JP GMR-13 (9mm AR) – Close Range Practical Accuracy

JP GMR-13 (9mm AR) – Close Range Practical Accuracy

yes hello to make ready okay all right let's check it out see well for their mouth alpha-2 well for their so well for their so I guess the the short range is so far a perfect score yeah I did shoot those last few shots pretty quick down here so I hope we I hope they're all on there that felt good salt like you could run pretty smoothly I don't think I'd be able to shoot it much better repeatedly oh there you go here's your six alpha all right take a nice shot take a nice photo so oh is that was a totally clean run right yeah clean run really fast – probably the fastest time that will see on the course and that's going to be the standard to be honest I mean if you're running that against some of those mill like the sterling for Christ's sake even this easy like the shorty CC you the suppressor on it I mean that's probably like a 17 to 20 second gun for this course it goes to show what a purpose-built certainly and what training does right like when you take a purpose-built gun you put in an environment that that gun is gonna excel in you put it in someone's hands who practices with it a lot even if the person isn't really good but they practice with it a lot it but let's have a really good score [Applause]

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  1. Amazing run. Scary how fluid you are Josh. We all felt that those last 6 were dead on as you took them.

  2. Your vids are great.   But I think the AR 9mm is dumb as fuck.   9mm is a great handgun round.   The AR package is too big.

  3. Why does he run with his feet pointed out to the side? Makes him look like he’s wearing clown shoes.

  4. 😑 This gun made for +p+ if you use normal ammo so way you use long barrel if I use gun like this I will go with 10mm or 9×25 Dillon

  5. Now you need to do the same with the Ruger PC carbine. it'll be interesting to see if the Elmer Fudd modeling of the gun gets in the way of speed.

  6. So it has a hydraulic buffer. Why aren't all guns equipped with, for example, model RC car shockers to absorb the impact? Have you seen a rally car land after a huge jump with no rebound whatsoever?

  7. AR master race.. 🙂
    I would like to see this ran with a 9mm AK.. like maybe the PAK-9 with a brace.
    I has one..

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