49 Replies to “John takes an ANTI-GUNNER to the Range”

  1. Great video. The thumbs down must be from the hardcore left. John is such a kind person and she was great about trying it.

  2. Subbed. I've had this idea as well, to take people who aren't necessarily gun friendly and give them a safe and fun time at the range.

  3. Ok, now bring out the .50 Desert Eagle. LOL!
    All kidding aside, John was a great teacher there! He's friendly and funny, always smiling,…all of which helps relaxes the obviously nervous woman. And it's a great idea to just let her shoot and not have to worry about loading, unloading, etc… I think too many people when bringing new people to the range have this idea that they have to teach them everything from the start like how to load a magazine, to how to hold a gun, how to aim, etc…. All of which is important and necessary LATER on. But on their first time, it should just be focus on having fun just like this video!

  4. Good job! Now all you need to do is convince 65 million other libtards to come down to the range and pop off a 30 round clip from an AR-15 just to show them that the gun can't shoot anybody unless someone pulls the trigger! No gun EVER "assaulted anyone!"

  5. I watched this video and when I took my wife shooting for the first time I used some of the things I saw to help her and she said they really helped, she had fun shooting and it made it easier for her then if she had just tried shooting on her own.

  6. I converted my girlfriend . She isn’t exactly anti gun but she was the type that’s okay it other people have them just was scared to shoot or not want to own one. I took her for the first time this weekend and she shot 50 rounds had a huge smile on her face the whole time told me it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be and wants to get one

  7. No matter what side you fall under I believe it’s important to have a small amount of experience so you can make an informed personal decision, good for her

  8. See! People's opinions have nuance! We can, in fact, all get along!


    Someone in favor of more gun control… (Who owns three guns)

  9. i can't shoot due to wrist an shoulder issues, recoil hurts to much no matter what i shoot. so my preferred interests are knives and bows and arrows, so like guns i tell people that these are tools and can be dangerous, but used responsibly and in a safe manner they can be loads of fun.

  10. Yoo was up ma boois! I used to be against heroine but this video encouraged me to try it out xD

    PS im just trolling and a gun nut myself xD

  11. It only takes 3 lbs of pressure to snap your collar bone I’m surprised the way he put it in her shoulder she’d didn’t get hurt from firing

  12. I've converted many anti-gunners this way. I love taking people shooting. Unfortunately I've found most hardcore anti-gunners refuse to go because they don't want to have their minds changed… it's against their religion.

  13. Very well done! That is how you teach people. We are afraid of the unknown u til it is known. She may change her mind due to the way you helped her now that she knows how easy and exhilarating it really is. Thank you for sharing!

  14. You should start with classroom instruction followed by handling something unloaded. I’ve seen people drop guns, waive them around, etc. when you stick them in their hands and fire like this.

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