Ireland finally got a Full Size Cable Park!

Ireland finally got a Full Size Cable Park!

good morning lads and lassies and what a good morning it is because I don't know if you can see but behind me there there is a full-size cable in Ireland no joke this is finally happening I've been waiting for 15 years and all that ever wanted was to be able to write a full cable and have like a home park and now I finally do so basically this is in Belfast and I live in Dublin system an hour-and-a-half Drive which sounds like a lot but other than wake talk which takes me with traffic and take over an arrow to get to the nearest place for me to ride is about two and a half three errors for the cable to go to Bali house or else I Drive to the boat not to make two errors as well so having a cable now and halfway it might sound like a lot but to me that is like so close to home I'll be able to come up in the afternoon Ryan aim drive back to Dublin and I also have some friends who live in the area so it is very exciting times right now I'm going to show you a few quick shots of the cable and then I'll run you through what we have and then we'll meet at last alright here's the star talk you can see Brian and Dazza you probably remember down this is where it all begins and then you go this way because it is a clockwise cable so yeah it's a fully clockwise cable which means it's left foot forward and people are complaining about that and then if it was the other way people would complain the other way but the reality is I think you just need a man off and take the corner switch because just you shouldn't be a alright so here here are your first two obstacles you've got a kicker small one and a big one and then over there on the right foot forward you've got a tiny one and a big one not tiny ones actually probably my favorite kicker ever it's so fun then when you come around the third corner I'm gonna say you have this a rooftop thing it's actually very easy again for beginners really good only thing is it's quite far from the start dock but still it's pretty easy and I guess it's a little bit more advanced than that little phone box over there then you come down this stretch you have this rooftop which is so sick really really fun that's my I guess that's my second favorite because there this little one over there is my favorite but this one's so sick too and actually forgot to mention that in here there is something going there in a very short while and then you go around this last corner and then you get to the last rate so on this last straight you have this rail which is like a transfer box it's pretty fun no idea what it's actually called so we're just going to name it the transfer box and then on the right foot forward hillside you have this thing it told us of a real name however we've decided to name it the penis rail and because from above it kind of looks like a penis very immature but it's actually sort of sick route it's so fun like can't explain how it's just a little bit more difficult and it makes it so much more fun so it's definitely my favorite one I'm looking forward to shredding it a lot and yeah then after that you're back to the star talk and ready for lap number two lastly you have this pipe rail which i think is gonna be so so good they haven't put it in because the cables salute you only been open like I'm gonna say no a week maybe two weeks oh they're still putting things in but this is the last obstacle to go in and I think that's gonna be a great addition as well and it's blown all over the place anyway as you can see it is very exciting times for wakeboarding in Ireland and this has been a long time coming I never thought I'd actually see the day like I knew was happening for the last year because we've had this system to here for a while and I've come and right Road that I think once and and there was talks of the full-size but then today or I guess like a week ago but for me today it has finally happened and I'm so delighted and the vibes are good which is far more important than what's going on in the cable as well anyway that's basically if I want to say a massive thank you to let's go hydro and there are people or this is the name of the place because without them wakeboarding would soak in Ireland there and also to everyone who's helped build it particularly David Cote or a good friend DC yeah because I know he Louie lives like right there and he comes down here at every day he's been helping them get it set up so that we could shred this summer and there we can so that is it for this video no way quitting in it because I'm saving that for the next video and to make sure to stay tuned and we'll see you then thanks for watching Robert Johnson's come

24 Replies to “Ireland finally got a Full Size Cable Park!”

  1. can anyone tell me if the seals of the dun laoghaire bite people anticipated thanks for the answer

  2. Nice video! I wanted to ask about warmup before riding or when you know that you will start learning new tricks and that there will be some hard falls. What kind of warmups do you do? Or maybe you dont do it at all? Maybe you have some kind of routine before riding? 🙂

  3. Hey David nice video. I thought that Ballyhass where you usually ride in Ireland was a full sized cable. Also do you have to wear a wet suit in Ireland all year round when your wake boarding or surfing in the ocean?

  4. Nice Video like always, i make Holidays in Ireland to until August 10. and i surfing in Bundoran 😅 Waves are good here.
    Tomorrow i visit the Slieve League Cliffs and next week some Game of Thrones Locations.

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