35 Replies to “Karen on a trampoline – Doctor Who Confidential – Series 6 – Episode 13 – BBC Three”

  1. I love how 178,460 of us come to watch Karen Gillan being told off for jumping on a trampoline and 2.3k of us (including myself) liked it… I love this fandom!

  2. This is during the filming of what episode and at what location? How about some actual description in your description BBC?

  3. i don't know what's funnier, the scream when she falls over or the distant "so sorry" as she runs away

  4. I wouldn't mind if that was just an entire episode of dr who tbh. Just Karen bouncing on a trampoline

  5. I love how the person filmed it obviously with a studio camera(meaning it wasn't Matt or something on an iPhone), which means they work for Doctor Who, but they thought it was so amusing they just filmed it and let her do whatever hahaa.

  6. I think it must be pretty disturbing if over 100,000 people want to watch you jumping on a trampoline 😀

  7. @Faisal Amin, because Karen could have hurt herself. Badly. And then it could've effected filming. 

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