I've been wanting to do this for a Long Time!! Call Of The Wild

I've been wanting to do this for a Long Time!! Call Of The Wild

so today we're gonna be doing something that I've been wanting to do for a long time now and that is hunt the black bear with the recurve bow now basically what I have here setup is I have four tree stands set up around five or six different needs owns and that I scouted out previously and yeah so hopefully we can get some nice bear alright guys take a look at this we got a bear sneaking in right behind us here it's a blonde it is a female but I never even heard her or saw her coming in I just turned analyst and I saw something gold coming our direction so here she is right here and in fact I hear something else coming in – okay so I don't know if we have to bear coming in we have another bear right underneath us – blonde black bear I think this is a male though I spot it all beautiful shot and he's going down that's a nice male nice goal black bear should be a goal potential as well and it looks like the females still hanging out here to try for a double lung shot on her and it looks like she's going down as well nice Wow – goal black bear just like that now the interesting thing is when I scouted out this area I did see a gold black bear but it was a for easy so I had no clue where this bear even came from all right here's our female actually what's calling over here I knew I heard something else we got a male we got a male not too far away so let's pick up this female and then we'll actually get back in the stand shoulder blade left lung shot 16 yards out on her and it was a blonde very cool ok so I changed my mind I want to go pick up this bear because this could be a mounter and yeah I don't have a gold well gold blonde black bear so I think it would be cool if we could actually get one well check this out then we'll get back in the stand because we have a good wind that bear shouldn't smell us anyways alright here he is and let's take a look at him he is a gold 808 score we ended up getting a theoretic vertebrae and right lung shot so we're a little bit too high but still nice shot and a nice blonde gold black bear we are gonna get it mounted because he's gonna be our first gold black bear that will have our first gold blonde black bear that we'll have so yes we'll get it mounted and let's get back up in the tree stand okay so I don't know if you could see this or not but there's a bear oh you can definitely see it now he just stood up we're almost back to the stand we have a good wind so he can't smell us but we're gonna have to stay prone and try and sneak and get back into the stand alright so we just got back in the stand we have a black bear sneaking in right here right underneath us there she is right there about 25 out so she turns broadside don't want to go for that shot not a good angle and I can actually hear another bear coming in behind us come on there we go we'll take a walking lung shot and she's going down right there and let's grab our female black bear ended up making it well we did get double lung double lung shot at 16 yards out and on that was a perfect shot so while we're waiting for these black bear to come back in let me show you the location that we're at we are right over here at the north end of Hilux whomps and there's actually an outpost right here hi legs southern outpost just go south a little bit we're set up right here and we have a black bear needs L from 7:00 into 11:30 here and we have one over here from 11:30 until 15 so basically we're kind of in between they're gonna come from here to here and as they come around they're gonna hear us calling and they're probably gonna want to come over and check it out and that's basically what's going on alright so we just got eyes on another black bear this is actually the chocolate the four that I saw from before and we're trying to wait till he comes a little bit further to the right that will be still have a good win if I call right now he might come directly at us and I'd rather have him come a little bit more to the right as you can see he's slowly coming around this tree right here okay so that's the other bear he can definitely smell us because the wind's blowing right Adam but this bear should come closer all right let's call put on one call there hey let's get ready cuz he is coming Oh hold on I see the other bear so I think this is a four as well yeah they're both fours but I definitely want the cinnamon color one first let's get ready on him I mean that's a shot but not an ideal shot cuz he is quartering quite a bit although he's wide roughly about thirty out because the wind is slightly blowing at him okay he's 22 I don't want to risk him spooking so will this hug tight to the front shoulder and go for a shot and we got him and he's down right there perfect oh we actually hit a little bit high on that ended up getting a threading vertebrae and liver shot so a little bit high honestly I don't think we're aiming that high but okay we might actually be zeroed in for 40 so I should probably double-check on that but I mean still not a bad shot and another 1295 cash for that and another black bear down with the recurve 23 yards out so yeah I would almost have to say we might deserve it in for 40 I'll double-check but look we reserved in for 43 so that's not a good thing I don't remember zeroing it for 43 but I must have accidentally bumped it see because I have it next to my spotting button which I actually have my spotting button as F and my zeroing button is T so I musta hit a little bit too high for the spotting and accidentally change it to 40 which that's alright we still got lucky enough to catch the liver on that but yeah alright so we just got to our next stand and instead of a black bear we actually have a ton of white tail here so we're gonna try and find a decent one here and take a shot or so many deer here there's a bunch of bucks but I really don't see anything to special I mean this one in the middle is pretty decent but they're all about like borderline eight hundreds so I think we'll go for this one if he stops that will work and we drop them but nonetheless I mean you can't complain about that how cool is that a nice white tail buck right underneath the tree stand that is pretty awesome right there's a stand let's pick them up and we ended up getting a heretic spinal cord and right lung Oh left lung trophy rating of 190 point five that's what I meant by 180 plus so this guy was a 190 ended up scoring total score of 784 which not even a gold Wow and this is one of the biggest ones too you can see I had his trach here for a little while I tracked him for 399 yards but yeah I'll take it nice whitetail buck so just because there were so many white to here a lot of people always ask me where is a good whitetail spot well I just found one 9:30 until 12:30 right below the highlands southern outpost right here's where we were for the black bear basically just went east and the zone is right here from 9:30 until 12:30 alright so we just got to our next flat we have a bear coming in right here it's a female and it looks to be another cinnamon how far is she she's I want to say she's 40 okay yeah she's 40 out but we have a bad wing she can smell us as 40 yards too far to take a shot well it is if you have a bad angle come on turn a little bit you made me do it Oh hmm that was a smoked shot 45 yards out and she's down absolutely horrible angle but we still took it and I think we must have caught either liver or lung cuz yeah she went down pretty quick alright well here she is and I actually don't see any sign of the arrow so I have no clue where we hit but we'll find out soon that was a right lung shot at 57 yards out holy 57 yard right lung shot with the recurve that is definitely my father shot with the recurve very cool so we're just about to head to our next stand and we already spotted another black bear but the problem is she's right before we get to the stand so we're gonna go prone and see if we can't call her in well there she is 37 yards out right there let's get ready and go for a shot actually cuz if she gets too close she's gonna spook so 37 will be like right oh don't do that come on turn that will work should have been a good Hey I mean I was literally about to spot her but she fell over before that could happen so I guess it was a good hit what's calling over here now I actually think it's a moose cuz we got the bear down that was pretty cool I've been wanting to take a standing up shot with a recurve laketop for a while now and we just did it so we definitely got a single lung possibly double Oh a little bit low let's find out where we hit left lung shot kind of a little bit to the side looks like the wind pushed a little bit but not a bad shot 38 yards out and another blonde black bear and 1261 cache alright so we just gotten our stand and take a look right there a five medium black bear now if only that meant diamond it would be really cool but I mean it's still a nice male and he stopped right behind the tree alright let's get ready he's gonna stop right there at about 20 Ellie smells us not a good angle so if the bear seems spooky don't take the shard away cuz they don't usually spook they're pretty pretty dominant animals they don't wander up but then they'll come right back as you can see this bear is not going anywhere there we go man it's still not that great of a shot stand up or do something no give me something that'll work I think we ended up getting spinal cord didn't really have much options there but we took what we had and we dropped them yeah I would almost guarantee though a spinal cord direct spinal cord and liver so even liver would have been pretty good but yeah spinal cord definitely took them down 14 yards away spinal cord and liver shot alright let me just show you where we got those two black bear right there this is where we ended up getting the one that was standing up right here at this needs ohm from 11:30 until 15 and right here is we've got the other one from 15 until 19 there's another one over here as well but so yeah we have our tree stand set up right here and the outpost is Belmont northern outpost right there so we're pretty much like right in the middle of the bow Mont River system alright so we just got eyes on another black bear it's a female and she's about 19 yards out let's get ready on her all right here she comes she's about to go right underneath this try for a heart shot but she is definitely smoked and she's down I'm wondering we must have hit a little bit too high not a bad shot though she is down let's go take a look the up to high ended up Wow way too far back and a little bit too high I don't know if we could have had the penetration to hit the heart but not a bad shot and another 1,200 cash so we just got eyes on another black bear this one's actually roaming out here and we have a nice little patch of brush here for some good cover this bears about 37 now but we're gonna call a little bit and see if we can't get them a little bit closer look at him okay here he comes perfect went is that another bear yep another black bear right there it looks like a four but this guy is definitely in range 26 yards out let's get ready on him not really a shot like that oh that could work shot looked pretty good and he is down right in front of oh that shot looked pretty good on him as well well I guess we didn't hit that one very good I don't know if we hit shoulder Blair what happened oh look at that the wind is shifting and he's 62 he's still there sixty-two man that's so far out there hello I don't even care about that other bear anymore can we heart shoot it yes okay that's it we're done I'm not even worrying about this other bear we're gonna pick these up and we'll head back over the trophy Lodge and take a look at our mounter gold blonde black bear yep you can just sit out there and run around all you want I don't really care holy our black bear ran a long ways so I found our black bear but this thing Ram probably close to 300 yards no joke let's find out where we actually did hit it ah pulled off a little bit too much to the left and a little bit high at 37 followed by a running skull shot and I think that was the only two shots that we actually hit it alright so we'll pick up this bear first and that was a double lung shot at 20 yards out what a nice shot good penetration on that as well 763 not a bad bear oh that one actually gave us 13:22 cache 1322 cache all right let's take a look at this one this is one we heart shot at 24 yards out and we ended up with another 1200 cache for that let's head over the trophy Lodge now and go take a look at our mountain or black bear alright so here we are back at the trophy Lodge and this is our 806 scoring gold blonde black bear that we took down with the recurve which is pretty cool and yeah I think he's gonna be a good addition to this Lodge really happy to have him here and we'll put him next to our piebald up for now take a little better look at him from the side but yeah he's not a giant but still pretty cool gold and he is a blonde which is I think our first gold blonde black bear and especially with the recurve so I think that's gonna be good way to end this video and I hope this helps you guys out find us some good spots for a black bear and if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up thank you so much for watching and well see you next time oh and the buck that you're looking at here on the left that's a diamond as well

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  1. Do y’all have any tips for this game I am going to play it Saturday for my first time and I’m pumped

  2. Ok so I have all the maps in the game and I have just started playing recently and I am having trouble finding certain animals like Cape buffalo water buffalo and a oddly enough elk and I’m wondering if those animals are only found in certain parts of the map

  3. Morning DD33, thanks for making my day again, started the day with a smile and I hope after I get back from the hospital where they are going to do a ultrasound of my breasts I still am smiling.. Thnx ♥

  4. Recurve hunting at Layton is pretty awesome! It's a great pair with stands and is actually refreshingly challenging. I love it!

  5. Shot a Bear yesterday close to that area i had a tree stand so put one up for a try and gave a few calls as was a zone not too far away and must of got up to ten bears was great with the Bearclaw Bow
    That Bow u used looks Hard to Aim ??

  6. Just curious but why do you prone after you take a shot
    Also why do you whisper when you see a good sized animal in the game

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