Justin Lovato Shoulder & Circuit Training

Justin Lovato Shoulder & Circuit Training

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  1. Love the videos + the music! It'd be awesome if you created a playlist via Spotify with your reggae / chill electronic jams – trying to get in that zone that like you!

  2. Music is pretty cool, vid too! Music by: Groovejet (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix) Lissat & Voltaxx vs. Marc Fisher

  3. THE MUSIC IS MINT BRO! about to hit the gym but before I hit it ima hit this joint! best pumps best concentration. your right man hands down better than any pre-workout out there!

  4. love your demeanor bro, much respect. insanely built physique also…totally agree with your choice of preworkout – brings mind muscle connection to a whole different level.

  5. sweet. I follow you on instagram and I just subscribed. I like how you show everything even the weight you use and the reps you go for. A lot of people don't know about lighter weight higher reps. btw I tried your leg workout and lol I couldn't finish it the first time I tried it. high reps + legs = weelchair. I managed to do it the second time I did it. I'm fairly strong bench 400 and squat a lil more than 500 but im looking to put on size now the reps/volume is working.

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