Jag Lejano, Competition Shooter Philippines S4, Vlog12

Jag Lejano, Competition Shooter Philippines S4, Vlog12

and by ok still at the on school range in Marikina Manila a stopper really cool and said it's fun to meet jag or Jeffro lejano so I get that right now jag you're actually the Philippines champion for classic category yes okay so do you want to explain to us what classic is right now I'm into classic deviation as you can see it's basically 1911 handgun no extended barrels other modifications really no no modification really yeah yeah single stack single stack maximum ten rounds okay when you're shooting minor load you can you stand rounds magazine and when you're used a shooting measure load you can use 8 rounds magazine maximum okay cool and mag well is a maximum length and weed for the mag well so I guess the idea is to challenge the shooter rather than having so many tricked-out instils yes it's more skill-based more skills yeah yes well I mean everyone has to be skilled but um and how long have you been shooting for I've been shooting for 25 years and I started shooting when I was 13 well does the family business here yes they are in the gun store fires and ammunitions dealers ok cool and your brother and yourself started getting into shooting sir my brother started three months ahead of me well okay practice whittington and does your brother represent Philippines also yes before okay before please write what retired now is like oh yeah yeah cool cool anything else you want to share just a little bit about yourself and representing building I'm 38 years old and I'm Hanul they call me jack and currently I'm preparing for the world shoes 2017 and Friends well not one not yeah we got a little we got a little audience how many competitions have you entered roughly if you can remember half more than 500 they think well okay and how many national ones like to represent the country or or to compete for the country for you I think we're getting a hundred yeah excellent well well done congrats man and nice tattoos – yeah that's good got a special meaning oh okay so now we've all done on Wednesday competition in France that will be on August 26 okay well have you in have you in an hour keep representing Philippines well and did you hang up first tonight you were maybe going to do a little bit of training you're doing some drills today okay cool okay well thank you very much man I appreciate your taking the time and yeah good luck with the calm I Oh bye [Applause] you

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  1. You interviewed a known shooter worldwide you should feel humbled he gave you the time πŸ‘πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  2. whoa that was awesome! Love the non modified weapon statement. Mods are cool but nothing like a bought shooter

  3. yes…!Β Β  more shooting rage video you on the right track mate!Β Β  now, what's the proper distance for all handguns as far as for maximum accuracy tho?

  4. Jag's handgun had to be modified a bit. I can see a flared magazine well, smoother slide action and also the trigger pull. No matter,. I bet he could make any 1911 work for him. He'll make the Philippines very proud in Paris. BTW, who's the Filipino woman champion?

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