Iron Tumbler – Horseshoes before and after!

Iron Tumbler – Horseshoes before and after!

all right as a short update about dr tumblr here is a hard shoes that i have i didn't put tumblr for about two hours yesterday and next to them pile of horseshoes have not had in the tumblr just to have a reference of how well it's been working thanks you can see most of the rust on the of course they are brown and rusty but big lumps of rust and stuff is mostly gone here and there it's down to the bare my soul yeah and yeah it seems to work this this all should have one of nails system stolen that's very nice detail it's not falling out so yeah and here are the ones I haven't tumble it's all rust will be next time I will show you how these work slide in after a tumble them or not next time later in this video so chase and so on focus expert this works found by foraging alright I have now had these policies in the tumbler for about an hour these are the ones I showed you that hadn't been into the tumbler yet there are the other ones I showed you so as you can see one after one hour and the tumbler does make no better since this one was heavily corroded but hey you can see it's down to the bare metal this one unfortunately broke because it was like almost it was very bent in the first place so broke but overall there are lots more smooth this one is very very well tumbled almost down to the bare metal all over a few more hours and tumbler all of them should make them very nice so until yeah

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  1. Excellent results well done on your project I like that a lot 🙂 can I ask what you do with all the Iron Artifacts once you have cleaned them, do you display them or make things from them? GL & HH

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