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  1. i’ve been doing tae kwon do for 7 years now. i’ve been in 4 fights in that time. take my advice my friends. Do. Not. Go. For. The. Head. With. A. Kick. unless u are guaranteed a hit and can get it off without being punished for it. second, don’t ever go into a fight thinking of a sparring match at the studio. very very very different. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE a wrestler or a boxer. DONT UNDERESTIMATE ANYONE. they have just as much chance to beat you. never be cocky, instead be ready. Karma is real and it will bite you in your ass if you get cocky my friend. sure. if it’s sparring and ur having fun go ahead, talk shit it’s okay. but a real fight, respect what ur opponent can potentially do to you and in return show him what you can potentially do to them. the reason i say all this is because i too thought i can beat anyone my age or size just because i knew tae kwon do. admittedly, i’m by far one of the best at my dojo, i’m at least in top 5 out of all of us. no matter how good i am or get at this, it doesn’t guarantee me a victory over anyone i fight and especially because of the way we are taught in certain areas of our training, we train to fight in tournaments. although TKD is not completely meant for street fighting, doesn’t mean it can’t be used. i’ll say this. be as smart as you can and do not attempt crazy kicks that can get you fucked up or knocked on your ass. be smart with what you do and participate in the fight with all of your best moves that you’ve got. overall, TKD can be used for street fighting, but like he said, you have to be very smart about how you use ur skills. and i’m done now and if u got this far heyyyyy watsup😂

  2. I have been doing Taekwondo for 9 years, and I can confirm that it most definitely incorporates keeping your guard up, I have also been punched in the face many times during training, from what I hear, Olympic Taekwondo is not a very accurate representation of the martial arts as a whole, so basing your arguments off of that probably isn't the best for criticising the martial art. However, one fighting style cannot defend you from every situation, and taekwondo has it's flaws, for example, it is least effective in close quarters and tight spaces, as it primarily relies on kicks, it is quite effective at range, it also tends to be very high risk, high reward, as landing spinning kicks can be quite difficult, but if done properly, it can definitely cause some damage, because of the fact that you are putting a ton of momentum behind the kick as you spin. Taekwondo isn't everyone's thing, but neither are any of the other fighting styles, you just have to find a style that suits and makes the most sense to you

  3. I am a black belt in tae kwon do and i think tae kwon do is a very good martial art to defend yourself in a street fight. In tae kwon do we don’t grab kicks but in a real life situation I will grab your kick and I will do anything to end the fight.

  4. I do taekowndo and im not gonna say its the best but my sensei also did judo as a kid and though us not only taekowndo but also grapples locks and throws

  5. You have army style and free style tkd sparring aswell and it allows to punch to the face kick the leg nad ground fighting

  6. First of all in tkd you are teached to have self control and disipline. You will not be fighting in a such a low basic type fighting like a street fight if you have self control. People think us tdk martial artists only do what they see us doing in commpetition, but you didnt do much research because there is tree types of tkd traditional, self defense, and commpetition. Dont judge the feet and fists art. And you are acctualy tought to always have their fists up in self defense tkd. So do more research when talking about a sport you dont know lol

  7. To be honest, taekwondo teached me to not be afraid to get in a fight and builded up my resilience. I got hit in the stomach once by an untrained peasant and the only thing I thought was, hmm when I get hit in training with a pantser on it still hurts 3 times as much.

    Anyways I think that being confident and not afraid to get in a fight is the most usefull. If somebody is an asshole I call him out on it and if he wants to fight I basically just say bring it. What Ive found out is that in 19/20 cases the other backs down just because of your sheer confidence.

    In the end we are all just animals trying to appear big it seems.

  8. If they would just lose the sport aspect and go back to pure TKD with all the emphasis on dangerous hand strikes, it would have a better reputation. That plus the fact that they give 5 year olds black belts!
    How i would love to find a TKD school that was more like cobra kai!

  9. I studied WTF Taekwondo for many years and I also studied boxing for many years. I hold a black belt in taekwondo and I believe together they can be very effective. I think its a kicking art that can be modified to be effective in combative situations. I think it depends on the individual who trains in taekwondo and I think you should never underestimate any martial art discipline. I believe master what you are good at in a martial art and then study other disciplines to be a well balanced martial artist. I never disrespect any style or underestimate any style in martial arts with that being said lets not bash other disciplines. Every black belt deserves respect in any style of martial arts.

  10. The thing is when they refer to Taekwondo they r talking about competition or Olympic Taekwondo but every single Taekwondo class I’ve seen they incorporate keeping your hands up, self defense, take downs, and boxing (hand strikes) let me know if anyone’s Taekwondo class actually teaches them to keep their hands down and only use kicks like in competition

  11. I'm black belt in taekwondo and honestly it's not the best way to defend yourself . Because when i switched to mma i can assure you that someone who is a pro in taekwondo can get beat up by someone who trained mma for 2 years max . ( just my opinion )

  12. No martial art is complete on its own. Just like any martial art, taekwondo has its own holes.

    I started in Taekwondo and still do it for sport and fun. Once I started MMA I saw that in order to be truly ready for self defense, you need to know multiple martial arts. Wrestling, boxing, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, BJJ, it all comes together so that you can survive any situation.

    For clarification, in taekwondo we don't always guard to the face cause we want to keep our upper body relaxed. It helps us with those quick steps. You actually see that type of stance used with high level boxers like floyd mayweather and MMA fighters like conor mcgregor where they're hands are down but they're defensive movements are very fast.

    *cheers 😊

  13. The first thing you learn in taekwondo when sparring is to manage the distance between yourself and the opponent, and the most important kicks are not roundhouse kicks or spinhook-kicks, it's push kick, side kick, and back kick, which are amazing kicks to keep the opponents away from you when mastered. If you can't believe me, go to a dojang and get side/push/back kick from an instructor 😉

  14. Let me help you brother,l practiced taekwondo 90s but rules are working at training area ,at Street you do everything , that you know, just do the research about taekwondo self-defence,those rules which you are taking about , you applying for sparring not at Street, at Street you use everything, rules are used for the training not at Street. taekwondo self defence,1you grab 2you punch on the face 3 you kick under the belt 4you use elbow at Street,l fought at Street a lot.Lol

  15. Thanks, as you said, Taekwondo, and I will add Karate style fighting, is a great base. Example: Loyota Machida, Anthony Pettis, and Wonderboy Thompson to name a few professional fighters. For this old guy that hasn't been in a fight since Jr. High, TKD is a great way to stay fit, fast, flexible, and maintain some good fight mechanics if needed…
    hopefully never.

  16. As a practitioner of martial arts, and Taekwondo when I was younger, I remember that I wasn't gonna limit myself to not punching to the face and keeping it clean as we did during sparring. I was most certainly going to punch to the face, punch and kick to the back, kick to the groin, and kick an opponent while he/she was down. The speed, agility and striking techniques would have transitioned to a street fight, but the blows would have landed wherever it was more effective in a fight. As you can see, it's not the art itself, but how you use it in a fight. Also as a practitioner of any martial art, your punches, kicks and reflexes are faster than your average couch potato who thinks he's tough.

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