Jockey School (Horse-Racing Documentary) – Real Stories

Jockey School (Horse-Racing Documentary) – Real Stories

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  1. It's the same as an ordinary riding school except for the extra fitness stuff really. I don't think shona was ready for this. I feel sorry for her but i don't think putting her in a jockey school is going to help her confidence getting back on a horse.

  2. The horse racing industry is purely about money, yeah maybe some of the jockeys actually care about the horses but for the most part race horses are given illegal drugs, are abused, and if they don't perform well sent to slaughter. Not to mention all of the gorgeous horses that were pushed too hard and died on the track. It is heartbreaking and disgusting. People need to step out of their denial and to learn about the side of horse racing that no-one wants us to see. RIP Eight Bells who died on the track during the 2008 Kentucky Derby ( Just one horse who died from this cruel sport)

  3. Horses feed off of your energy! If you are stressed, angry etc. they will react to that. These kids need to learn basic horse behavior before they should ever be allowed to be near a horse and especially before they can ride!

  4. They shouldn't incurage these kids to ride these horses until they can't stand and then sell them to the slaughter house.

  5. Why do the dross get so much good stuff given to them? You never see decent hard working kids getting offered something like this. Wasting your time.

  6. Smh to the people who say horse racing is abuse. Thoroughbreds are bred to race and the one that took off on the girl clearly wanted to run so

  7. Stacey is such a hoe. Omg I can't believe that gurl! XD But we all have to admit that, well, Shona is only really a lovely girl.

  8. Anyone who's been to the British Racing School know that the hours are longer and the instructors are harsher. But we love it here no matter what! I have been there for 10 weeks and I still have 4 weeks left. The school doesn't just teach people how to ride a racehorse but other lifeskillls as well. If you are thinking about going to the NRC or the BRS then it will either be the best decision or the worse decision you'll ever make.

  9. When Tyler is talking I actualy dont understand anything hes just mumbling something wich is not possible to understand

  10. they say “Without this they would get any skills” but im learning in Ukraine In a quite good club named “Butenko” before I was there aswell but I was falling from a hirse so I didnt eide then but I came back to horse riding and im not even half a year back and im Already jumping on horses!

  11. This is horrible. Honestly horrible. It hurts seeing those horses getting pulled so hard. This is honestly dumb.

  12. Sorta glad that they are putting these ex race horses to work, not glad that they a really unprofessional.

  13. Please understand the whole system at the NRC has changed!

    I attended last year and if you cannot ride you will be put on ponies not thoroughbreds.
    If you treat any horse with disrespect or nastiness you will not allowed to be around the horses.
    If you don’t want to ride there is a non-riding option and you will be trained up to be a groom.
    Georgie, Claire and Liz all still work there an honestly are the best there!

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