Jumping Through IMPOSSIBLE Shapes! (Game Master Spy Gadget Trampoline Challenge)

Jumping Through IMPOSSIBLE Shapes! (Game Master Spy Gadget Trampoline Challenge)

– [Grace Sharer] Hey Steve! Whoa, whoa. What is this? Whoa! Hey, wait, look.
Otter's in there too. – Yeah, I was talking
baby Otter for a ride. What's going on Sharers?
Welcome to the vlog. Today's vlog is gonna be so epic because, as you can tell,
the days are getting warmer and we're gonna do some
pretty awesome stuff today. Grace, come on, hop in for a ride. Let's go for a little spin. – Oh, wait. This is
weird. There's no door. Like, I just hop right in? – [Stephen Sharer] Hop right in. – Okay. Make room, Otter. Where's my seatbelt?
– Buckle up. Seat belts right there. It's reversed. – Whoa. – Buckle Otter in too. – Okay. Okay, we're all good. – Okay, you ready? – Yeah!
– Here we go! – Whoa!
– Whoa! (screaming) (brakes screeching) – Whoa, whoa, whoa!
The camera, the camera. Whoa. I almost dropped the
camera. That was crazy. – Oh yeah, and that's not all, Sharers, we got a lot of other toys out today. Check this out. Like I said,
it's about to be summer time so we got our jet skis back. Oh yeah. Get ready for some
awesome water adventures. We also got all the cars out. We got the spy wagon out, looking good. We got the ATVs. We got
the Share the Love Bug, We got almost everything out. Oh yeah. It's gonna be one wild day today. – Steve, I see something down at the pond. – [Stephen Sharer] What is it?
(dramatic music) – I dunno. Come, come. – Let's go check it out. There's
something down at the pond. Come on, Grace. Maybe
that pond monster's back. This could be bad. Okay. What is it?
– Yeah, maybe now that it's warming up, the pond monster's back. – Wait, it's on the other side. I see it. Sharers, come on. Let's go, Grace. Come on, quick. Hurry.
– I'm moving. – [Stephen Sharer] Hurry,
Hurry. It's moving, It's moving. Come on, Grace. Come on, Come on. What is it? What is it? What is it? – It's still on the
other side of the pond. There's, like, multiple.
I think there's three. – [Stephen Sharer] You're
right. What is that? What is it? – I dunno but it looks
like there's a nest here. – [Stephen Sharer] Oh.
Whoa. Whatever happened with this nest it broke free. Look at this. – [Grace Sharer] Yeah, it
like laid eggs or something. – [Stephen Sharer] Paw prints and stuff? There's been something
down here, for sure. Look at this nest. This
cage is broken, Grace. Completely destroyed. – Yeah. What is happening? Steve, they're up here.
There's a multiple. There's definitely multiple. – [Stephen Sharer] Whoa.
Careful, Grace. Go slow. Sharers —
– There's like 20. Comment if you see all that. Whoa. There's a lot. What is all this? Giant
bubbles too? What is going on? Hang on, let's go slow.
– One. I can see stuff in the water
– Four. Five. right there. (gasps) Big
things in the water right here. Look at this. (gasps)
Grace, it's the koi fish. Wait, that's the koi fish.
The koi fish are back. – No, that's like, that's way too big. – They're huge. – They're like dolphin-sized. – They're absolutely huge. This is crazy. Oh yeah, Sharers, there
is a lot going on today at the Sharer Fam house. We even got the water sprinkler going. That's how you know it's
getting close to summer. Now we just gotta get some inflatable toys to put in the pond so we can
have fun all summer long. Yeah, and now that we know
that the Game Master is trapped in prison, there is no escaping.
So that means we can do a lot of fun stuff now. And,
I'm thinking today, Grace, we, of course, gotta get
back into our challenges. If you saw in Grace's last
vlog, in her Slime Mystery Wheel challenge, Grace actually won.
– Yeah! So right now the score is
one-to-one. We both have a point. So, in order to make the
tiebreaker and figure out who wins, we're gonna do a little challenge today and it's gonna involve this trampoline. Woo! – Wait, what type of challenge? – Sharers, comment down below
what we should order for the pond. Grace, let's
go see what we have. I'm thinking a giant,
inflatable slide or something. – Or a giant, inflatable obstacle course? – Or a giant, inflatable water trampoline. Just so many options.
– Oh! Let's see what is available.
Come on, let's go. Otter, come on. Back inside.
We're gonna go order some stuff real quick. Come on. Oh, Grace, come here. Okay, okay, okay. Okay, Grace, so what
should we buy, let's see? Oh, by the way, Sharers,
major shout-out to Honey for sponsoring this video.
If you don't already know what Honey is, Honey
is a free shopping tool that automatically searches
the internet for the best promo codes every time
you buy something online. And the coolest part is it
works on over 30,000 websites. – And today, Sharers, we gonna
be putting Honey to the test to see how much money we can save while we're shopping for
toys for our back yard pond. – We can use Honey on a
bunch of different sites like, Grace, you've used it
on Ulta and, like, Sephora and all that stuff. But
today, let's try it on, you know what, let's try it Overstock.com – Okay, let's see what toys they have. – Okay, let's search
"inflatable water slide", let's see what they have. Ooh, Grace, come check this one out. $400 this thing looks amazing.
– Whoa. It's a double water slide
with a splash pool too. This is perfect. Look at
this, Grace. Look how big this thing is. Oh!
– (gasps) – [Grace Sharer] That looks so much fun. – That's perfect, alright. Let's definitely add this to the cart. Adding this to the cart and
then, you know what else, Grace? I'm thinking we're gonna
need something else. What else should we order? – Hmm? Steve, maybe we should
get some pool floaties. Search pool floaties.
– Ooh. – Floaties. Okay, let's
see what they have. – [Grace Sharer] Wait, those look cool. Are those donuts?
– Oh yeah. – Donut floaties, that's perfect. – [Grace Sharer] Oh yeah. Add that. – Add that to the cart. Okay, so let's see, we've
got two things in the cart. The total, oh my goodness Grace, $419.
(dramatic sound) – Wait, that's too much money. Mom and Dad are going to get mad. – Yeah, but you know what,
Sharers, we haven't applied the Honey coupon yet. So let's go ahead,
– Oh yeah. Try that. we'll check out. Check this
out, this is my favorite part. Let's apply coupons. You ready, Grace? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah. Hit it. – Apply the Honey coupons.
Look at this, it's calculating, going through all the codes
– Whoa And let's see what happens. – [Grace Sharer] It's
testing all those codes. – Here we go, let's see how much we saved. You ready? You saved $41.96!
(cheering) Oh yeah! We almost saved
$50, Grace. That's crazy. – Whoa, that's like magic and
now our total's only $377.63. – Yeah, Sharers, and the best part is, it only takes two clicks to install. So, all you have to do is
go to JoinHoney.com/SHARER and download the Honey
app. It's completely free. So, what are you waiting
for? Go save some money. – Yeah, Sharers, and for
information, click the link in the description below. – Yeah, and I on average, a
person that installs Honey, saves about $30. Okay, Grace,
we got the supplies ordered. Now, let's get outside and let's go do this awesome challenge. Let's see of you can keep up. – Okay, I think I'll be good at this. – Jumping through shapes
on a backyard trampoline? Well, there's only one way
to find out. Let's do it. Come on, Sharers, let's go. – Wait, Steve, I thought we
were going to the trampoline. What are you doing on there? – Here, hop on Grace, we
gotta bring the trampoline up. – [Grace Sharer] What, why? – Hop on, I'll show you. Hang on tight. – Okay! – To the pond, here we go! Whoa!
– Whoa! Oh yeah!
– Whoa! (screaming) – Whoa! – We gotta hook up the
trampoline. We gotta bring it up to the top of the house. Okay, we're gonna hook this around. – Okay! Whoa, Sharers, this looks so
funny. Stephen is dragging the trampoline all the way
up to the top of the house. Let's go, this is so fun! – Oh, yeah! Woo! There
we go! Trampoline is up in the front of the house,
Grace. This is awesome. Now we can start (whoops) our challenge. Alright, Grace, you ready? – Oh yeah, I am ready. Wait, I thought we were jumping
through spy gadget shapes? – Oh yeah, we're jumping
through shapes today, Grace. We've got a lot of levels. – [Grace Sharer] Whoa! Wait,
I see a listening device. – Get ready for this, Sharers.
We're jumping through shapes. Some are easy, some are super
hard. This is gonna be one intense trampoline challenge. And in today's video we're
gonna be jumping through shapes. There's three levels, total.
All with different shapes. Each level gets a little
bit harder and harder and the final level even has
top-secret spy gadget shapes that are gonna be super hard
to jump through. The rules are, there are no rules.
(buzzer) If you end up jumping
through and making it clear, all the way through
without hitting anything, you get a point. But, if
you jump through and you hit something or you crash into
something and the shape breaks, you get minus a point.
(buzzer) – Okay, Steve, I'm ready. What's my shape? – Grace's first shape is the circle. Now, this is pretty big so,
Grace, I think you should be able to do it. But,
we've never done this before so let's give it a shot. – Okay. I'm ready for level one. – Okay, Grace, you get one
bounce. You start on the edge of the trampoline, you get
one bounce and you gotta make it through. – Okay, so, you start on the green? – Yep, start on the green.
– Okay. Here we go, ready? Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. Go, bounce and go! – Woo! – Oh! (upbeat music) Alright, Grace did it. I think level one's gonna be super easy. I'm ready to do this.
– Okay. – You ready? – Yep. Get on the green. – Okay, Sharers, so far Grace
has a point. Here comes mine. Three, two, one, Go! – One bounce. Whoa! – Woo! (upbeat music) Alright, tie-game right now.
One-to-one. Let's move on to the next shape. – And the next shape is a
square. It's not that different than the circle but it's a
little bit harder so, Steve, you're up first. – Let's do this, Sharers. – Okay, Steve, level two,
slightly difficult than level one. So, get going. – Here we go. Ready? – Three. – Two. One. Go.
– One. – Whoa. (upbeat music) Whoa. – I did it, clear and free.
– Okay. Oh yeah. I got a point. Woo! Let's do it, Grace. Let's see if you can do this one. – Okay, I'm ready. Three, two, one. – Go. – Woo! – Woo! (upbeat music) Alright, so far pretty easy, Grace, but we got one shape left in round one. Let's see what it is. – The last shape in level
one is a basic triangle. – Okay, Grace, you're up first. – Oh, I'm up? Okay. – Tie-game right now. So far
everyone's doing pretty good. – Okay, I feel like I have
to like, go in like that, like a triangle. – You might have to. You ready for it?
– Okay. Yep. – Here we go. In three, two, one.
– Two, one. Go. Ooh! (upbeat music) Alright, Grace got a point. – Oh yeah. I'm three-for-three. Steve, do you think you can do it? – Yeah, this is so easy, Sharers, level one is way too easy. I'm
ready to step it up a notch. So, let's just get that easy
third point. Here we go. Three, two, one, go. – Oh, Okay. (upbeat music) – Alright, get this outta here, Grace. We're moving on to level
two. Let's get these shapes a little bit harder. I need a little bit more of a challenge. – Yeah, same. – The first shape of
level two is an octagon. Now this is a little but
smaller. It's still big, but it's a little smaller. So, we might run into some problems. Grace, you're up first this time. – Okay. Well, line that up. – We're gonna do it like
this. Grace, good luck. Can you make it through
through the octagon? – Honestly, I don't know. – It's a tie-game right now,
Sharers, three-to-three. Good luck, Grace. – Okay. Here I go. In three, two, one, go.
– Three, two, one, go. (buzzer)
– Oh! Oh! Did I make it? – No, Grace, it cracked. – Well, Sharers, it
looks like I cracked it so I don't get a point this round. But Steven, let's see if you can do it. – Okay, Sharers, let's
do this. Here we go, through the octagon,
in three, two, one, go. (screams) – Whoa. Oh!
– Oh! (upbeat music) – Fresh, clean, straight
through. I get a point, Sharers. That means I'm in the lead,
it's four-to-three. (exhales) This is actually getting pretty difficult. These shapes are getting
smaller and smaller. I don't know what's gonna happen when we move to the spy gadgets. – And the next shape is a rectangle. This one is very narrow so, I don't know if we can fit through it. – Yeah, it's a little, it's
a little skinny, Grace, we're gonna have to
slither our way through. – Yeah. _ Good luck, Grace. So far,
you only have three points. I'm in the lead with one
extra point so let's see if you can make it through this rectangle. – Okay, I just need to make
myself a rectangle, like that. – Yeah, you gotta squeeze
through this thing. – I think this will fit. Three, two, one, go.
– Two, one, go. – Good luck! – Oh! (upbeat music) – Woo! Not bad, Grace. – Yeah, okay. – Sharers, I'm surprised
Grace actually made it through this. I though for
sure she was gonna hit it. Let's hope I can do it.
This seems a little hard. And, Sharers. To prove that
I'm the ultimate at jumping through shapes, Grace, turn
the rectangle sideways. – What? Okay. – Sideways. Let's do this, Sharers. – So, if you miss then you lose a point. – If I miss I lose a
point, but I got this. Here we go. Diving through
this in three, two, one, go. Oh! – Oh! – Oh no! – That completely broke. – I destroyed it. – You lost your point. (buzzer)
– No! This is not good. Destroyed. Grace. That means I don't get a point for that round.
– Nope. – I shouldn't have tried to go sideways, I thought that would be
easier. Okay. Well, great. Nice it's a tie-game. Four-to-four. We better bring up the next shape. – Steve, you shouldn't
have risked it on that one 'cause this one is about
to be some tough love. – Oh, this heart is small. – Yep! – Alright, Sharers, I'm
gonna go first on this one because I need that point, quick. Grace, hold this up. I gotta do this. Come on, Sharers, smash
the like button for me. I need another point. – I gotta redeem myself on this one. Alright, hold this heart straight
up. I'm going through it. Sharers, this one is hard. I
can tell I might destroy this. This is a lot harder
looking straight at it. Here we go, though. Three, two, one, go. Oh!
– Oh! (upbeat music) – I think I made it fresh clean. – Yeah! – Whoa, that was really
hard. Sharers, I do not think Grace is gonna make this
through. This is so hard and Grace does not like diving.
Grace, you're up, though! Good luck! Sharers, I got a
point, I'm in the lead now. It's five-to-four. Grace, good luck. Sharers, Grace is gonna
need a lot of good luck. I don't think she's gonna get it. – Sharers, I'm a little
nervous 'cause I think the only technique to get through that
without breaking is diving. And I hate diving. So,
let's see if I can do this. – Okay, you ready? – Okay, ready. – Here we go. In three, two, one, go. Oh! – Oh! – You did not make it through. – No, not at all. Oh no, Sharers, what
happened, I broke the heart. – Grace I knew, I told you she
wasn't gonna make it through, Grace. Just wait, that
was the end of level two. Now we're onto level three. This is the spy gadget mystery shapes. This is gonna be really hard. – Sharers, I don't know if
I can of any of the harder levels. Those one's are
already hard enough. – Well, Sharers, it's
about to get even harder because this is the spy gadget round. First up, is the
listening device. Oh yeah. So you know we've used these
listening devices to hear what the Game Master has been saying and to spy on Rebecca Zamolo.
So, now I made a big one and we gotta jump through it
without it breaking. Grace. – Okay. – Good luck. – Whoa, it's kind of like,
slanted. I feel like I have to like, turn myself. – You might have to turn and
jump through it sideways. – Okay, the score is five-to-four. Hopefully, I can get a point this time. – You ready? – Yep. – Here we go. – Three. – Two. One.
– One. – Go. – Woo! (upbeat music) – Wow, Grace actually did that. – Yeah! – Okay. That was a lot easier for her than I thought it was going to be. – Yes, and now it's tie-game. – Oh dear, Sharers. Smash the like button, this is gonna be hard. It's five-to-five. I gotta make it through
the listening device. My technique this time is
gonna jump through like this. So I, like, am in the shape
of the spy gadget thing. Here we go, are you ready Grace? – Okay. So, you're going in sideways? – Yep. – Okay. – Bouncing in three, two, one, go. – Oh! Whoa! – Ow! – Oh, what happened? – I don't think I was small
enough. I destroyed that. – Yeah. – (exclaims) That means
I don't get a point. – Well, that means it's a
tie-game. It's five-to-five. Guys, I have a good chance of winning. – Grace, let's bring out that next shape. It's a time game. Five-to-five.
I'm gonna go first. I think I can definitely do this one. It's a lot, I think, easier
of a shape to go through. It's binoculars. So, let's
try this. Here we go. You ready, Grace? – Yep. – I'm gonna go through one
side of the binoculars. – Okay. – Diving in three, two, one, go.
– Two, one, go. – Whoa! (upbeat music) – Fresh and clean, I think. – Yeah! – That was good. Okay! Woo!
Gimme that point. Six-to-five. Oh yeah! – Okay, Sharers, it's
six-to-five, I need to step it up. This is kinda like an "H" shape so I think I'm going
hold my arms like that and have my legs like in a "H" shape. And hopefully I make it through. – Okay, Grace, good luck. – Okay. – Here we go, you ready? – Yep. Okay. Sharers,
smash the like button. I really need this. You ready? Three, two, one, go. Bounce and in. – Oh! – Oh, whoa whoa whoa! Whoa. – Grace. – Oh no, Sharers, that
looks like I went too high. The H-technique did not work.
I guess I don't get a point. (buzzer) – Well, Grace, you're lucky
because we got another round so you got another chance to catch up. The last spy gadget shape
we have to make it through are the handcuffs. – Whoa! I don't know if
I can make it through. – It's narrow at the middle but I think if you make it
through the either the circles, you might get the point. But, there's only one way to find out so, Grace, whose going first? – I guess I will. – Okay, Grace, you're
right, You need the point. If Grace gets the point
there'll be a tie-game. If she doesn't, she'll lose. Okay, Grace, which way do want it. – I think up and down. – Up and down, like this? – Twist it one more time. – Like that? – Yep, that's perfect. – Okay, what's your technique? – And, I think I'm just
gonna, like, bend over and go like that. Go in sideways. – Okay. Good luck, Grace. – Okay. Jumping in three, two, one, go.
– Two, one, go. Whoa!
– Whoa! – Grace. Oh! – I totally broke that. – Grace, that did not work at all. – Oh, no. – Oh yeah, Sharers, Grace
did not get that point so that means I won. The
total score was six-to-five which means I won today's challenge. – And that means Stephen's
in the lead in the overall challenge score with two
points and I have one. – Yeah, Sharers, major shout-out to Honey for sponsoring this
video. I can't wait to see these new products that we
saved a bunch of money on come in the mail. We can
set 'em up on the pond and have a bunch of awesome fun.
– Oh yeah! Yeah, Sharers, if you have
any awesome more ideas for challenges, comment them
below. Grace and I gotta compete to win the
ultimate prize of $10,000. – Yeah, Sharers, and until
next time, you know what to do. Stay awesome
– Stay awesome and share the love.
– and share the love. Peace. Woo!
– Peace. Woo!

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