Judge Faith – Bamboozled in Brooklyn; Burden of Roof (Season 3: Full Episode #1)

Judge Faith – Bamboozled in Brooklyn; Burden of Roof (Season 3: Full Episode #1)

Judge Faith…Guy meets girl on Facebook.
And then buys her a car…
I thought she was
pretty attractive so I would contact her
through the inbox. He didn’t buy the car
he cosigned for the car. How many times had you
seen her in person, met her, before
buying a car for her? NARRATOR:And later…A sister battles her brother
in court
after he fails
to repair her roof.
My brother said,
“I would like the job.” He said he’s done many roofs, he’s had a lot of experience
on doing roofs. You don’t know what I’ve been
through with these people. I went to
Bible study yesterday and I’m not gonna
go there today. NARRATOR:Faith Jenkins,
her distinguished
legal career began
when she graduated first
in her law school class.
She quickly became a tough
New York City prosecutor.
And then, a pre-eminent
legal analyst on cable news.
And now she’s the judge
in her own courtroom.
Her cases are real
and her rulings are final.
She is Judge Faith.Plaintiff Laison Boyd sayshe had a crush
on the defendant
but that’s not the reasonhe cosigned on a car
with her.
And now she’s messed up
his good credit.
He’s suing
for various expenses
related to a car he purchased.Defendant Sharee Hodge says
she doesn’t owe any money
because Laison overreacted
when she missed a payment
and took the car back.All rise, court is in session. The honorable judge
Faith Jenkins presiding. Please be seated. Your Honor, the litigants
have been sworn in. This is the case
of Boyd vs. Hodge. Thank you, Juan. Laison Boyd? Yes, ma’am. You are suing
the defendant Sharee Hodge… Yes, ma’am. For $1,997 you say she owes you
for various expenses related to a car
you purchased. Yes. So, I just wanna
break down your lawsuit to make sure
I understand this. $772 for a tow
and tickets? Yes. $375 to replace a mirror
that was broken on the car? Yes. $200 in partial car payments
and insurance, and $650 for missed work? Yes. So, as I understand
it, the two of you met on Facebook. Around November of 2013? BOYD: Yes. Okay, tell me about that. BOYD: Um… We were talking for a little
while through Facebook, I never met her, like, actual,
actually in person. Um… I thought she was
pretty attractive so I would contact her
through the inbox and, um… See if she wanted to hang out. Okay. So sometime in March we’d seen each other
on the train for the first time. You just ran into each other randomly on the train
in New York? BOYD: Yes. And, um… Hmm. And you recognized her
from her Facebook photo? Yes. Wow. Okay. So, um, we didn’t say
anything to each other
that day. You didn’t say anything
to each other on the train? BOYD: No. We actually… Did you see him on the train? And you knew he was your
Facebook friend that you’ve been talking to? And the two of you just… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Didn’t say a word? Okay. I actually text her
through the Facebook. So after the fact you said,
“I just saw you on the train?” No. I said, “Is that you?” And… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You’re kidding? And she responded,
she said, um, “If, if, if I’m cute,
then yes. “If not, then no.” So you guys are on the train writing to each other
on Facebook? (JUAN CHUCKLES) Yes. Interesting. See, this is the way
people communicate
these days. They feel comfortable texting
and communicating, doing everything
on their phones. And so there you are,
you see her in person and you decide
you’re just gonna send her a DM on Facebook? Yes. Let’s fast forward
to the next year, not even a year later,
July of 2014 you buy this car for her. Right? Yes. How many times had you
seen her in person, met her, before
buying a car for her? I had seen her twice. Twice. So, you guys
didn’t have anything going on at that point? When he bought
the car for you? HODGE: We were hanging out. What does that mean? Were the two of you
romantically involved? We were. So you liked her
and the two of you had something going on? Yes. Because that’s the only way
this makes sense. I mean, I wouldn’t say
we had anything going on because I’d seen her twice. And, um, basically
we just, like, uh… “I’d seen you twice”
type of situation. So, here we are. You saw her twice,
you buy her a car in July of 2014. BOYD: Okay. What was the agreement
about the car? And why couldn’t
she buy her own car? Her credit wasn’t good enough. Oh! So that’s
a good reason for you to buy someone else a car. They don’t pay their bills,
they don’t have good credit so let me put my name
on the line. BOYD: I mean… Right? I went, I bought my car… In the process
of me buying the car, the dealer tells me
that if I refer someone that they will pay me $500. So she contacts
the dealership uh, the guy
tells her, um, “Your credit
isn’t good enough.” But if I help her… As in cosign? As the cosigner… She could get a car. BOYD: She can get the car. So I, uh,
I go down there… And you agreed to do that? And… I agreed to cosign. I didn’t know that
they was gonna actually make me sign
for the whole car. And you say, “Absolutely not.” Right? No, I didn’t. What did you say? I said, “Yes”. Okay. ‘Cause I like Sharee, and
I want her to be
my girlfriend. NARRATOR:Coming up…Love is blind and expensive.A few months down the line
I had told him, like, I won’t be able to
keep up with it ’cause it was, you know,
it was becoming a lot. Was she late on her payments? Every month. NARRATOR:And later…A family is divided
over a dispute
about a roof repair job.Did he ever do the job? He did not do the job.
He did a small area. You know, I’m not a roofer
by no means. I have no… I’ve never roofed
a house before in my life. NARRATOR:
Plaintiff Laison Boyd
says Sharee is
irresponsible with money,
and he regrets cosigning
on a car with her.
He’s suing for
various expenses
related to a car he purchased.Defendant Sharee Hodge says
she doesn’t owe any money
because Laison
took the car back.
JUDGE FAITH: So, here we are. You get the car.
The agreement is, although it’s in his name, you will pay for the notes
and the insurance. Yes. But that didn’t work out because he eventually
took the car back. So what happened? Why did he come back
and get it? As the months went on,
the insurance went up. More payments, more money
had to be kicked out. Was she late on her payments? Every month. Okay. And so
that’s affecting your credit? Yes. Right? You take the car back
and what do you
find out about the tickets and the mirror? Which is
what you’re really suing for. Yes, um… (CLEARS THROAT) I didn’t even know
there were tickets on the car because, um… Did you get tickets
on the car? I didn’t get the tickets
on the car. My friend that had the car, when I wanted to get
the rear-view mirror fixed, before he came and got it, had collected the tickets
and I didn’t know. Show me proof of the tickets and for the cost
of the mirror. What happened
to the relationship between the two of you?
Did that just… All fall to shambles
because of this car? Yes, the relationship
was ruined for the simple fact that
she would get angry at me for being angry at her
for being irresponsible. And you think
that’s going to help you get money from somebody? BOYD: No, it wasn’t, but at that time
I was just angry and I couldn’t understand, like, “Why are you
being this way “to someone that helped,
that basically helped you?” Because you don’t know her. You don’t know her
well enough to commit to having someone pay you
monthly payments over the course of years. You don’t know her. Why bind yourself to someone
for years over a car? Because you weren’t thinking
with the right brain. That’s what
the real problem is. (ALL CHEERING) So here’s what
we’re going to do. Um… You’re asking her to pay you
for $650 for missed work, I’m not going to
order her to do that but… Can I say something? JUDGE FAITH: Sure. Uh, the day
that I got the boot
on my car, I woke up early
in the morning
to go to work, so… You have a boot on your car
or the car she was driving? When I took that car
back from her, I had to drive
that car for myself because I had
lost my last car. You know I lived in New York
for a number of years, right? Okay. Do you know I know
about public transportation
and the trains? Yes. You don’t have to… Take her car to get to work. You can take the train. There’s a subway every
three blocks in New York city. I work in Long Island, ma’am. So, she’s not responsible
for that. Here’s my judgment
in this case, you are responsible
for the tow tickets and replacing the mirror. That’s a total judgment in the
plaintiff’s favor, $1,147. You know what, you gotta
eat some of the cost. You made a silly decision. I’m not gonna order her
to pay for a week’s worth of you missing work. $1,147,
judgment for the plaintiff. I learned I would
never cosign
for anyone because it’s not a good idea. I think Judge Faith’s ruling
was very fair. I take full responsibility
on my behalf when the car
was in my possession. NARRATOR:
Plaintiff Sherrel Jones
says she paid her brother
in advance for a roofing job
on her fixer-upper homebecause she trusted him
to complete the work.
She’s suing for a refund
for roof work.
She’s accompanied in court
today by Ronnie Lynch.
Defendant Robert Conley says
he got busy on another project
and doesn’t owe his sister
any money,
because he was
surprised to learn
she’d hired somebody else
to finish the job.
He’s accompanied
in court today
by his wife, Vicki Conley.Sherrel Jones? Yes. You are suing the defendant, Robert Conley… Yes. …for $4,655 for refund,
for labor and materials for roof repairs he was
supposed to do on your home? Yes. Okay. Are the two
of you related? That’s my sister. Okay. So you’re brother and sister? JONES: Yes. That’s my brother. Okay. As children
we were very close. What about as adults? Um, we had a little
shaky relationship. So what happened here? I bought a fixer-upper home
and it needed a new roof. My brother said,
“I would like the job.” He said, “I need the money.” And without question,
of course… He said he’s done many roofs, he’s had a lot of experience
on doing roofs. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. So, Mr. Conley, you have a conversation
with your sister about this. Yeah. When did that conversation
take place? Probably 2014, early spring. Okay. And what was
that conversation, sir? Uh, she was going to have
a roof put on and I went over. I told her,
I said, “Hey, I really need
the money “and I’d like to
do the job for you,” and she said, “Okay,”
and then she wrote me a check for $4,000 and I went out
and bought the stuff. She wrote you a check
for $4,000 and was that the total amount
you paid him? Yes. He said he was
needing money, and wanted to know if I would
go ahead and write the check then, because he was
in need of money. Well, I didn’t even hesitate, I went ahead
and wrote the check and then went on my way
to Tennessee. Okay. And the agreed
upon total price for this project was what? $4,700. $4,700, and you paid him 4,000
out of that 4,700? I paid him $4,700. You paid him the total amount
of 4,700. Yes, yes. Did he ever do the job? He did not do the job.
He did a small area. What did you tell her? I told her it would take me,
uh, whenever I had
time to do it because at that time,
I just got so lucky, I got a job
working for a farmer and we were in the fields
in the morning
and didn’t get out till dark. You just didn’t work on it
at all because you got busy? No. It was discussed…
I told her I would do the job, you know, in time. What does that mean? It means whenever
I had the time. But that’s not okay with her. It was at the time. Well, no, because we’re here. Do you know why we’re here? Yeah. Why? ‘Cause she’s a nut. (CHUCKLES) Really? Did you ever do the job? That’s not nice. Huh? JUDGE FAITH: Did you ever
do the job? I’ve done some of it, yes. Okay, so how is she a nut?
She paid you $4,700 and you did “some of the work”
whenever you had the time. How is she a nut? She didn’t pay me $4,700. I told her that as soon as
the weather cleared up I would start
and then I would do it… And so did you do that, sir? Yeah. And that was
agreed upon. That as long as I got her
roof done, you know, before… Before it got cold and stuff
that I would do it. You know, I’m not a roofer
by no means. I have no… I’ve never roofed
a house before in my life. JONES: Your Honor,
he told me… But you offered to do the job? JONES: He told me… You took the money! Yeah. And you said what you needed
to say to get the $4,700. Sir, that’s what it sounds
like to me
after you got the money, you didn’t care
one way or the other, when, if, and how
the roof got done. I believe you’re wrong. Am I right? I’m sorry? I believe you’re wrong. I don’t care what you believe. What you believe is
completely irrelevant to me. In fact, if you had any sense you wouldn’t even be here
being sued by your own sister. So keep your comments about
what you believe to yourself because when you walk in
through those doors, it’s what I believe that
matters in this courtroom. (ALL CLAPPING) Well, it’s your courtroom
but what I’m saying is that what you’re thinking is wrong. And I’m going to
tell you again what you think
does not matter. NARRATOR:Coming up
Judge Faith…Questions are raised
about the real reason
for the siblings’
roof repair dispute.
He put a fence in his backyard
that same summer. Oh! Really? JONES: Yes. Not with the money
she paid me. I done it with the money
that I… With, my tax refunds and money that I earned
from my job. And what else
did he do in his house? NARRATOR:
Plaintiff Sherrel Jones
says her brother
had over five months
to complete the roofing job.She’s suing for a refund
for roof work.
Defendant Robert Conleysays he got busy
on another project
and doesn’t owe his sister
any money.
JUDGE FAITH: Forget everything
she said. I’m asking
you a question. Did you complete the job? No, I did not. Okay. So give her
her money back. She’ll have to wait
till I get the money. No, she’s not.
She’s not waiting another day. Well, then she’ll… It’s gonna happen today. Well, then she’ll have to
take me to court and sue me again
because I don’t have it. That’s what we’re
here for today, Conley. Huh? JUAN: That’s what we’re
here for today. You’re getting sued already. I know. Ma’am, stand up, please. Who are you, ma’am? His wife, her sister-in-law. Good luck. Everything was fine
about the roof. We’ve been to her house
since the roof. He helped… He went over
and helped her put up a privacy fence. Then, my grandson’s birthday
is in December. My daughter-in-law tried
to call her to invite her and her house phone
had been disconnected. So she wasn’t invited
to the party? That was on February 20th
this year. She filed the paperwork
February 25th or 28th. So you think
that this lawsuit, after she’s paid
your husband $4,700… That was… Not 4,700.
That was 4,000. I have the… I have it. May I see it, please? Yes, you may. Do you concede that
she paid you $4,700? No, it was 4,000. No. I’m sure it was 4,000. JONES: Okay. Here we go. Okay, it was 4,700. Here’s the check
that you cashed for $4,700. So, perhaps
you don’t remember. Oh! Well, I’m sorry then.
I’m sorry. I apologize to her, too,
but I thought it was $4,000. But let me ask you something. You… You eventually hired
someone else to come in and do this job? Yes. When was that?
What month and what year? It was at the end
of August of 2014. And how much
did you pay someone
to complete the job? A thousand dollars. And were you aware
that some else came in to finish this job, sir? After it was all done.
Yeah, I was aware then. Okay. And at that point you still feel that
you don’t owe her money because she had to pay
someone else for labor to come in
and complete the job that you did not finish? CONLEY: No. Why is that? Because I would have
finished it. You know, I would… JUDGE FAITH: Had she given
you more time. Yeah. What do you wanna say, sir? Do you have
anything you wanna say? Uh, all I could say is that the shingles been lined up
for so long that they were
starting to melt. Yeah, I know,
it’s five months. Yeah. Five months. That’s more than
reasonable amount of time for Mr. Conley
to complete this job. I mean, you call
your sister a nut. You don’t know what I’ve been
through with these people. I don’t know what
you’ve been through but I know you that
you spent that $4,700. You didn’t have a problem
spending the money they paid you to do the work
and you didn’t do it. He put a fence in his backyard
that same summer. And what else did
he do in his house? In the winter they put, this past winter,
they redid the whole kitchen. Oh! Really? JONES: Yes. So, you’ve had
some spare time
and some money to do some remodeling
in your house. VICKI CONLEY: That wasn’t
with your money. JONES: That wasn’t
with my money but… Just not, just not hers. Not with her, not with
the money she paid me. I done it with the money
that I, with, my tax refunds and money that I earned
from my job. What did you do with the money
she paid you? I paid bills. Bills. He was not working
at that time. Had not been working… That’s not her problem. Whether or not he’s working… And, hey, if he’s not working
then he should have all the time in the world to
complete the project, right? He should have
all the time in the world to complete the project
that she’s already paid for. What did you say? I said “You didn’t hear me,
did you, Judge?” You know what, I’m gonna
get you out of here because you’re about to…
Let me tell you something. Because I told you
I got a job. He’s making me
go there, but I’m not
gonna go there today. I went to
Bible study yesterday and I’m not gonna
go there today. You’re about to make me
go there today. NARRATOR:Coming up…Judge Faith rules.NARRATOR:And now
Judge Faith rules.
JUDGE FAITH: Okay, here’s what
I’m going to do. So there’s $4,700
the plaintiff paid
to the defendant. We’re gonna subtract
the $1000 for materials you concede
was purchased. In addition, I’m gonna
subtract $200 for labor. That leaves $3,500 that you owe
the plaintiff, sir. Now, I’m gonna say something, because I think you’re rude,
I think you’re disrespectful and I think you show
no remorse whatsoever for taking advantage
of your sister. You may be able to
treat her like that but when you come
into this courtroom you will respect
this courtroom and you’re going
to respect this judgment. You pay her $3,500. Have a good day. What have I learned
from this case? I’ve learned never, never
to do business with family. And it will never
happen again. That’s a promise. I wish we can get
a relationship started but after seeing
the way he behaved and called me a nut, I don’t know
that there will ever be togetherness again, but maybe
in prayer there will be. NARRATOR:If you or someon
you know has a dispute
don’t take the law
into your own hands
let Judge Faith
rule on it for you.
To submit your case
go to JudgeFaith.com
and tell us your story.See you in court.

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