42 Replies to “John Wick 2 Firearms Training with Keanu Reeves & Taran Tactical | 5.11 Tactical”

  1. They should make a sequel to the original "Point Break" with Keanu as an older, more grizzled Johnny Utah partnered with a young "hotshot" FBI agent straight out of the academy.

  2. Thank you for being real. So many people in your line of work like to play the part and collect the pay check but in real life want gun control so two faced. Thanks again

  3. They claim to wanting to bring more realism, yet John Wick still hasn't become deaf yet, and cars are still 100% bulletproof in the movies, even with rifle rounds. If you want realism, you shouldn't show people hiding behind the back of every car and you should show at least a good portion of every gunman with earplugs

  4. Yeah he may have gotten better as an actor but the amount of scene cuts and angle snaps which really didn't make much sense and ruined the continuity of many scenes compared to the first movie, but that's the fault of the editing crew and director…

  5. This is Keanu at 54 years old. If he would have trained earlier then even Chuck Norris would have lost in a fight.

  6. Same range close targets large groupings. He is basicly using muscle memory and 9mm ARs and his guns are overpriced.

  7. I saw a video of him shooting a 3 gun stage, just like we shoot in competition. He could easily be a master class shooter.

  8. Strange to think there are no variants of the AK in any of the films considering they appear in a lot of other films

  9. I remember 1 movie called Equilibrium, cast by Christian Bale. That one idk whether he trains like hell like this or they use double

  10. Киану вообще с нашей планеты ?настолько крутой и человечный )))

  11. He will be in the high table in chapter 3 and this just the beginning I can't wait for part 4 it will be a surprise at the end of the movie can we say Denzel??

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