33 Replies to “John Wick 3 Weapons Training w/ Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry & Taran Tactical | 5.11 Tactical”

  1. And hopefully Miss Berry and Mr Reeves will use those influential Hollywood voices to Support and promote the 2nd amendment.

  2. I just saw John Wick 3 … and while I love the action scenes and the gun fights … the plot of the movies are just getting too far fetched for me. I think the first movie was the best one and even that was pretty over the top… John Wick must have killed like 50-100 guys in the 1st movie alone. You'd think at least one of those guy's wives would called the police or something, right ?

  3. You know … It's sorta crazy that as much as I love guns / the 2nd amendment / shooting … a Hollywood actress (Halle Berry) is probably a WAY better shooter than I am. I'm really glad to see some Hollywood types put in the time to make the movies look good.

  4. I love to shoot. Cast me in one of those movies and pay me in ammo. Oh and toss in an mg3 machine gun.

  5. I watched the movie and I loved it! The training really showed in John Wick 3. Awesome movie beginning to end!

  6. if you decide to paintball to find that adrenaline again wait an hour before beginning because some creeps freeze their paintballs. good luck!

  7. please consider to pose for the n.r.a. because you'll make thousands in public speaking, autograph sessions and maybe even teaching. hi judy!!

  8. Ha! Take that Brie Larson!
    My God she wanted too get all feminazi about women in the industry not getting bigger roles or lead roles.
    Sorry but Halle was a bad ass in John Wick 3 and i have way more respect for her.

  9. Shame all that training was wasted with either the director or the editor where it looked like she gets nearly over 100 rounds out of a pistol before reloading

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