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  1. I’d probably stick to the tournament footage, not that silly choreographed shit in between. That stuff is laughable. The guy featured from 1:49 – 2:10 can actually fight, but after him everything is a complete joke. The intro fight at the start is practically a parody of TKD, not a compliment. I love TKD, and that Hwoarang style power and precision, which is why I want people to see how legit it can be in the right hands, not those silly demonstrations.

  2. Do remember ITF is from the military and has a strong North Korean flavour , however this video does showing the best of TKD in terms of foot work, also the gaps in its defense but the premise of TKD is to attack and maintain a certain range so all the fights are a Yop Chagi away!

  3. I think they should accept the boxing-style hand strikings just like what muay thai did, in order to develop their styles.

  4. Taekwon-do I.T.F. видео соревнований 2013-2015
    Taekwondo I.T.F. Video Competition 2013-2015

  5. I would hate to get knocked out with a kick to the face. Their dirty foot rubbing so hard in my face I get knocked out

  6. Only thing with this art is after attack they expose themselves far too long unable to recovery with speed. Other than that cool stuff! Tkd4life!

  7. I am pretty sure that official ITF rules state that a competitor is disqualified for uncontrolled or ecessive contact and also disqualified for causing a knockout. Anyone of these guys if fighting under what you say is "true TKD" would be disqualified. Yet you are making a claim in this video that true ITF is full contact with knockouts and street worthy fighting and somehow better than WTF sparring. 
    WTF sparring has official rules that encourage knockouts and excessive contact does not exist because they encourage excessive contact and want to cause damage. 

  8. This is just a peace of cake. ITF Taekwon-Do is a real martial art. Street fight, fight on the ground, all what you need to be a realy martial artist. 🙂 This video is just about sport fighting, and a litle bit of street. So my advice is: Go and search for a real Master they dont yust want your mmoney. !!!

  9. I only just found this video, and it's absolutely amazing! The a clips you have far superceed other videos on YouTube! Great job! By the way, you wouldn't happen to say where you found the music from? Cheers

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