Italy’s Mediterranean Mass Grave: Europe or Die

Italy’s Mediterranean Mass Grave: Europe or Die

to tackle the unprecedented numbers of people risking their lives to enter its borders Europe is spending hundreds of millions of euros to fortify its frontier to develop Arizona Vita you’re preggers through the German vos room possibly de Mayo party to tell me event I’ll cancel out or not Morocco we call for help Ford was thinking there was no life jacket [Music] [Music] we’re on the island of love buhdeuce at the very south of Italy this is a migrant boat cemetary hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees have made the perilous journey from Africa to Europe through this part of the Mediterranean look at the state of this boat [Music] people smugglers can do pretty much whatever they want one boat like this full of people can be worth of two million dollars a record number of more than a hundred and seventy thousand migrants and refugees arrived in Italy in 2014 in unsafe overcrowded boats at least three thousand died on the way this is by far the biggest and deadliest route into Europe in response to the tragedies that scene in 2013 Italy launched the only extensive search and rescue mission in the Mediterranean called Mara Nostrum Mara no somos una persona salvar a veto male governo de she said the rare Giri the known star occurred at the noble started elastoplastic this operation goes in the international waters off of the Libyan coast so they literally pick these people up they put them on a safe military vessel and then they sell to Italian port in a year they saved more than 150 thousand people but politicians in Europe have accused it of creating a profile so now Mara Nostrum is being phased out and replaced with a much smaller border surveillance operation called triton front XL agencia from texas financee era una operación geometry Tony Costa Coco pewdie tremolo led a rural messes are a financier token sold a rope a la operaciones marenostrum Acosta in una no ultra chain Tommy Leone or Acosta zero we arrived in Italy as Mara Nostra was being phased out Bret the biggest Italian Navy we’re going to meet one of the captains from Marin Austria interestingly the press guy said that we can’t ask the captain any questions about Frontex Triton orders from above hi I’m Milan no internet the diva shell or Leonardo kettle-belly Sam come on aunt Adina Vassili we need October immediate ready she Western Ave salvato quasi Oh Tommy la persona I woulda modely to Carrie c’mon Oh quelle Akira la really consistent sadef lucy migratory lemhi shoshone feed officially forces a Tequesta that pesky – recitation twenty persona in Barkov aqua la persona era no Santissima compress in p chorus part c multi the litora era no sobre la blanche in posted when ornamental moon Prevost okay personally pasta Caminero supposed to severe a fashion fundamental Menton aloft a case you so much chef static on industry system ERT she is he that reapeth Shana Ganesha see on this of course well ok fat Shamu a Metairie managed to be don’t do a the industry good morning now see your money and a Bordeaux personally medico pursue personal medical very fickle our sensory don’t abandon your persona magadi more transionic and she said yesterday recover at aboard opal prima the promise you went alligator fat okay but katsu a nice oh no strappy and molto PMS over falada only moviment an interaction trolley me people even more medically good morning a quest a quest in Pakistani pop Prabhakar a la calzada de persona with the Italian Navy stress key capacity drastically cut down international merchant vessels happening to be in the area were now tasked to answer migrant boats distress calls despite lacking training or the necessary equipment do you think that it’s important if somebody’s gonna go out and rescue boat in distress like that to that people know what they’re doing lot destra mentos la capacidad de potosí requested column NZ reporter manova rocky kinesio need officially a lackey ave purport are a console chatter mini quest roti paani operas it’s a lot to ask of a merchant vessels see Levant a Jew they were very c2e2 melanosome estados event equal OD salvar a multi-person seminar astrology process not approval meant a seguramente morte personas Ribeiro como que me Samar cerebro seguramente more tennis tentative ODI Riverina Rafa mara nostrums main mission was to save lives it had a trained staff of 900 engaged any single day and 32 naval units at its disposal which cost Italy 9 million euros a month to run from text writin however is primarily a border control operation covering a smaller area and running on less than 3 million euros a month so we’re about to go on a patrol plane with a front X pilot because operation Triton is only a third of the size of mera Nostrum air surveillance is a huge part of their mission we are the sort of the first line of surveillance that there is in this operation we try to go as far as possible into the limits of the operational area and spot any boats the aircraft has been specifically fitted for maritime surveillance meaning we have a surveillance radar we have a very powerful camera system with an infrared camera as well in terms of patrol area what’s the difference for a plane like yours and Amara Nostrum surveillance planes the operational area is just north of Tamara Nostrum area about 40 miles west of La Medusa and hundreds of miles north up into Sicily it’s not as far down south as Marino’s [Music] we document about as early as we can we take all the images video pictures where this position and speed where it’s going perhaps how many people are on board and then we document this and we send all of this to the mission command that’s wrong is there any activity going on at the moment just before the flight we learned that there was I think five separate cases of the approach is heading for Lampa deucey they are now well outside of the front decks operational area and I believe the Italian Navy is is taking care of these boats at the moment we didn’t spot any migrant boats during the air patrol so upon landing we tried to board a Portuguese Frontex ship off the coast of Lampe deucey but the waves were too brutal so we try to get to the big ship today the sea is just too rough well the the sea has been rough for the past 3-4 days in fact the size of the the height of the waves is reaching 7 meters now so it would be very dangerous to get on board of this big vessel which really makes you realize how how dangerous search and rescue operations are and these people do this on a daily basis the boats that we witness coming here on the island of Lampedusa are rusty which are completely unseaworthy they shouldn’t be in the scene the first place let alone with 500 people women and children on board only wearing lifejackets neither smugglers are profit oriented they’re basically running a zero risk high profit operations wearing life jackets for them reduces space available on the boat so we don’t see the migrants wearing late lifejackets at all what would be needed for Frontex to be able to carry out the same kind of search-and-rescue missions on the scale of mera Nostrum our current mandate focuses exclusively on border control so that would require the change of our mandate and therefore that would be the decision of the European Commission and the European Council as well as the European Parliament respectively Tritan wasn’t intended to replace Mare Nostrum but rather to assist italy mainly with border surveillance the EU considers it italy’s responsibility to rescue people in its waters so it’s unlikely from text to get the mandate and budget to carry out the type of operations necessary to save thousands from perishing at sea the five migrant boats we’d heard about during the air patrol had been intercepted and those aboard were being taken to Sicily so we headed there as aid workers and police prepared to receive them [Music] we’re in the port of Port Salut in the South of Sicily and we’re about to witness what could be one of the last extensive search and rescue missions carried out by the Italian Navy in the horizon is a ship called San Georgia which was used extensively during myron Ostrom and on boarded our 863 rescued migrants and refugees and they’re currently being transferred onto smaller ships to be able to get into the harbor people are getting out and being transferred into coaches and hundreds more so waiting in the big ship to be transferred we were not allowed near the migrants as they were undergoing medical checks and initial screening the coaches are here waiting to transport the rescued people all the seats are covered in plastic bags and there’s huge sanitation like everyone’s wearing masks and hazmat suits then we heard that a foreign merchant ship had rescued 230 migrants and refugees so we headed to the port of Messina where he was about to dock both has arrived it was one man who’s very ill it was carried out on a stretcher having their photos taken to start entering them into the system and they’re doing one last medical check and then they’re going to be taken to the center so Nadia a documentary Germany agreement mostly cinnamon only so many no not company RT restitution moon accustomed to go into TV Sparky she’s coming to go through media requesting build she merely do it on tape you did on this million do a tsunami no they don’t accompany a teacher sooner I gots it I knew me she ate adjusted to any case oh no Rebecca docile in Italian Open piano pursue in Ouro accompany toreador until he adds oh ok directamente samos of a particular solid a lot of st Provenza what was the end of my nostril me multiply McCullough case which there are no Akane Save the Children cozy competent a are organized at CEO and humanitarian terminal Avalanche a tune up lol govern italiana a Europa thinkin on beneath the keel Samara nostril afferent a Buena so forensic restraint a perversion tina elimedia diverse own a paranoid an acceptable a vendor ido to loss for Sue Ellen vino della so course the salvage enjoy in America we went to the emergency center where the migrants and refugees were taken with reception centers often full many end up staying in these emergency structures for months we’re gonna see if we can speak some people about their journey [Music] catastrophic is a positive any member aleejack more dollars beaucoup this to Java Cybermen are sq City share the party of surely battle well a shadowy Saturday cumbia safe as a casket is spelled with AC you were on the boat arrived how did you make the journey from from Libya here to Italy yeah some people help us you know because they were fighting so no choice to live in Libya did you know how dangerous it is to try to cross with a boat here to come from Libya is very risky and dangerous we call for help but before they came things were was rough board was shrinking did you have life jackets no there was no life jacket there was no life jacket in Libya migrants and refugees are caught in a lawless hell of Civil War slave labor and extortion many are imprisoned in the numerous detention centers from which Human Rights Watch reports severe overcrowding and excessive torture at the hands of the guards NGOs and people say that there are prisons have you heard anything about this yeah I was not I didn’t make any time I didn’t make nothing as they just cut me a technical spit when when you have foreigner Libya of North freedom how long were you in the jail for no reason at all for no reason what is the situation in the jail very go so far if big people that continue their to do well you in jail also no no I mean those seven months they will kidnap you and they will ask you to pay money maybe they ask Python so your family have to pay you know you finally have a day so then you don’t have you live in jail because of the situation maybe that’s why people are we drove down to the Central Station because camera move I haven’t called their families for a couple of months so they want to let them know that they’re okay and they were giving these phone cards at the Tennis Center you know I’m in for another Avella me me garlic wantonly Lauren Lauren it was a broccoli mechanic una mala Mia yeah but our Academy to another month he said today she will sleep very well you know cause she’s feeling happy tanga tanga the to voice headed back to the camp but many of those who arrived on the same boat as them had no intention of staying in Italy they instantly escaped the emergency center to avoid having their fingerprints taken as that would register them in Italy and prevent them from applying for asylum elsewhere in Europe with no money or anywhere to go many migrants end up living on the streets well behind the Central Station in Catania and we’ve heard that there are a lot of people sleeping in this abandoned buildings LAN boozy one man please join a gang yeah we do ghusl he ended the software gun battle it just could require keeper vests belly – lady miracle ultra little I tell mom that isn’t alone he wants you free tomorrow so we got our little reprieve a bomb conceived Alison she’s a pal agreed upon some have been here for a year and a half or two years some arrived month ago they say the Italian migration centers can’t help them the NGOs can’t help them and since they have no documents and no money they have nowhere else to go he said he used to sleep in here before but then there was a fire so now he sleeps in there with the other guys it’s a like using someone funny funny little mystical you forget that common area physique vampire come on – body Monday pork on do if you’re not considered to be an asylum seeker but instead suspected to have illegally migrated to Italy for financial reasons you can end up in detention centers and then deported we headed to Rome to visit a detention center called Ponte Galleria we’re about to enter the biggest detention center in Italy we’re gonna go in with an activist called Gabriela it’s been working for the past three years trying to close down these kinds of detention centers the detainees at Punta del area had in the past years gone on hunger strikes rioted and sewed their lips together in protest against the living conditions and not being told how long they would be incarcerated in Italy migrants can be detained for up to 18 months do you know why you here woman have you tried to escape you’re talking to lots of people here you’re giving them your number what’s is this something you do often here describe but what you’re doing in here on takodana noise so charlie monkey respecto I sing Golic at the Cabaret Celia vacati who Sharon Oliver RT o menos why do you devote so much time to this became an acquisition today la Villa soon led to money late personal brevity della libertà prepare Sonali Parata Minister Devo in non finale how come you here in this Detention Center I sell umbrella same umbrella for for me for work this temple is catch me and take care I am come from Bangladesh square and stones problem in Bangladesh the political and another leader the two billet kill my brother two month before they first come in India there’s Pakistan then Iran again sukhiya Bulgaria Macedonia Serbia then Croatia Italia I’m not a terrorist and moeka not a criminal I want to feel I can to make job this way I want to Lydia [Music] one of the detainees is telling us that there is a room he wants to show us any manic Wow any mother so you’re gonna see the women’s section now this is 23 year old Moroccan girl here who might be expelled tomorrow she fled to Italy because her parents married her away twice against her will and her last husband abused her so badly that she lost her child she’s already had one court hearing they concluded as she was gonna be expelled she appealed it and tomorrow is her last chance if it doesn’t go well she’ll be sent back to Morocco she’s incredibly worried [Music] so no risk Oh also latakia motto americano so – I’m a perky Lamar aki-nee poster atacama remitted mio marito at the entry Donna Marie Topher Colorado Sonos Posada tour Nadal Morita to say Donna pasta Vivier con una muchacha Bambino non possibly very cool Louie no pasta everyday Parasurama possibly tie up regulated German vo strong possibility from Mary o party to tyranny event al cancer o torn and Morocco Italy struggles to meet human rights standards when handling the humanitarian crisis at its doorstep on top of that a massive corruption scandal has been uncovered involving a suspected mafia group being knowingly awarded government contracts to run migrant aid centers worth millions of euros but still the most urgent issue is how to prevent deaths at sea the president of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies Laura Bellini used to work for the UN’s refugee agency and is the most vocal politician on the issue why did Martin Ostrom come to an end Marie Nostrum term Anantapur KD futaba un Costa molto Lovato nove Milione EDL meze eQuest Oprah no strop I say at the entered on costo for set rope alto Quinny important take adesso to TPCC fashion okay Rico del Salvatore della Vita nan Mediterraneo particular from Tierra repair a donkey juice Tokyo noon official a proper party some politicians in Europe accused my rostrum of creating a pull factor multi politician on some Nokomis Aviva cuando se sonic on bombarda mentally persecute Sione dong quai fácilmente Di Canio questa cosa sends a copy its sense of profundo request when a personal food tour Nevada a Fuji darkness it has shown a the violence generally data secure maintenance upon la demanda de que tipo de operaciones Aymeric quindi non credere simple factor no no ston tomare no stroma pero al me no tree me la persona so no more take West’s own or chiefly in patanti terrible so no see freak a ricotta una Guerra de una Guerra in Kuhn impose llamo Rimini regard our intermediate regime Mary yo my anger ok veramente load return a different exit Titan I’m really resource we are imagination sorry Peppa tell feral tree tanto perc altrimenti no risk mohe Solano County – Morty L or a key responder a boy into the valley Mart when it comes to the responsibility for rescue missions in the Mediterranean there appears to be a grey zone with Italy pointing to Europe and Europe saying it’s Italy’s duty in February 2015 at least 300 people died on their way from Libya to Italy in dengue sent out by smugglers into a violent storm according to the UN’s refugee agency in January 2015 60% more migrants attempted the journey to Italy compared to 2014 the difference now is the Maron Ostrom is gone and Frontex Triton lacks capacity for large-scale rescues the increasing number of migrants and refugees risking their lives to get to Europe are now completely at the mercy of the deadly scene more than 27,000 have died trying to get to Europe since 2000 with no rescue missions or safe legal routes the death toll is bound to get higher if the position of the European Union is to allow people to die in the Mediterranean or allow greater numbers to die in the Mediterranean I mean that’s morally reprehensible and that is not a European policy that we can be proud of [Music]

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  2. Vice News is the ENEMY of the white race. Hey, Vice Crap, do these blacks have a country? Are whites welcomed in their countries? Then they need to stay out!

  3. Although the humanitarian crisis is in need of serious attention we have to look at the bigger picture.
    There has been wars, corruption by their governments and poor life with many starving we have to draw the line somewhere.
    There has always been wars in their countries. With the trillions the likes of the rothschilds make and their ilk by forcing countries into debt we should stop paying those bastards.
    We can run oil over thousands of miles why can we not run water, water for villages and help grow sustainable crops. The modern countries are guilty of not doing enough. We still need to help our own countries poor starving children out of poverty before we help every other person. It's a horribly devistating circle. No child should be starving in today's society in any country.
    These people decide to jump into the boats knowing the risks. Why should we be made to feel guilty?
    The fact these bleeding hearts try to push the poor children agenda is lacking one thing. It is all military age males they show here with minimal amounts of children.
    Take the mothers and children or actual families and send the rest back. I certainly will never lose sleep over someone else's choice to risk or lose their life!!

  4. This ONG's have some agrements with the smugglers to took migrant in Italy. Again Sea Watch 3 is parked ar one marine miles from Italy with the excuse that they entered in Italian wather cause was a storm at sea (but now the sea is calm why they don't go away?). When the truth (italian magistrates investigations revealed it) is that the Sea Watch
    captain refused to dock in Tunisi (safe harbor) as it was ordered to do, to enter in the storm and reach Italian coast (otherwise the sugglers will not pay the Sea Watch).
    There's no woman or children upon the boat (official Italian Government bulletin)
    Italians are right, it's all a human trafficking!. It's not Italy that is a mass grave for Migrants, it's Europe that IT'S USELESS.

  5. You are saving life's and creating a problem by bringing this infestation into Europe.
    The ship you are using is good enough to drop them off to the port where they started their journey. Are you stupid not to see that.

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  8. If they come to Europe with the purpose to find a job, let them in otherwise no. I've been to Sicily and was shocked to see that many black people on the streets doing nothing.

  9. This is why France, UK and the US need to leave Africa and the middle east alone. When you go around bombing and sponsoring coups in Asia and Africa, you end up with lots of immigrants flooding to Europe.

  10. Learn what the Cloward-Piven strategy is @t it is the method to destroy nations by importing people like this. They are not simply people they have been made into weapons of mass destruction.

  11. I have a Eritrean friend in class. How did he get to Norway?
    – They went to Sudan lived there a couple years, then signed some papers, and then flew to Norway. Entered legally, even if they were fleeing from the wars in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

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  16. So.much of this is propaganda! Soros and our corrupt government's are behind this and it's genocide of the white races.

  17. I only see fighting age young men. No women and few children. These are illegal economic immigrants not refugees.

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  20. The best way to prevent deaths at sea is to kill the worthless, scrounging, disease carrying scum while they're still on the land. These people offer nothing to Europe only more racial and religious tensions bringing their homegrown blood feuds and religious conflicts with them. They'll expect mosques to be erected everywhere they reach. And as their numbers increase they'll abuse and attack the indigenous populations until they get their sharia courts and are allowed to settle in no go areas where white European women and children can be sexually assaulted and the government's are too scared to say anything for fear of being called racist. It sounds harsh but these people are vermin and will bring about the downfall of European culture, values and civilisation if countries adopt open border policies. Look at Sweden and Germany they are regretting their soft approach and the far right are gaining huge popularity. People have had enough.

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    Only you white people are being made to believe that you can't stop this invasion!

  22. In the 1960,s the Africans wanted to get rid of European Colonists and they had a simple slogan:
    Now it is our turn! Since we have been pushed out of Zimbabwe and are now being pushed out of South Africa, GO HOME BLACK MAN!

  23. Vice News just recently received 250 million dollars to push this African Migration to Europe and America, and who gave them the money:
    Jewish George Soros!
    And is Israel taking in any of these refugees?
    0! Nothing! Their sign reads: Keep OUT!

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  25. Kiss Europe good bye if these bastards overrun the place. They will turn it into the shit holes they fled from. It’s not the land they leave it’s the culture these bastards bring with them that will end up destroying the wonderful place it is.

  26. Many of them talked about how terrible Libya is but people don't realize people bring themselves to Libya to board vessels to get to Europe many of these people are not from Libya originally

  27. Amazing how most are men no women and children I guess they all died that’s why the men are running away

  28. Where are all those European leaders that bombed Libya to "save the innocent from unnecessary deaths" now?

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  32. the only reason people are going to Europe is because Europe exploited all of Africa's resources and left African nations dry with barely anything left for them to stay in Africa therefore you can't complain when your countries caused this.

  33. I would never imagine going to a nicer neighborhood in my town and knocking on the door of a nicer house than I have and say: Hey, things suck in my house, let me in, feed me. I want to live well like you.

  34. To those in Europe who want to help those immigrants, let me ask you a question: What will the country win from accepting these people

  35. The answer to not drowning in the med when you cross illegally,simple don’t bloody well come. 90% of these people aren’t fit or qualified to live in a western civilised society. Last time I looked there weren’t that many “Help Wanted “ ads for, goat hoarders, shepherds , or dish washers,which is about the limit of their capabilities, other than that your looking at benefit handout basket cases. The mass importation of those from alien cultures, with no regard for western values, and a propensity for criminality, and a religious belief system-fit only for the sewer
    has already proved disastrous for the societies that have out of pathological altruism,taken these people in. It’s all about numbers.
    If Western European countries really wanted to help these people then instead of wasting millions of Euro’s on permanent benefits, better to just chuck the money at their host countries in the hope that it will be used to improve the lot of the. Immigrants in their own countries.Mind you they are invariably so corrupt that it will only be mis- appropriated by the political corrupt scum that infest these toilets. Am I my brothers keeper? Well yes but only up to a point,economic migrants, single men of military age and low life’s from toilets like Pakistan, Sudan, and a host of other North African shit holes do not merit help at my expense, and to the detriment of my society, far too many of them are just opportunistic conniving undesirables,and I am under no moral compulsion to bail these people out. You want to take the chance and cross the med attempting to enter Europe under false pretences, ( not as a genuine refugee) and you come unstuck well DILLIGAF , ‘nuff said.

  36. Your choice sink or swim. So many bullshit sob stories you couldn't make it up. Or could you. No sympathy what so ever. 🚫🚫🚫

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  38. Shitstain, I mean migrant boats are only ever at risk of sinking when they spot a rescue boat and they burst / hole it themselves, that is the time for the rescue boat to turn around and let the fuckers drown, every damn one of them.

  39. All riddled with every disease going , all infected with Aids, most have killed and raped, and these do-gooders want them parasites to walk among the decent and civilised , A mass cull is whats needed, eradication to free the world from this budget value vermin.

  40. the scene starts out the guy saying boats sinking an ther wer no life what u want somebody to buy u a life when u arrive on shore a bed an shower/tv/ a meal/clothes/transportation//yata-yata…..

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  42. The problem is not that the countries are poor. The main problem is overpopulation. Africa has drastically increased their population over just a few decades. The number needs to come down. They have lived there millions of years, but now its just way too many people. FN and the world needs to concentrate on to get the births down, perhaps with birth control programs etc.

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