Japanese Archery Kyudo – Walking in Japan 日本の弓道 – 日本でのウォーキング

Japanese Archery Kyudo – Walking in Japan 日本の弓道 – 日本でのウォーキング

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  1. I love kyudo thx for the video kurt awsome as always!! Hope you make a video of akiba once 😉 have a nice day

  2. I notice how the archer allows the bow to rotate when the arrow is fired to stop the arrow from having to bend around the bow. Very clever. The Japanese always have such a unique way of doing things 🙂

  3. thanks!! in my country, kendo is not a popular sport. just in big city. but i will try when i can.because i want to have a healthy body and a strong mind. just like a samurai. ^__^

  4. those suits they wear look a lot like aikido suits, which is also from japan. do they relate in any way?

  5. Toshiya contest on Sanjusangen-do temple in Kyoto, Japan.
    In 1861, after 255 years, the Toshiya ceased being held, but a contest based on the Toshiya called Oh-mato Taikai, or Festival of the Great Target still continues today, drawing roughly 2,000 participants from throughout Japan. Archers shoot arrows into targets approximately 50 – 100 centimeters in diameter and 60 meters ( Master : 120m) away at the opposite end of the veranda.

  6. I please forgive bad English grades, English I might be wrong

    From 1/3 around here from the bottom is the Institute at there best, hit the arrow to be less vibration is.

  7. so i ask like a one that doesnt know: in kyudo wherent 2 ways one of relaxing and one of war??? just asking

  8. The Japanese bow is called WA-KYU vs. Others YO-KYU. Bow is commonly called YUMI(弓)Other distinction is that Japanese bow is a long-bow, vs others half-bow, like European and other Asian archery due to sizes. Learning Archery, as other martial arts and sports, Japanese approach is to start the FORM, (kata) As you see the girls's movements.

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