45 Replies to “Joe Rogan Watches His Tae Kwon Do KO From 1987”

  1. Joe" this is the only fight I been in and got lucky so this is my street cred" Rogan. Joe is a dick sucking idiot

  2. "How does that feel?"

    "To hit somebody? It feels wierd."

    That my friends is where punching power comes from. The fear of hitting someone causes one to pull their punches.

    Look at the BKFC (Bare knuckle). Those guys are highly trained yet they still punch awkward as they are afraid of punching flesh on flesh.

  3. ………I'm 64 and the reason I can walk and even still do some security contracting in many countries and personal protection here is because a martial arts guy from Hawaii happened to be in Tennessee in '79 and '80 and took pity on me and agreed to work and train with me. I was bout a year out from a car crash that killed the psycho driver I had bought a monster engine from to go in a '64 Corvette. He drove us off s bluff. 150' or more up and out then 80' off an embankment. Killed me too but got to come back, long story. I was one huge fracture….feet, lower legs, both wrists, r. shoulder, bones in my face and eye sockets, shull fracture with my scalp peeled back but the biggie was my pelvis. "Envelope fracture" cause I was broken in half, you cuda folded me like an envelope. Got to lay on side of bluff lookin up at the stars for couple of hours watchin car burn and screaming for help, praying, finally just asking to see my wife b4 I died. And listening to my pelvis bones grating together with this squishy noise every time I moved. Finally rescued. Docs told wife "here's the deal, Rick's dyin. So no need to try to do surgery to fix his pelvis, plus, we CAN'T fix it. It exploded". Turns out in '78 they couldn't fix pelvis like mine. I'm a medic and go to seminars and now they put rods thru the patient like they've been doin Arms and legs forever seems like. We even have a kind of emergency pelvis "girdle" to use on folks with severe pelvis to stabilize em till we get to trauma center. Be thankful for helicopters. So at bout 2 months they said I was maybe gonna live, think they had a bet pool goin, but never gonna walk. No surgery, no therapy. So pelvis grew back on it's on and I had managed to get to walk pretty good. Had been hurt b4 and had some martial arts exercises I knew. Asian dude knew he was moving back to Hawaii in one year when he agreed to help me. Said it like this "if you agree to start this, you can not quit". I'm like poo, I been in martial arts. Nope. Evidently I had just been lookin at the pictures. 365 days of physical and mental torture. Based on intense stretching. He told me that I was doin pretty good for a white guy…..he said that Asians been doin this stuff thousands of years, and that he was going to give me 10yrs of what I NEEDED to know in the remaining 10 months. Like Joe has said "it ain't magic" but it feels like it sometimes. I still work at it every day. Taught me to block pain, which will not work when I'm tellin about it, to speed healing. Iv used it against cancer 3 times. Just had 30th surgery, spinal fusion, but was able to dodge it for 40yrs. He was also a boxer so he destroyed many so called 99th degree black belts cause they had never been hit. We trained hard and i got hit. A lot. He could slip punches like you know who so i could go at him wide open and he was gd enough not to kill me. Once, and i have it on video, we were bout to spar and I reminded him to take his 1980 Buddy Holly glasses off but he said it would be ok. In other words I cudnt tag him. BUT Grasshopper had learned well and I DID tag him. I said ok, we're done but he did that Asian no emotion thing and said it's like "no problem" I had nose job few months back and bout minute stepped into a perfect spinning back fist. Nuther surgery. He acted like it was accident, and maybe it was, but I figured he'd been around us rednecks 2 long and I got bitch slapped. It was worth it tho. What he did for me is priceless. I have even helped a football team with the stretching and mental exercises, guess 35yrs ago, and everyone of those young men I run into tell me they still use what I taught them. Karma: one of them became a doctor and saved my life by testing a mole on my left bicep that my regular idiot doctor ignored for THREE years. Chance hooked me up with young doc who I had forgotten and yep, melanoma and it was spreading. You have a melanoma go to Dr Lewis at UT Medical hospital in Knoxville, Tn. Saved my arm and my life. He's bout best in country on melanomas. Damn, hope somebody actually reads my long ass stupid comment. So neway, train hard but train smart and investigate this: "The mind cannot tell the difference between real and imagined exercise". It works. For sports, for fighting, even firearms. L8r

  4. "That was you?? With the walk-off?" Lmao! 😂😂😂
    As if Joe Rogan shares a clip of him getting his ass kicked as an a testament to his fighting skills. 😂😂

  5. The things these guys learn is so deadly when it hits perfectly. I think all men need to learn how to fight a little if that MMA or boxing because you just don't know who you come up against. Don't underestimate no one these days.

  6. I have a public service announcement to make and a rather urgent one given my 3 month stint in the hospital; NEVER engage in a physical altercation with skills you learned from "The Karate Kid"—the last thing I recall after I employed "The Crane Technique" (If do right, no can defense—Mr. Miyagi) was my leg being caught and as I hopped like a punk Peter Cottontail my tormentor said, "You're gonna do a 3 month stint in the hospital…"
    That was in the '80's. So, in 2002, I found myself squaring off again (figuring "what the hell, I'm older, wiser and TOUGHER, YEAH!!) It was a disagreement over not calling the eight ball in a money game. Words were exchanged…I suggested we go out to the parking lot. My friends, seeing that I had winded my opponent by forcing him to repeatedly throw me to the asphalt, had begun to rhythmically twirl those little drum gizmos (from Karate Kid II) and by so doing gave my tormentor a nifty timing to deliver devastating round houses as I farted the theme from "Lawrence of Arabia"… before descending into a month long coma I had a vision of motorboating Elizabeth Shue's titties.
    I am now a pacifist.

  7. Yet stupid motherfuckers keep coming at him I see videos were people picking at him or trying to laugh at him and call him out and he just puts them in a headlock They tap out and he always keeps his cool. Something to emulate. Guess my point is he’s not afraid of these drunk idiots so he’s not angry at them is kind of like swatting at a mosquito that’s annoying.

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