable for mass media consumers to watch. But nonetheless we, the players, don't want to suffer the consequences of your not representative dream (of commercialisation) of table tennis.

    a table tennis player who thinks he speaks for the majority

  9. seems like ITTF has lost hope to get larger audiences, more money and overall bigger events and better production for the sport tabletennis. The last effort was going with the plastic ball and all in all the earth didnt move. Just appreciate the sport for what it is and its key characteristics. Just sad to see players like Boll and Samsonov promoting this new "sport", whether they were pushed into it or not.

  10. I don't know what the hell is wrong with Ittf….. I mean that they are actually trying to extinguish the beauty and genuineness of the sport by doing this sort of thing…. Just to attract more people to table tennis……… Table tennis is tge most unique sport anf very few people will only love it so don't try to destroy the sport in attempt to help it

  11. They will never know without the spin,this will become a trash,why don't they just call it ping pong instead of TTX?

  12. this is terrible… i get you are just trying to get people to like the sport,but if they didn't like it before, what will make them play it now?
    its kind of like putting training wheels on a bike…

  13. Came here only to dislike. Sorry I understand where your coming from but the complexity of table tennis is its main appeal for people to play it more often than on weekends

  14. TTX is same as in the old days of table tennis where you play on concrete tables with wooden rackets with no spin.

  15. eh, che cosa c'è di nuovo? quarant'anni fa all'oratorio giocavamo con le palline che riuscivamo a trovare, con racchette senza gomma… se la novità è solo nel punteggio o il fatto che il set dura due minuti… ma sai che noia quando quello dall'altra parte non piglia nulla e per due minuti vedi uno che fa il tiro a segno?

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