Jan Ove Waldner – The Power of Block

Jan Ove Waldner – The Power of Block

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  1. This is not just a talent. This is a gift from above because such perfect blocks and hits in miliseconds and delivering with such comfort and ease, have to be given by God.

  2. Waldner sustained a world-class level for 3 decades. Facing 3-4 breeds of new and world-class players from China plus the rest of the world and defeating them all.

    Waldner faced massive game-changing factors including; Speed glue, change of ball size, new high tech rubbers, new scoring system and adapted to all with great success.

    Waldner also reached the highest-level TT had ever seen in his prime and raised the level a few times.

    Waldner was far more creative and constantly developing his game by reinventing himself. This gave him the ability to beat world class players and compete for major titles up until he was 45 years old.

    Waldner did not come from a nation of 200 million TT players. He did not have the best infrastructure such as China and yet from a small TT community in Sweden he enabled himself to become the greatest player anyone had ever seen back in the ’80s-’90s and early ’00s.

  3. Doesen't even feel like Waldner is taking this seriously. He just humiliates the players making them run around the table like good dogs.

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