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  1. 2:19 James Earl Jones' performance was so powerful, his heart held still in awe, and James just slapped it upside the valve for being stupid and got it moving again without breaking vocal pace. Nothing can stop him.

  2. I know my best friend throughout high school had a father like this…..

    At the age of 23 he has over 100,000 dollars saved in the savings.

  3. This is some of the best acting I have ever seen on Broadway or television or movies. I watch this scene on occasions to remind myself what true art looks like.

  4. I was just watching That 70’s Show and wondering what it’d be like if Red Forman and Eric had a moment like this?

  5. He expects so much from his son. He wants better for him, wants him to be better than him. Whenever he screws up, whenever things don't go their way for the better, it drives a father crazy trying to keep sane, and not push his anger on his son.

  6. There is something funny about the fact that Fences is a play about black people’s experiences and culture written by and starring black men and women, but the audience for this performance is the whitest group of people imaginable.

  7. ik in some peoples thoughts this is good parenting but its not. people champion stern love like this but most of the time those kids when grown up will never say i loved my father for that. theyll say my father was tough and i promised i wouldnt be like tht to my kids. im a multi millionare now doin what i love which is owning my own sports blogs w dozens of writers representing me. my father loved me and made my life excitin i looked forward to things because of him n my mother. they spoiled me but not like what people think spoiled is. i got all the new video games as a kid but had to do well in school. i got a car at 16 tht wasnt a bmw but it wasnt some beat up piece of shit. their is a middle ground in everything and i dont and will never understand why the fuck u people cant see that. if we all were reasonable this world would be so much better instead of havin extreme thoughts and actions. there is no reason why we have to be strict as fuck w kids giving them nothin to enjoy or look forward to. and their is no reason to spoil kids to the point where they expect thousand dollar bags and mercedes at 16. if im not mistaken this dad in this movie took his sons football career away because of his pointless strick attitude on chores and a job.someone who agrees w the way this father parented answer me this, why in the hell do u have kids? is it so u got a personal legal slave up to 18 to do chores and work that u should be worried about? any parents that brag to a child about clothes on their back and food on the table dont really love being a parent its a fuckin chore and job which is disgusting. strict parents are trash humans

  8. It’s a great point…but I still don’t understand why he doesn’t tell his son that he loves him. I would rather chew broken glass than do or say anything that would make my son feel that I don’t “like” or “love” him. If he has to ask…haven’t I failed somehow? I’m not talking about if he’s a brat and a failure in making sound decisions…I mean that if I somehow am so hardened that I can’t show emotions to those closest to me…or if the only emotion I can show is anger. Even the poorest, most down-trodden people often show great love for their family.


  10. Damn…
    I would run away because his voice scared me
    Also when he portrayed Mufasa it was scary when i was young😂😂😂

  11. Do they sound weird to anyone else?

    Its like a british-jamaican trying to be new yorkers. Both these guys are capable of speaking in American accents, so why are they talking like that?

  12. The difference between him and Denzel is night and day!

    But he does love his son, and he teaches him an important lesson.

  13. His body language changing from angry to earnest trying to teach his son something at the end was masterful.

  14. "Don't you try to go around life worried about whether people like you, you best make sure they're doing right by you". Very wise words.

  15. wow. That "father" is a model of everything wrong with traditional masculinity. People are clapping for this shit. Sick.

  16. A valuable lesson, but I think there are better ways to teach it. There are ways to make a man out of a son that don’t require this type of “tough love”. A child will learn just how brutal and unforgiving life can be. He doesn’t need it to come from a father as well. Very powerful acting though

  17. Man I don’t agree to this typa parenting. When the parents blame their kids as to why they gatta break their back every day. The parents never support their kids. Parents wanna stress out their kids their whole life. One thing imma do when I have kids is give them the world. They don’t gatta work every day of their life since 6th grade like me. Imma support their dreams. Even if we don’t have much, they still won’t have to work.

  18. Powerful. Obviously there’s a lot of joking references to either Lion King or Star Wars here in the comments, but I think both movies genuinely are examples of something you see in full force here: that’s there’s something about James Earl Jones that portrays the commanding presence of a Father.

  19. James Earl Jones comes across as angry, hurt and tired. Denzel comes across as a prick with lots of regret.

    Jones is closer to how that generation saw itself. Denzel was who that generation was.

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