Josh Warrington v Kid Galahad official highlights

Josh Warrington v Kid Galahad official highlights

gentlemen you have your instructions in the dressing room you know what I expect of you follow my instructions and remember defend yourselves at all times touch gloves but not see both we're underway 12 three-minute rounds for the IBF featherweight championship of the world the champion Josh Warrington making the second defense from the crown that he won last spring against Elise Albie and a pulsating Allen Road he wears these the colors that his beloved lead United new trim with white and God the Challenger his kid Galahad from Sheffield competing in his 27th professional contest tonight he wears red trunks shrimp regarded as sharpshooting left hand causes Warrington to become disorganized Warrington looking to establish that lead left hand kid Galahad now in the Orthodox stance Warrington for short with a left-right combination but he doubled up the attack and tries to follow up again but can't find a range and again their heads continuing to rub with incredible ferocity on the inside loads and loads of pressure this is what this is what he's he's used to pulling forward to gonna Hannah's somehow got to slow that down both exchange there with big bunches wrong those men having success Warrington who success for the right hand but look at the defensive maneuvers wrong kid got ahead good left hand to the body on the inside then brings it upstairs have been a straight variety then putting him man in a headlock and preventing him from working away referee Phil Edwards having to call break and he said bad-tempered affair in this White Rose County Derby Galahad applying physical roughhouse tactics on the inside repeating including Warrington Warrington's head beneath his armpit when they're getting close Galahad lost his balance momentarily a few instances ago but another very good second round for the Challenger Oh beautiful double left hand Warrington doubling up the attack coming forward with quick feeds and he caught the Challenger [Applause] going to look for success for that right hand and Galahad says that he's looking to that contest for inspiration good work to the body from Josh Warrington so Galahad back as a southpaw boxer once again Warrington with a jolting left jab solid lead left hand landed by the champion again you're just left with the impression that it's Galahad who is dictating the terms in the tempo of this contest just keeping his man off kilter weave single shot like he's pushing out here Orthodox left hand jab being put out with after chopping right hand and another one as wertham steps on the gas huge roar of encouragement from this crowd Galahad tied his man up watching him back towards the ropes on the far side of the Ring fucking right man threatened to throw around the back of the head landed by kid Galahad working the body effectively once again Warrington again just struggling to find a range as another long leap and cooks Lucy fences blonde kid Galahad Oh beautiful right-left combination sharp shooting left cross from the Challenger that squares warranty into action that he had little success of note as he was attempting to let his hands go kid Galahad and watches him out to the space of the ring timeout called [Applause] management in the direction of kid Galahad for continually wrapping up his man like a blanket with skill and hard work dedication and at the moment kick Galahad again is quite in the crowd starting to control that tempo so this is a test for the champion most certainly that's a little bit better for Wallington gonna step on the gas [Applause] Warrenton with single jab success Galahad countering with a good start poor left so into the ninth round then he's proud that usually oh good shot of the single-variety from Josh Warrington but this crowd usually make such a cacophonous noise strangely subdued remember it's an all-english judging panel in charge of this one tonight is Warrington land with a chopping right hand well a good left uppercut under retreat from kid Galahad Warrington comes forward but again with little success because kid Galahad proving so slippery in the pocket exchange of charting shots again for warrington roaring on their encouragement but Galahad defusing and defusing the attack by tying up the champ on the inside very awkward slippery challenger tonight kid Galahad has pre very difficult to get to grips with his right hand successful Warrington as he doubles up the right hand biting down on his gun shield and increasing his punch output letting his hands go Galahad remaining composed in the pocket causing some of those shots to be off target with an exchange of shots on the inside he was a sneaking corkscrew shot from kid Galahad that counted a single that landed from the champ in many respects he's dictated the terms of the contest because when Warrington attempt to let his hands go and get the crowd into it kid Galahad is no longer their kin Warrington launch another furious rally can a crowd get behind him to inspiring once more he's swinging but he's missing and then he's danced into another clinch but I kid Galahad who then helped himself to a cracking stop or left Warrington biting down on his gun shield trying to come back once again but he's having minimal success because kid Galahad he's continued to time up with terrific cleverness at close range Warrington desperately trying to launch us finals flurry in the closing seconds right up until the final valve the crowd raised the decibel level once more but the celebrations rather subdued in the champions corner equally subdued scenes over in the red corner of the Challenger a very close physical scrappy contest how have the judges scored this one through 12 rounds of boxing we go to the judges scorecards and we have a split decision [Applause] judge powered foster scores it 115-113 in favor of kid Galahad Judge Steve green scores it 116 to 112 in favor of Josh Warrington and Judge Michael Alexander scores it 116 to 113 for your winner [Applause] by this skin of his teeth by the narrowest of split-decision verdicts Josh Warrington has retained his IBF featherweight title

39 Replies to “Josh Warrington v Kid Galahad official highlights”

  1. Close fight, don't think Galahad had the volume to get a clear win but Warrington was missing all night. Draw would've been fine.

  2. Fury robbed, Loma robbed, GGG robbed (1st fight), Awad robbed. Boxing is just getting worse by the day…

  3. Stop hyping up Galahad, he didn’t have control of that fight, he kept getting hit too, I saw 2 exchanges won out of 3 by warringtion, every time they had an exchange, yes Galahad was fighting backwards and doing a wonderful job, josh warrington would land shots more consistently through exchanges. But to me I can see a draw more than I can see a win for Galahad.

  4. Galahad was cheating thats why josh didnt land as much. Glad to see him keep his belt after them antics

  5. Warrington was like a windmill the air took a battering frank warren says he the best in the world get a brain scan frank one style can't adjust at all his dad complaining about Galahad why he didn't stand and let your boy connect if he had ko power josh would be still out know

  6. Warrington and his dad knew they lost that fight. He was beaten physically and mentally. Joke of a fight and reminded me why I don’t pay for PPV and definitely not BT πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Galahad got bad advice from the corner. Should have stayed south paw and not switched. Whenever he switched he made Warrington look good. Staying south paw he controlled the fight.

  8. Black skeleton is brutalπŸ˜‚ a shot of the single variety…was a left hook mate say what u see stop using pointless phrases and vocab πŸ˜“πŸ™πŸ˜‚

  9. Absolutely shocking standard of boxing from both. Don't blame the judges at all after having to watch that garbage.

  10. Galahad threw one punch at a time, how does he win this fight?
    Harrington won the fight convincingly. It should had been unanimous.

  11. Galahad gets warned for clinching, yet not once was Warrington warned for constant use of head? Love this sport, but results like these are what makes it so disappointing

  12. Dirty galahad holding. Should have been deducted points. Dirty fighter with dirty tactics. Warrington wasn't at his best but Bari wasted his chance with those holding tactics

  13. Got to feel sorry for Galahad. I believe he won look at his quality of punches. I guess this is what happens when u fight on BT Sport and in Warrington home city

  14. I like how Warrington won the belt and how he defended it against Frampton. I had Warrington to win here before the fight but this is bullshit, how he can raise his hand after the fight I don't know but it's a desperate day for boxing again. ££££££ always wins!

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