Introduction to Table Tennis Rubbers | PingSkills

Introduction to Table Tennis Rubbers | PingSkills

hi I'm alloys from pingskills today we're going to show you the different effects that you can get with different types of rubbers let's have a look at the different friction of these rubbers firstly with the normal rubber is a lot of friction a lot of grip with the short pimple there's a little bit of grip with the long pimple there's less grip and with the anti spin the ball slides very easily across the surface with normal rubber you can get a lot of spin with short pimple rubber a little bit less with long pimple less again and with anti spin not much at all let's have a look at what happens when I try to put some backspin on with different types of rubber let's have a look at the effect that the normal rubber has with backspin you can see the ball comes back to me quite quickly now let's have a look at the effect with short pimple rubber there's a bit of backspin but it doesn't quite come back to me as quickly now let's have a look at long pimple rubber the ball stops and just comes back towards me and now anti spin so the ball stops and doesn't really come back at all let's have a look at the effect that a heavy backspin vault will have on these different rubbers firstly with the normal rubber the heavy backspin will really good and drag down off the normal rubber off the short pimple rubber the backspin will grip but not as much so the ball will come down at a lesser angle off the long pimple the ball will come down even less with the backspin and with anti spin the heavy backspin will have almost no effect at all and the ball will come straight out so when you're using these rubbers you need different angles to return a backspin ball firstly with the normal rubber you need to have your bat very open with the short pimples you can close your bat over a little bit with the long pimples you can close it even more and with the anti spin you could almost have the bat completely flat so let's have a look at the effect that a topspin ball has on these different rubbers firstly with the normal rubber if they topspin the ball to you the ball is going to grip into the rubber so you need to turn your back over to counter that grip with the short pimple the ball doesn't grip in as much so you can start to hit the ball a little bit flatter so you don't need to turn your bat over the ball you need to have it quite flat with the long pimple the ball doesn't grip much at all so you can't afford to get the bat over the ball at all you need to have it flat or you can even start to turn the bat backwards and reverse spin with the anti spin again you can turn the bat back to reverse the spin you can also have it quite flat and hit through the ball because the spin doesn't grip into the anti spin at all so with the topspin I need to come over the top of the ball with the short pimples I can hit through a little bit flatter with the long pimples I can even tilt my bat backwards and start to reverse the spin with the anti spin I can reverse the spin or I can hit through the ball at ping skills we don't recommend that beginners start with long pimple or anti spin rubber that's because those rubbers don't have much friction so it's hard to generate your own spin and it's difficult to learn the basic strokes the long pimples an anti spin can be excellent defensive rubbers the top defensive players in the world now will use the long pimple because you can generate a little bit of your own spin and they're very good for control and defense on the forehand side the defendants if players would tend to use a normal rubber and mix-up attack and defense

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  1. Hi, there's a common belief in the TT community that red and black rubber perform differently. Is this a myth or is there truth in this statement?

  2. This guy is pretty skilled. Once I get used to the characteristics of a particular bat, it takes me a long time to adjust to a different one. He's returning spins in real time with a variety of bats, each with different characteristics. This video is one of the most informative I've seen so far on the different rubber. I never knew what the real difference was between the red and the black.

  3. So about to buy a customized bat and have a decent BH rubber nittaku H3 pro which was recommended by a friend and the Yasaka Ma Lin extra off blade. Any recommendations on a FH rubber had butterfly tenergy 05 but the same friend told me they have a terrible durability. Also i like to loop FH and BH but have some control thanks.

  4. Coach Alois, would u mind if I ask your setup? Been playing for more than 10 years as a hobby. Looper both side with more dominant backhand. My weakness is in my serves… Can't generate those crazy spins. But I'm a flicker close to net BH & FH. Have had quite a number of diff setups and still not satisfied.. Pls help! TYVM

  5. If i build my own racket do i buy separate rubbers for different effects on my returns and serves? Or should i just by 2 of the same rubber? Good Video!

  6. Hi,
    I am from India… I m a beginner…. And just customized my racket using Mark 5 rubber for forehand and yasaka anti spin for backhand…. I guess I m not defensive…. Should I go for yasaka mark 5 for backhand too… What u suggest?

  7. Hi
    I am using defense ply with attacking rubber but I am not able chop properly
    If I chop it is going inside net or outside the table
    What I have do for proper chop and it is becoming more different when opponent service to my side and I am not able to life
    Is there any solution for that ??????????

  8. Hey guys, excellent video! I really enjoyed it and benefited it. I recently just got the Palio Legend 2 racket and I was wondering what kind of rubber the bat has on both sides. Thanks again!

  9. You need to have a more serious video. for example comparison between inverted and long pips chops, response and how much power each rubber need for every kinds of spin. do you think long pips without sponge will have stronger response than short with sponge? which one needs more effort to block a top spin with less effort? you didnt say enough in this video.

  10. hi PingSkills, i have recently brought new table tennis racket but unfortunately i am having a hard time controlling it, the ball simply strikes off as soon as it comes in contact with the racket. I guess', its because it has got thicker sponge. I can't play chop easily or keep ball low and close to the net. So its my humble request that if possible can you make a video explaining how to play with this racket or how to adapt. Even if you explain it in reply to this, it would be great. 🙂

  11. hey there guys! thanks for the knowledgeable​ lesson!
    I'm surely going to use these points to my advantage when I'm playing choppers and defensive pips players in the future!
    Also, could you help me understand what sponge thickness and hardness does ?
    thanks again !!

  12. 🙂 What are the differences between the red side and the black side. I'm a beginner so excuse me if it's a silly question

  13. What's the difference between the red and black rubber and which one should I use for forehand or backhand?

  14. I got a ready made racket from stiga. both sides are pimples down with foam. One side is red and one is black. are both sides anti-spin? they feel pretty sticky. what the heck did I buy? wish I saw this video first.

  15. Well I know that training is more important then equipment but I am looking for an attacking rubber on both sides. After been using Mark V I've learned to play with Mark V and want some faster rubber. So what do you recommend for a rubber for a attacking player. Between, does the thickness off sponge change difference off speed. For example what should I use if tenergy 05 FX. 2,1 1,9 1,7?

  16. Hey ping skills i was wondering if you could tell me if this is a good bat for a intermediate player like me👉

  17. Sir need your advice on choosing my first custom bat. I am an average attacker. Which rubber would be ideal for me

  18. hi, i have always played with a pre-made bat but after watching your video i am thinking of buying a custom bat. I am an attacking player and my backhand and forehand are equally strong with the ability of smashes and chops and other shots but I do switch to defence now and then just to mix up things. I want to buy the best and advanced custom bat in the market. So what type and which company's rubber and blade and sponge should i buy according to my game and what kinda glue and etc?

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