Jack Reacher Shooting Range Scene 1080p

Jack Reacher Shooting Range Scene 1080p

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  1. This is the first book i read while in jail lol it's cool to see it … Exactly like i pictured it… But Tom cruise? Lmao oh well it's the thought that counts

  2. The various comments about the soccer mom getting the place shut son and reacher referring to the range patrons as "nuts" who would be upset about cops asking questions is ignorant

  3. The Jack Reacher series by Lee Child are awesome!! Reacher in the books is like 6' 5 225lbs. Real bad ass. When I saw they had 5' 5 Cruise doing Reacher I was hurt …..at first. Tom did a decent job.

  4. Using a paper target over a steel backing, as shown here, would result in the back splash from the disintegrating bullets shredding the paper target into pulp.

  5. If one more person mentions that the shell would be hot to the touch I am going to puke Its a fucking MOVIE cretins

  6. Ready on the Right, Ready on the Left…the Range is READY! Commence firing when your targets appear….Semper Fi. This is an outstanding movie.

  7. Cruse actually appears to be an actual shooter at beginning at 4.03. He rolls over, with total focus on the target in the distance, and snaps off the safety. Appears to be firing a Remington 700 in .308 Winchester with heavy target barrel. Damn, what did he do to learn all this, and it appears to be a natural flowing motion? Only an actual shooter would know what it takes, thinking the bullet to the target. This is an fing impressive scene and the director did his job well.

  8. Anybody realize when he walked into the shooting range in the beginning it was the sound from minecraft when you open up a door.

  9. In Lee Child's novels Jack Reacher is 6'5" and 250ibs. Hardly Tom Cruise
    He does a good job but it's just not the same if your a fan of the Jack Reacher series

  10. This movie could have been very good. Except….for….one….thing…….


    God every time she was onscreen she had that dumb blonde deer in the headlights look. I understand in the book that Reacher most of the time was smarter or had a better eye in seeing the small things that many people overlooked, but it always seemed that every time Reacher said something to her she had that shocked bug eye look. He could tell her that the sky is blue and she would act like that was the most brilliant thing ever.

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