Jab – Kudus Table Tennis Serve, Curl the ball left or right with the same arm motion

Jab – Kudus Table Tennis Serve, Curl the ball left or right with the same arm motion

hi my name is Ellie Bharati from coach meet emptiness calm I'm commonly an England based coach and I'm going to present to you today the jab serve but with a little twist the jab serve was introduced about 15 years ago and I noticed it in France with players such as Damon Blake bringing it over to England and Gareth Herbert who was an absolute expert at this serve he then took it to the next level and players like myself copied him and we found we got great results and this serve today is still used by top England players such as Craig Bryant Gavin Brom gay and a few others every serve has a certain swerve on the ball whether it's worth the left or to the right or skids flew or jumps up therefore if you contact the ball in a certain way the ball will swerve in a certain way but I've found something unique with the japser where I'm able to make the ball swerve in two different directions the secret here is the contact on the ball okay so this one is the one that kicks outwards oh that was good [Applause] this job serve I'm going to make the boss swerve to the right okay I'm going to explain to you how this serve works I've got this tennis ball so it becomes a lot more clear for you to see the point of contact if I want the ball to swerve to the left hand side I will contact the ball at the top end of the ball so if you imagine this is a clock where you've got 12 o'clock 11 o'clock 10 o'clock 9 o'clock the contact point is around 11:30 or 12:00 o'clock contact point when I contact the ball that way it allows me to get the spin to rotate this way and when it lands on the table it kicks outwards generating that left-hand curve that I explained and showed if I contact the ball at nine o'clock or seven or eight o'clock then it brings the ball in towards the player with the right hand curve and that is basically the secret of this serve it looks exactly the same you can make it look exactly the same but your contact is different it's either top of the ball or bottom of the ball that allows you to get that swerve in two different directions the beauty of this serve it's the same motion but because of the contact on the ball you can make the ball swerve in two different directions this is where the opponent will really struggle to see whether you're going to the left or to the right so I'm going to alternate here between left and right swerve see if you can notice the difference between the left swerve and the right swerve [Applause] [Applause] yes you the Japs serve if you can see in the diagram here we are generally doing is you're kind of going around the ball and this motion so if I'll show you here Jeff said you're going in and around that way that way that way so when you're doing a job then the ball is then rotating like this whether it's pure sights been sighted in backspin sights been topspin so with the kudos serve what you're trying to do is you're trying to rotate around the ball like this so if I show you here you're going round like that which then makes the ball rotate on its axis like that and when it hits the ground it kicks outwards rather than if you've got a pure side spin then it kicks like that it kicks in words so one more time sorry so if I do a pure side spin or back spin and I go around the ball like that the ball rotates like that and then swerves inwards with the Kudo serve I go like this like that on the ball which then makes the ball rotate on its axis like this and when it hits the table it kicks out words rather than goes inwards so kicks outwards because it's on its axis like that and then it jumps out and that's how you can do two serves it with the same motion but just contact the ball slightly differently and make the ball go out or in so for the kudos one more time you're going this way making the ball rotate like that and then when it hits the ground it goes out and with the normal jab serves you're going around the ball this way like that which makes the ball then when it hits the ground go inwards I hope that makes sense to you guys how do they come about with this serve well I enjoy playing tennis and I play with my friends and some of you guys know them Chris Duran and finish Szymanski in the summer often they beat me but our games are quite close and my weakest part is my surf which is unlike my table aniss they therefore dominate me when I'm serving and I thought okay I'm gonna go and get myself a service coaching session so I had a service coaching session and the coach showed me how he could serve and make the ball swerve in two different directions with the same motion and that fascinated me all he taught me was as I've explained in the video where to contact the ball so if you contacted there with the tennis serve so if I'm here and I contacted there then it will swerve to left and if I contacted there or underneath it will swerve to the right and that fascinated me which made me ponder as to whether this was possible in table tennis and Here I am today showing you how it's done okay I hope you learned something new today in terms of where you contact the ball when you do the jab serve another thing I'd like you to note is that it's not just about the contact point but it's about the deception afterwards that will be on a separate video which were which I will go into real detail of how you can deceive your opponent not just by the contact but the after motion and the before motion stroke I hope that helps you and again thank you very much for following me and supporting my table tennis coaching videos

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  1. Please do a slow lotion of the kudus serve. Now we see only very fast from the front a few times….show it also from the site please. Its very interresting!

  2. I am assuming that only top or top side can be produced with the Kudus Serve? Can't see how you would put sidespin-underspin on the ball. Will the disguise video be coming soon? Btw..I heard you are doing a camp in Morrisville, NC this summer?

  3. Coach Baraty. You say in the intro section that the jab serve was developed around 15 years ago. I believe that the US player Jimmy Butler (former #75 in the world) has been doing the jab serve for many years. If my memory serves me he was using this serve as early as 1991. I have video of him using jab serves in that year in the final of the US Men's Championship against Sean O'Neill. If you would like to see this video I can share the file with you. I knew Jimmy quite well as he was a sponsored player of the table tennis company ASTI in the 1990s, when I was the company President. A quick internet search shows Jimmy playing Waldner in the 1996 Gilbert Cup (Game 3) where I believe you can just make out his jab serve technique: https://youtu.be/TJ-7snNTYeM. Jimmy promised to show me his wide variety of jab serves but we never got a chance.

    Thanks for your video, which I found very insightful.

    Waqidi Falicoff

  4. nice tutorial thanks! tho I wouldn't call it outward. all u doing is put less inside spin so it goes in more a straight line than curve in. if u observe carefully from the helicopter angle, even the "outward " serve curves a bit inwards until the 2nd bounce, which has no more inward spin and thus jumps in straight line which appears to be outward. I guess… u can call that outward haha

  5. Cool. But is it a legal serve? Throwing the ball towards yourself? Don't you have to throw it up directly?

  6. Great stuff as ever dearest Eli…however I have to inform you that Gavin Rumgay is definitely not a top English player 😉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  7. The difference between inward and outward jab serve is the speed. Outward is fast and I ward a bit slow. but in terms of contact no difference. The serves are just excellent.

  8. I don't think the ball is actually curving in two different directions. The serve that curve's in does so because you're putting backspin on the ball thus slowing the forward movement and allowing the ball to move more horizontally before it goes past the table. While the serve that jumps out has a lot of topspin so it increases the forward movement thus making the horizontal movement minimal in comparison to the backspin serve. However you can still deceive people between the two.

  9. The ball is swerving the same way? A little confused here, it’s just one stroke swerves more than the other

  10. Cool concept, but at least on video it's too easy to tell which way it will curve based on the follow through, pace and length.

  11. I'll try this serve right away, thanks for such a good explanation, I hope it'll help me in the next league phase!

  12. Heycoach, can u do a subscribers video based competition that who is learning best of your commitment to teaching, little gifts will do alot, i think

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