17 Replies to “J.O Waldner Blocking Machine-King Of Table Tennis”

  1. When the King of TT was only 23 years old, a new King was born in China to win the most titles and be the GOAT.

  2. i am a chinese, but i dont enjoy watching chinese players. wal will always be respected not only because he was a good player. but he had the class. Chinese has no class and they don't understand the meaning of life in sport.

  3. The best trick here was from the guy who served at 3:11 with the orange ball and made it turn white as it landed on Waldner's court.

  4. most creative player . So far no one is as intelligent as he is and was , simple , in prime time he was unbeatable ,

  5. Waldner in his peak time was undoubtedly the king of table tennis…Ma Long is the best but not penultimate like waldner…

  6. yeah, Waldner WAS the best player in the era that were full of CHEATERS. I guest you could say he WAS the KING OF CHEATERS.

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