33 Replies to “Iron Pony Table Tennis HD (Cute MLP Cartoon)”

  1. I know it might sound weird, but at the start of the game, I closed my eyes and it sounded like "Tastes like boo boo"

    I'm not going crazy…

  2. Omg this is so cute and funny at the same time for example fluttershy is just holding her juce box thinking meh I'll just wach Omg This is or funny!!😂🤣😄😆

  3. So when you see applejacks fac the ball is going through either her arm or onto her chest, so basicly rainbow is chest bumping tue tennis ball

  4. Since when can the ponies stand normally like humans without falling down?

  5. "Ping Pong… is not the macarena. It takes patience. She is like a fine, well-aged prostitute… it takes years to learn her tricks."
    "What part of 'sudden death' didn't you understand?"

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