Junxing Pharos 2 Recurve Bow

Junxing Pharos 2 Recurve Bow

hi I'm Stephen hamper my first place today we can look at the Pharaohs – recurve bow now this is really exciting to open and why is it exciting because of the packaging look at this box it's black and the writing is just awesome it looks it looks like a hoe it doesn't know now when you see packaging of this quality all you think of is height and you think of the rx1 compound bow now you're thinking of a $2,000 bow or a $2,300 boat and this box here is just absolutely awesome and look at the quality of this box I mean it's better than the rx1 box and all white u-haul white shooters are gonna say now the rx1 box is much better but no this is really thick it's a very high quality box and it's black now let's look what's inside this box so it's a recurve and it's got foam and the foams are all cut out to fit the boat in into it and it looks absolutely fantastic now this foam is a high quality foam it's not the cheap stuff that you can just rip apart with your fingers this is this is the foam that you shoot arrows into basically it's all being laser-cut out to fit the bow in and it's very high quality and looks just absolutely awesome so the grip the riser this is 21 inches and it comes in three sizes this is the 21 inch version that comes in 19 and a 17 inch version it's got sight holes on the side here so you can fit a sight to it international fitting limbs so you can wind it up or down in poundage you've got adjustments left or right to adjust the limbs left to right you can shoot it either off the shelf you can see it's got the nice curve there and the nice curve there for shooting off the shelf which is just perfect for someone who wants to shoot traditional the wood grip is it's not a high wood grip it's more it's like a target group but quite low there it feels nice I was gonna say it's got a piece I've got no idea what that screw holes for it's gonna say for it's for a two piece quiver but there's not one of the top so these are to add weights maybe down the bottom here if you're gonna shoot bear bow now this is a machined riser so not cast this is machined you can see it's actually quite the finish of it is actually quite nice it's all flat here curve there like the top little line target target bows now to adjust the pan in John this bow as in all international thin limbs you've got an allen key there you have to loosen off and then you wind this in or out now if you want it in or out so run it out too much you're gonna strip the bolt so just be careful with how much you want it out now the kit comes with the little hair so you stick the hair on here that makes the arrow run smooth and obviously you run the hair in the direction where the arrows flying not against the arrow it comes with a stick on flipper rest that's if you're going to shoot off without this plate here so you'd remove that that's just going to Allan key there to hold the plate in place it's got a screw on RRS if you're going to shoot without this so you want to shoot through where the hole is that's really clever comes with all the allen keys it comes with both string and the little things to tie on the string silences now what's this keep missing it's missing a bowstring and I think that is a I'm gonna say I'll let down it should come with a bowstring up because I'm just gonna take this apart there's clearly spots there where you could actually put a bowstring or in BO stringers aren't that expensive so this kit would be much nicer with a with a bow stringer now the bow comes in black you don't have the option for camo it would be nice if it came in a camo option and maybe I should have ordered it in camo but the black kind of like the black wolf and these international fitting limb hunting bows we're going to compare it with the black wolf comes in black or camo and I'm gonna say 99% of the black Wolf's I've ever sold are in black I don't think I've ever sold a camo so black is the color the lens now there's the limb there now you'll notice there's a fair bit of reflex on this limb here it's almost 90 degrees so this limb is gonna shoot quite quick the quality of the limb by limb tips kind of narrow which is good means that I've reduced the weight down here it's it feels like a good it looks nicely finished well over now these limbs either come in black or with the see-through on glass now I chose black because I just sort of went bad with the whole black theme so what does this bow compete with in the market and what price point is this is the Faro is going to bow gonna be out in the price point in the market now we're talking astray lien dollars here this is a hunting bow aimed at the bear bow and maybe someone who wants to shoot sights I think this bow is gonna be priced at around three hundred and eighty dollar mark in the Australian market place and people say well you know that boats gone up or down in price it depends what the Australian dollar is at the moment Australian dollar compared to the US dollar is at around sixty eight cents so so it depends what you're pricing I price this bow at 68 cents so if the Australian dollar picks up so it goes up to 70 cents 72 cents you'll see this drop in price but now let's go and compare what this competes with in the marketplace the first thing you'll say is Stephen why you looking at this new bow because someone did a review on this product and said it was really good and it was better than a thousand dollar recurve so I was like oh let's have a look so the first bows I want to compare compare this the Pharos to is gonna be the semuc discovery now I'm no longer signed semuc you guys how you're not something so we can you just add semuc yeah I did add Samak and then Samak decided to sell to other shops in Australia and I was like well you said you can't supply to me after I place a big order and you're reneged on that so see you later this is the discovery become simple sort of bow machine riser with international fitting limbs black limbs wood grip so to me this is very very similar price point on this bow is 304 the riser machine riser 200 on the limbs so we're talking about $500 this is the 300 on the Pharaohs but there are some some differences about this bow while it doesn't come in a pretty black box and you say well what's the thing with the pretty back box it is nice to ship it's nice to store the product in so you do you don't need a case for it because that box is like very high quality box but to shoot this bow off the shelf now it's curved here but there's nothing there to shoot off the shop so you can see this one I've got here like I've got a Center rests on here so this Center rest is 45 and then I'm not shooting up the shelf so that with the discovery you don't really have that thing to shoot off the shelf unless I've forgotten since I did the review and it comes with something but I don't think it does now this does come in all different colors and I think from my memory of shooting this bar I think it's shot very nice but like I said the review I saw of this bow someone said this shot the best of all the bows so I was like I'll let's have a look at it so that's the semuc discovery that was really really popular with international fitting lens now I can't remember the name with this I think it's the I don't know I don't know what this is a two six one two six six international fitting limbs comes in camo black or tan this I think is a 64 66 inch bow interfering limbs nice bow price point on this is probably 260 complete now it does have the ability to shoot off the shelf plastic grip versus the wood grip the balance it's top-heavy it's more like a target though nice bow for the price international fitting limbs nice bow for the price but I'm going to say not as nice as the Pharos now this one's interesting I think this is the tube and I so Jung Seng two six one or two six six or two seven month or something I think price point on this is now it's a competitor to the Pharaohs okay it's a direct competitor the would grip the would grip feels very almost the same but this is a cast riser same limbs these are little limbs if you go to clear you can go for this is what the clear one looks like and this bow is available in the black I think the price point on this bow is around 260 I think 260 where the other bows machine riser with the nice box obviously now this doesn't have the ability to shoot off the shelf like the other one has it doesn't come with a little plate so now that a little plate probably not that expensive but just makes the whole go it's just everything's there except for the bowstring so I can't actually remember shooting this bow maybe I haven't done a review on this one yet but to me this just doesn't look as good if we're just talking about looks off the bow better 260 I mean obviously it's cheap now I would grab a black wolf for serving black Samak winning we wolf which is here now this is a black war from winning win carbon riser I think it's a 19-inch carbon riser Carbon limbs or a cub wooden limb price point on this I'm gonna guess thousand dollars nice boat being very popular I saw these all around the world the grips narrower than the Pharaohs to start off with it's more like a it's more like the top-line target grip high-quality bow I saw the review this review I saw on this said that that bow shoots better than this bow so I'm gonna be interested to see what I think of that bow but the black wolf thousand dollars so we comparing a thousand or bow to a 380 I think dollar bow I think that's the majority of the bows I want to compare it to as far as hunting international fitting Limbo's on the market today now the other one which I've forgotten about is the Tebow's so let's just show you that so this is the Tebow International feeling limbs would grip you can shoot it off the off the plates which is nice this you can actually adjust the plates left and right this is a nice bow the limbs don't see the limbs don't have as much I don't think the limbs I don't think there has got as much reflex on them so I just want to grab plates just put them up against one another so I think it's just the shape of the bow because the the ease of one's looked very much like they were a big amount of reflux I think this was just based on the angle of the limb in the bow that let's set this bow up and have a shot I'm says the Tebow Tebow I really like I've shot this I think price point on the Tebow is around 380 so similar price point to the Pharos we grew very similar bows so it's going to be interesting to see how this boat compares to the Tebow as far as shoot ability to bow doesn't have the nice case that this one has whether that's a problem so let's set this up and have a shot okay so the Pharos the limbs come with these little things these are just to stop this bumping into stuff so you don't really need this this is just for transportation if you're storing them in the phone case you don't really need them all the International thin limbs generally come with them so those little things well now the question you're going to ask is there a difference between the top limb and bottom loom and I as far as I'm concerned the answer is No some people say one limbs got one power more pressure than the other limb the look I don't know I I've swapped limbs backwards up to down and it hasn't affected me my site settings so I would suspect if one limb was strong and the other swapping limbs from top to bottom would make a difference maybe I don't know it didn't make any difference to me anyway they are marked upper and lower I suppose we put the mean upper and lower there's no branding on the thing and on this here you'll see their writings in the same direction so one's going to be up and one's going to be down which the rises got a bit of weight in it so lower so have these clip in just clip in like that they clip in nice and easy 9 clip just like that some of international fitting limbs are actually hard to get in to start with they're really quite a stiff fit that's easy easy out now with this boat I definitely get a bow string like I wouldn't string this around my leg I never suggest ringing bows around your leg but with this if you're stringing this around your leg you run the risk of pulling this link out with your hand and then you break this thing here now I've definitely had one guy do that with a target recurve where he's stringing her and then pulls a limb and then breaks this thing in here so here's a bowstring here they don't cost much and maybe I should be including them when I bought when I still they say the kit now with the string how do you work out what's the top of the string and what's the bottom of the string so here the two loops song Antron zoom in see this lip here is bigger than this see how the lip smaller this is a small loop this goes at the bottom this one here the big loop goes at the top so the top the big loop goes over the limb it slides down limb like so and that's what's that's what's big the little one just goes down the bottom and just clips straight onto that bottom thing now I'm gonna grab a bow stringer and I'm gonna show you how to use a bow stringer I'm not stringing this bow around my leg I probably could but like I said I'm ninety percent of lymphomas I see out through people stringing around the legs so even though guy does it your club and he says why I've done it this way from my life look poetry shop I'm not saying I'm the you know the king of wealth of all knowledge I'm gonna say 95% of people who break the limbs on recurves I'd done stringing around their legs and they've been doing it for years and they basically twist the limb while I twisted it either through doing this around the bottom of the limb so just by a little by a bow stringer and you won't break your boat it cost you $10 by a string you don't break your bone everyone's happy okay so this is the bowstring I recommend this is a called a tip to tip bow stringer I don't know I've got knots in them but so you got a big one and a little one little one goes up the top the big one goes down the bottom and they just go over the limb tip like so now you can see with the little one going to the top that saying can slide it up the limb the big one goes down the bottom because it covers the complete string like so now I'm going to stand on this I'm going to stand on this and I'm going to show you how to do this so we stand on the bow string up like so and we just lift it like that send and then you let it down slowly now when you get back always check it from the back to make sure it's on and running down the center same down the bottom make sure it's on from this side and running it down the center now you don't ever want to check it from this side because if it's you don't want to check it from this side because it's not on its gonna hit you in the eye so it's the bow strong this is a 45 pound bow so now I always before I always shoot the shot I always draw it back to make sure it's all on and there's no creaks so the draw cycle of this 45 pounds now I haven't mentioned a recurve much lately so let's balance on the bow slightly top-heavy but not like the two these are the two six one or two sixty-six not heavy like that but it's definitely top-heavy I think the tebow has better balance than this I can't remember the black wolf belt so I should probably grab that current member the discovery but it's this is flexing back it feels nice and wide that grip feels nice now the pull the limbs on this feel good quality we're going to talk about stacking seconds when it starts to build up poundage like a lot as you start drawing it all recurve bows are measured at 28 inches so this bow will be 45 pounds at 28 so if you draw back 29 inches you'll be probably drawing back 48 pounds 49 pounds if you draw back 27 you're probably drawing back about 42 pounds so to me it feels good I'm feeling like it's stunning a stack around here so I add about 30 inches these limbs are like that's could be my strength factor but about 30 inches film like about 50 pounds so I wouldn't want to be drawing this bow at over 50 at over 30 inches because I just feel that's that's getting pretty heavy at the back there about 31 or 30 dot inches so let's go and have a shot and see how this thing feels but it looks I think it looks nice I think it's a nice looking I think it's a nice looking bow is it better than the Tebow is it better than discovery let's go and have a shot and see what you think and see what I think this bone how it feels okay now when you're shooting a recurve bow especially traditional you know off-the-shelf it's really important at this spine of the arrows correct because when you shoot this arrow it needs to move away from the bow these arrows need to flex around the bow arm so it clears it if the arrow is too stiff for this bow the arrow will be stuck on here for longer than needs to be okay so you just get more wear now these these are feathered arrows you can see I'm missing one for these are feathered arrows so if it strikes on the way through us are not really going to matter now if you're shooting a bow which is off the shelf like this you need feathers please plastic veins as soon as it hits that shelf is getting caused it to kick up feathers are more forgiving to shoot they straighten up quicker and throw off the shelf it just capes away now you should really fit knocking points to this whether you're tied on if it metal ones I don't really care I'm just doing this video quick I just want to have a feel what the shocks like the strings the arrows the strings good at ladee arrows are kind of clipping on clipping off they do slide up that's me that's pretty pretty normal I like that I like the rules this little play here that holds the arrow nicely let's have a shot ah so now these arrows the spine of these areas is not correct for this boat but it will shoot because it's straight down the center so we'll shoot but it'll just create a little bit more friction than needs to be be a little bit slower and these are cheap carbon arrows this we sell for $8 each with feathers so the equivalent if I was to buy the equivalent gold tip arrow with feathers I think they're about twice the price so it just depends on your budget that's pretty good there's no silencers only I think it's pretty quiet I think it's pretty quiet I'm getting no slap on the arm at all I mean I do have a jumper on and so it could be hitting that I'll just take off so generally if you're buying a recurve you should probably get an armed guard whether its traditional or what you should get definitely finger protection and I'd recommend the glove this type of bow that gloves good gloves going to see you back around $20 but this feels nice I don't feel any vibration in the bow at all the grip feels comfortable how's it going to compare with the other recurves I've shot now other recurse I own so let's just say we're are at where I'm at so where I'm basing it from the predator recurve the predator velocity I'm the president of velocity is to me one of the top-of-the-line recurve hunting bows on the market mil riser a unique grip great limbs price point probably $1200 the rises seven eight eight hundred and I like predator pretty is for someone who really wants high quality I'm more of a meat and potato guy and I love the people at predator so don't don't think I'm trashing pregnant I kind of feel like am this boat me feels great to shoot and I'm struggling to feel the difference between this and the predator but the predator is clearly a it's a high quality it's like to me it's like driving a race car versus your normal standard car they probably do similar speeds so you could talk in this much difference but this difference in price and that's why I kind of feel this is you know this is this is a this feels to me to be a quality product the speeds feel good and I'm almost wondering if these are bamboo limbs because this company actually produces bamboo limbs which are actually faster than the maple limbs and I do both limbs I was talking to the other day and they said it's their bamboozler the premium product where the maple limb is slowest which I thought was interesting it's quiet and there's just no vibration at all this is really nice now like I said someone did a review on this and they said this bow shoots better than the black wolf the riser weighs more than the black wolf I think the black wall fur makes more noise than this bow now it could be because there's a carbon riser versus a machine riser and machine risers got more more mass I'm not sure but to me it definitely feels quieter the limbs actually feel really good it feels really really good like feels really good really really good I say that a lot of my new shoes because both upper come in so good I had a person ring up and they said I'm interested in their martin panther I think I saw that both 400 not international fitting limbs just a screw in Liam those limbs are not high quality the man's gonna hate me for saying that the risers average as a cast riser it's 400 this is a machine riser the limbs are better it's International fitting limbs adjustability but it would grip but it's not even that this thing shoots so much better it's like the vibration you know back in the day when we used to shoot the Panther and that you know the that bows going back 20 years you think all this bows alright not as good as the diamond Howard hunter that I used to own like it's not in that ballpark by tell you what this bow is this bow is as good as it's pretty much as good as any recurve and I've got some predators just behind me there that I own they're beautiful beautiful bits of artwork and they shoot lovely and I've had those for maybe 20 maybe 20 years maybe longer maybe 25 years will I have this in 25 years I don't know but this is a beautiful bow and I'm gonna tell you like if you do have a problem with these limbs they need international fitting limbs just stick another one in and you can fit carbon ones you can fit foam ones you can meet foam carbon ones in and you're back in business I mean today I had a phone call from a guy going can you can I can i buy some limbs from my god what's the name with a bow I'm gonna call it rabbit rabbit I bow I was like what's that I've never heard of you guys I brought it on eBay or something I was like I've got no idea what it is so how can I tell you if I got limbs that sweet it he goes will a person I brought it from say like they don't have limbs for it I'm like well I probably fits but these are international fitting limbs which means any international feigning limb will fit into it and that's what I love advantage national thin limbs it goes together quick so if you're a hunter you put this in your backpack they go together quick if you want to pack it up and put it back in that pretty black box it's just so quick so easy look love it love it it's quiet wood I fit the wood I fit the cat's whiskers probably but I don't think I need to you can put a little rubber things under here to take the noise out and go in but these soil feels it feels great like it feels really really good these are another cheap Carbonero this is a wood look finished carbonara these are only trench feathers I prefer fours now look at those knocks and they'll knock submit to be the same size see this this one doesn't slip up the screen still quiet it's good this is a good bow this is the Pharos to bow about 380 I'm gonna guess black claims I think it looks awesome I think this is a I think this is this is a good bow I don't know how it's gonna last as far as longevity I know these limbs are made these limbs they make for lots of companies their customer service is wonderful Jung Seng their customer service is great this is a good buy absolutely good bow so if you go shoot bow bow this is a good bow if you're going to shoot just instinctive hunting this is a good bow you can put a bow quiver on there and fit a sight on there I'm not sure what this little hole is here it's threaded it's got a matching one down there maybe that's for a two piece quiver I don't know which quiver fits into this hole here and I will ask probably it's something I should find out before this video but this is a really nice finished product I think it looks I like the machining of it I think it just looks great I just and it shoots better I just want to go my mum if you haven't been watching the channel my mum owns an archery range and just like archery golf you just walk around there's animal targets each and you shoot from target targets just a like a walk in the park so to speak this is the type of I want to take to somewhere like that just no stress so I don't have to worry where the errors go it's just gonna have fun this is awesome now this bow is available in 30 to 60 pounds this is awesome like it's really good really good really good fire that I'm enjoying shooting and the m11 said you didn't get releases bad or something I'm just having fun I'm not even that sort of worried about stuff here I'm just twanging arrows down there it feels great I was hurting my fingers a bit but now I'm going to show you the rest after I shot you can see the little marks that's where the arrow is sort of rubbing over it but it's not bad for what I've shot now there should normally be hair over this rest but this is 45 pounds it's to me that feels as fast as any bow shot it's as good as any bad ever shot that's a good thing so the guy who did the review who said this is as good as the black wolf many prefers shooting than over the black wolf maybe the black wolf is a carbon riser and like it's premium product at a thousand this is I know it just looks kind of looks like a plain wing the way they've designed this here where it's thin here then goes thicker than goes thin at the front I don't know if you can see that it's just showing up well on the video but it's just really like it but I like this more than I thought now the other one I showed you with cast riser I just don't like the look of it I like the bows are right I'm not saying it's bad bow this to me just feels good the just the vibration is absorbed it's clearly to me it's clearly worth spending the extra 120 130 dollars this is clearly worth spending the extra 130 120 dollars on it's a superior product very very nice bow to shoot so if you get a chance and you're in the market for a hunting recurve recreational recurve to shoot now this is not a bow you're gonna shoot it's got a stabilizer you're gonna fit to it this is not a bow that you Olympic archery with because the site we know he is too short this is you know maybe you'll fit a hunting site to it maybe the shooter without sites this gives you options and I just think this is this is a good well presented product okay so things I don't like about this bow let's go to there so what don't I like about the Pharos I don't like this I've got no idea what this says now my son who's a boy genius who learnt Chinese could tell me what this says I have no idea says you're a VIP I don't know what it means that I don't look I don't even know why why that's in there after sales service guarantee what's the fine print on the back I don't know what that means so this is the manual for it no I don't know this is good or bad so let's open it up okay so maybe this is built for the Chinese market cuz I don't understand any of that and now my eyesight it's bad I know my eyesight's going with age this explains that Dee loops first sell in Chinese the bowstring obviously be nice if it came with the bowstring because you bear pictured a bowstring it gives you shows you your options there on which are s if you're going to fit the flipper rest here that in that diagram you need a plunger button never shoot this arrow rest here without the plunger button because you just can't break it and then you're going to say all this our wrist is broken I need a warranty you cannot shoot that product without a plunger button because the arrow is going to strike it on the way through and break it the only one you can shoot you can shoot the plastic one there without an arrest without our plunger button because obviously it's a built in plunger button you can shoot that there obviously with our plunge button B you can not shoot the stick on RS with punjah button you need plunger button I don't understand that it's in Chinese but guess what the rest of it's in English no it's not it's just pictures pictures of good people like same pictures so this would be awesome awesome instruction manual if it was written in English for the English market but maybe this bow was made for the Chinese market and I've just picked it up because someone said check this out so I don't know but it would be nice if they had an English version and maybe they haven't sold enough of these in the English market and then people are gonna say well what about German why don't you have a German instruction manual in German probably cuz I don't sell enough of them in Germany anyway that's my give me my little thing on the bow but overall a really nice product so the things I'd like to see English instruction manual and a bow string are included I'd like to see those little rubber things the little rubber things that fit on the back of the limbs included here they're like a little Salford Haitian thing that called a limb dampener or something and they'd bolt on the back here they just stick on the back I'd love to see those included they're not very expensive but overall that is just an awesome product from Jung Seng the Pharaohs to check in on your local art restorer now there's probably not gonna be a lot of them around because our true stores are generally not that big and and I have lots of products and you don't so many international feeding Lim hunting recurves in your store but I think this bow will sell I really do having shot this bow this is this is a bio people need to shoot because this is just awesome and I think also I think I will sell a ton of these bows so anyway chicken only local archery shop thanks for watching and the more you shoot the better you're going to shoot the more muscles you'll build the better your release will be the better you'll build your back muscles and they'll get the whole back thing happen yeah and the more you'll enjoy it the better you shoot the more you enjoy the more work you're put in the more you will enjoy it and I'm just dribbling on here but if you struggle it's and you succeed you enjoy it much more than if you just had instant success because then you take it for granted and shooting babo shooting this bow is hard work it's not like shooting compound this is hard work and to shoot this thing well you've got to be really really good and I'm not really really good but this is if you can shoot this really really well that's amazing but this to me short distance you know under 20 metres is what I'd be shooting this out and you I'd take 15 million shots but that's just for fun and I wouldn't be hunting at 50 metres with this hunting I'd be at 10-15 meters with this boat anyway I'm steaming here from our tree supplies from Joey archery thanks for watching bye

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  1. The other Junxing Models that you showing, but couldn't remember, are the Junxing F 166, and the Junxing / Big Rock F 161.

  2. It's a big claim saying it's as good as the Black Wolf. I personally shoot a Black which comes with a bag, not a box.

    If it lasts as long as the "bigger name" bows. I take my hat off to the manufacturer for making a high quality product at a cheaper price.

    But I'll stick with my Black. It's a joy to shoot.

  3. The Junxing F 261, is an excellent  Bow, I have the very same 21" Riser, with the 45 LB Pharos Medium size Limbs, and I love it!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Steven (and fellow viewers),
    after watching this video (which is excellent btw) I have a quick technique question (coming from a newbie – so bear with me please) for you: I noticed that you anchor much lower when you shoot your Olympic recurve as compared to this traditional bow. I figure it's due to the different set ups, of eg shooting of the shelve vs rest, without vs with sight etc. I just wondered if sticking with the same anchor point is impossible because of these differences and respectively if it wasn't, whether sticking with the same anchor wouldn't ultimately result in more reliable hits?

    As I said I'm fairly new to archery so sorry if it's a stupid question…

    Greetings from Germany!

  5. Have you tried anything from Chaser Archery? Would love to see you do a review on their riser and limbs if you can.

  6. I have the TBOW at 55 pound limbs, which is a clone from the 19" Hoyt Satori. It comes with the stringer and string silencers, plus a plastic set of arrow rest spacers, a set of allen keys and some fur patches to the shelf and limbs (unneeded). The box has lower quality, but cost me 193 €, free shipping. The riser weights 1080 grams and the grip (which looks exactly as this Pharos 2) is synthetic. I only use it to train draw weight: feels really solid; the total weight with limbs is 1550 grams and the lenght 57" (145,5 cm). Pass 28" draw lenght stacks really heavy but so far seems a very fast bow (its IBO speed is rated at 210 fps). Seems like a good starting bow, for both instinctive training and hunting. Is a little top heavy for barebow, there's better options for that market albeit they are more expensive. The main appealing of this Junxing Pharos II orver the TBOW is that isn't a copycat of other brands but a genuine new design, albeit I do like more the looks of the TBOW, copy or not. My only rant about this kind of bows is how hard is to get ILF limbs above 60 pounds; the whole market is slanted towards sanctioned competitions and even top brands as Win & Win, Uukha and Hoyt lack limbs above that poundage.

  7. Does this bow have a different name or model number that it's sometimes sold under? I can't find them for sale anywhere.

  8. Great honest review as you always give. We can count on you to tell it like it is or isn't :-). Too many good bows and not enough money. Thank you.

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